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  1. Tracy DVI = Slow mail!
  2. western union dvi tracy?
  3. Help! ???'s about visits at DVI Tracy
  4. Mail & Visiting at DVI-RC(Receiption area)
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  12. Riot at (DVI) Deuel Vocational Institute in California?!
  13. DVI Tracy
  14. Vacaville !?!?!?!
  15. Info on Deuel Vocational Institution/DVI/Tracy???
  16. Need information about DVI.
  17. Any information on DVI Tracy, CA
  18. DVI and transfer
  19. Any information on DVI???
  20. Anyone going to DVI this weekend?
  21. Deuel Vocational on lockdown
  22. ??? about DVI reception
  23. Question about Tracy Reception
  24. Any DVI Tracy info
  25. VISITING Questions & Info Thread
  26. Anyone have info on Tracy Recieving . . .
  27. Mail at DVI-RC
  28. Any 1 Kno Dvi Tracys Collect Call Carrier
  29. DVI Counselor Telephone Number Wanted
  30. INFO on DVI in TRACY
  31. Anyone know anything about DVI Deuel Voc
  32. Is Deuel On Lockdown??
  33. he is being released today?? what time???advice
  34. Money Order to DVI Tracy
  35. anyone going to Tracy?
  36. Need info: DVI@Tracy
  37. Deuel Vocational "reception" on lockdown
  38. SVSP Lockdown status
  39. Opened mail/told may be due to lockdown
  40. Help
  41. new person online... Need to Know Process for DVI Reception
  42. Dvi
  43. Re guarding DVI Tracy
  44. what can we expect (DVI)
  45. Someone tell me what's happening (Tracy:Belongings sent home)
  46. Any information on DVI?
  47. info. on dvi in tracy?
  48. DVT in Tracy
  49. does the castaic lockdown effect all ca prisons
  50. Dvi writing package?
  51. Visiting DVI
  52. Questions regarding mail, books, mags, and stationary - post em here.
  53. DVI visiting approval - how long?
  54. DVI Tracy- Prison Information Guide - Updated 3/10
  55. release-what time do I pick him up? DVI
  56. Lockdown at Calipatria
  57. Statewide Lockdown~ANY INFO (5/6/06)
  58. Deuel Vocational Institution Lockdown due to Stomach Flu Epidemic
  59. How 2 cope while my BF is in reception (at DVI)??
  60. DVI Mail
  61. Help, Please DVI
  62. anyone that will respond
  63. releases info. dvi
  64. Know anyone at DVI?
  65. DVI Dressouts?
  66. How long does it take to get approved to visit at DVI, Tracy?
  67. Quarterly Packages for DVI, Tracy
  68. Dvi Lockdown!
  69. Are They Still On Lockdown at DVI???
  70. Stabbing at Tracy DVI - Lockdown
  71. Food Sale at DVI Tracy
  72. whew! relief -thank you for the report on DVI Lockdown
  73. DVI reception question
  74. DVI, Tracy
  75. DVI - Release Information
  76. DVI back on LOCKDOWN???
  77. Released with NO warning from DVI?
  78. Release date has PASSED and he is NOT out!!!
  79. So its final - he's being sent to DVI at Tracy
  80. Is Lockdown over at DVI?
  81. DVI Christmas party
  82. Did everyone hear about the stabbing at High Desert?
  83. Dose any one know????
  84. lockdown??
  85. DVI Tracy release info.
  86. Anybody know why Tracy-DVI reception is on lockdown?
  87. Question DVI Tracy
  88. No Infant Seats Allowed! DVI
  89. DVI Question
  90. DVI Nightmare Phone Appointments
  91. visiting at DVI
  92. Medical Care at DVI
  93. Best Package program to use when sending packages to DVI Tracy
  94. DVI Lockdown.. done?
  95. Questions about DVI
  96. Dvi,tracy!!!
  97. confused- Need info on DVI Tracy
  98. Looking for Current Info on DVI
  99. My husband went to DVI Tracy, CA today
  100. Writting Packages - Tracy/DVI
  101. How do I deliver important news to my husband
  102. DVI on lockdown?
  103. Information on Dvi???
  104. DVI- Lockdown a mess!
  105. DVI inmates on lockdown due to virus
  106. My Fiance Finally Released From Deuel
  107. I need DVI visiting information
  108. No contact visits- DVI Question
  109. Visiting DVI RC holiday weekend
  110. Approved for visits at DVI-Any info. please
  111. Lockdown status @ DVI Tracy
  112. How do I find out location of an inmate at DVI?
  113. Does anyone know when the Old Folsom lockdown will be lifted?
  114. Camp grounds near DVI?
  115. I Need Info On How Tracy, Ca. DVI Works
  116. I'm new can somebody help me? my b-f is in DVI
  117. Details on DVI family visits
  118. Dvi Real Mailing Quidelines
  119. Questions about Reception at DVI
  120. DVI- Reception-Your Experience
  121. Allowable items to mail to DVI
  122. DVI Tracy Reception Quarterly packages ?????
  123. DVI evacuation?
  124. just got approved for visit DVI Reception
  125. anyone at DVI reception????
  126. DVI Visits
  127. tracy DVI
  128. Deuel Vocational Institution Questions????
  129. DVI homicide
  130. Friends Outside
  131. Rideshare from oroville area to DVI
  132. Release Times Dvi
  133. DVI lockdown
  134. DVI locked down as 34 inmates fall ill
  135. Reception at DVI ??
  136. Reception at DVI question. Need help please
  137. Deuel vocational institution
  138. What can I send him while he's in reception?
  139. Was there an inmate death at Dvi?
  140. my man just got moved to tracy d.v.i.
  141. DVI: Phone calls from Reception?
  142. does anyone know how long visiting approval takes at DVI?
  143. RC at DVI is locked down again
  144. How Long Does DVI take to process The Visiting Approval?
  145. Trouble visiting DVI...
  146. DVI Reception: What's it like?
  147. Visiting @ DVI RC
  148. DVI in Tracy...
  149. A lot of questions about DVI - Tracy
  150. DVI, Tracy CA LOCKDOWN
  151. my bruh got sent 2 tracy[DVI]
  152. Info On Dvi Tracy
  153. Visiting at DVI???
  154. Boyfriend just sent to dvi tracy...
  155. DVI @ Tracy experience? Please help!?
  156. Im relieved..he's mainlining to the Ranch at DVI
  157. Anybody Have Any Info On Dvi
  158. The Ranch At DVI: Questions & Info Thread
  159. Where are all the DVI ladies at??
  160. Welcome To Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI)
  161. New to all of this friend at DVI need help....
  162. Need info on DVI for my memoirs...
  163. our husbands and the heat Im so worried
  164. Question and Info on Mail/Books/Magazines
  165. What are my man's chances of getting mainlined at DVI
  166. Have questions and need general information about DVI Tracy
  167. I have a question about pictures Help!!!!
  168. Question Thread for DVI Newbies
  169. Have Questions About Visitation Form - DVI
  170. ~~~~August Chit Chat~~~~
  171. DVI Lockdown Status And Alerts
  172. How do I find out my mans release date?
  173. Where do I call for visiting approval information???
  174. Phone calls for mainlined DVI inmates -- need info
  175. Need Info On Getting Married at DVI
  176. Questions About Sending Packages to DVI (Tracy)
  177. RECEPTION Questions & Info Thread
  178. Anybody in Unit D-215????????
  179. Inmate Release Procedure @ DVI
  180. ~~* September DVI Chit Chat *~~
  181. Stationary Question for Ad-Seg. DVI Reception
  182. New Moderator for DVI Tracy
  183. Have you ever sent a red envelope?
  184. DVI - Tracy Weekly Weather
  185. Questions on sending stationary
  186. Visiting DVI from out of state. a question.
  187. Can you send a pen and stamps with a letter?
  188. Paper back books ???
  189. Please read before you arrange to carpool/rideshare.
  190. can i or cant i send colored pencils?
  191. queston about packages after transfer
  192. Dvi Questions... PLease help! :wave:
  193. ~~*DVI October Chat Lounge*~~
  194. a question about jewelry
  195. additional info for those sending books
  196. can they keep their pics when they transfer?
  197. Mail Questions...ask them here
  198. Can you put tape on the envelopes??
  199. help! visiting reception center and have questions
  200. Need info about DVI Tracy
  201. Does anyone know what a "program" unit is in reception?
  202. Appointment question
  203. Question about DVI reception
  204. ~~*DVI November Chit Chat Lounge*~~
  205. Calling Cards @ DVI Mainline?
  206. ~*DVI December Chit Chat Lounge*~
  207. Question-do I have to get reapproved?
  208. Reception at DVI~ How long does it take?
  209. Saturday Visiting
  210. half time starting at reception?
  211. Names or sites of online stores 4 DVI inmate ?
  212. Stabbing At DVI 12-29-2008- Need Info
  213. visiting on New Years
  214. visiting this Sat
  215. DVI Weekly Weather - 2009
  216. DVI Carpool/Ridesharing Sticky - 2009
  217. DVI Visiting Hotline Updates Only - 2009
  218. ***January 2009 DVI Chit Chat Lounge***
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  225. Design A Logo - New Contest $50 up for grabs
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  230. PTO Quilt Project Announcement
  231. Please welcome your new forum Moderator
  232. 'Friends Outside closing statewide- Udated! Good News!!!
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