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  1. Gurney Prison Unit In Tennessee Colony Texas
  2. gurney-Texas Prison
  3. visitation at Gurey Prison Unit in Tennesse Colony, Texas
  4. Gurney Prison Unit-Tennesse Colony, Texas
  5. Gurney Unit-Texas Prison
  6. Mail-How long does it take when they first get to a Texas Prison-Gurney unit
  7. Special Visits at Gurney-Texas Prison?
  8. Inmate Visitor List-Gurney Texas Prison
  9. Questions about the Gurney Unit Texas Prison.
  10. gurney unit-Texas Prison
  11. Need directions from Plano to Gurney Unit-Texas Prison
  12. First Visit at Gurney Unit-Texas Prison
  13. Need address for Gurney Unit in Tennesse Colony-Texas Prison
  14. Questions about Joe P. Gurney Unit-Texas Prison
  15. Gurney-Texas Prison
  16. Gurney unit and quarter law question-Texas Prison
  17. First Visit in TDCJ Prison.... Im nervous-Gurney Texas Prison
  18. Any Feedback On The Hospitality Houses In Tennessee Colony, Tx?????? I Am Going Tomm.
  19. Any Information about Gurney Appreciated! Texas Prison
  20. How long before I hear from him? They moved him from county to The Gurney Prison Texa
  21. He wrote! He was transferred from county to the Gurney Prison Unit Texas Feb 9th...
  22. Gurney Transfer Prison Unit-Texas-Region ll-Discussion/Chat-Thread
  23. Anyone have info on Gurney Unit-Texas Prison
  24. Transfer to Gurney Texas Prison after 3 years - please help me!!!!
  25. GURNEY Prison unit, Tennessee Colony, Texas
  26. getting lost in texas system-Gurney Texas Prison
  27. Gurney Unit-Anyone with a loved one there? Texas Prison
  28. Gurney Unit-Texas Prison
  29. Gurney Unit, time question-Texas Prison
  30. Any info. out there regarding Gurney unit-Texas Prison?
  31. He received time served for a state jail offense...have questions-Gurney Texas Prison
  32. Gurney Unit & CO's! Texas Prison
  33. Any ideas how they decide to move someone? Gurney Texas Prison
  34. Questions about visits at Gurney Texas Prison
  35. Going to Gurney! Texas Prison
  36. Gurney Transfer Unit-Texas Prison
  37. Is he there-Gurney Texas Prison?
  38. Gurney Unit-Texas Prison
  39. anyone have loved ones in Gurney Texas Prison?
  40. Any loved ones in Gurney UNIT-Texas Prison
  41. how long does it take for em to get where theyre goin? Gurney Texas Prison
  42. Whats Up With This Unit-Gurney Texas Prison
  43. What should I think? Gurney Texas Prison
  44. Gurney-Texas Prison
  45. Does Anyone Have Any Info On The Gurney Unit? Texas Prison
  46. holliday to byrd to gurney-Texas Prisons
  47. Needing information on gurney unit - Texas Prison
  48. Needing information on Gurney unit - Texas Prison
  49. Looking for volunteers to send my son a birthday card - Gurney Texas Prison
  50. Warden's name at Gurney - Texas Prison
  51. ride to gurney unit - Texas Prison
  52. New warden - new rules.. - Gurney - Texas Prison
  53. Question About Transfer Facility (Any factors determing..) - Gurney - Texas Prison
  54. Mail - question. Is it S L O W E R than normal? - Gurney - Texas Prison
  55. new Gurney warden - Texas Prison
  56. Update..Finally Transferred. Gurney - Texas Prison
  57. Hubby got transferred, now what? Gurney - Texas Prison
  58. Magazines - Gurney - Texas Prison
  59. Update....Gurney Unit - Texas Prison
  60. Off Lockdown - Gurney - Texas Prison
  61. process n the store - Gurney Unit - Texas Prison
  62. New to Gurney - Texas Prison
  63. Need fast advice on Special Visit at Gurney Prison Unit - Texas
  64. Information, please - Gurney Prison Unit - Texas
  65. ?'s - Visitation - Gurney Prison Unit - Texas
  66. Appreciation
  67. Husband just arrived at Gurney Prison Unit - Texas
  68. Sexy Pic's~Gurney Unit, Texas Prison
  69. He is at Gurney Prison Unit - Texas
  70. Gurney is an Intake/Processing unit.~Texas Prison
  71. Breakfast at Ryan's in Palestine @ 10 a.m. January 10th --- Please join us!
  72. Help - Directions - Gurney Unit - Texas Prison
  73. Sending money to Gurney - Texas Prison
  74. Finally got transfered need info please! Gurney Unit TX Prison
  75. Valentines Day Visits Gurney Prison Unit TX
  76. Questions about Gurney and mailroom
  77. Training the CO's Gurney Prison Unit TX
  78. Please help me understand Gurney Prison Unit TX
  79. Just got transferred to Gurney....
  80. Directions to Gurney Unit
  81. New to this, would like to know about the Gurney unit
  82. Gurney Unit TX Prison
  83. Husband currently in gurney unit
  84. New to website and prison talk! Gurney Prison Unit TX
  85. Husband Transferred to Gurney Prison Unit - TX
  86. Visiting early a.m. question - Gurney Unit - Texas Prison Unit
  87. Visiting early a.m. question Gurney Unit TX Prison
  88. Phone Systems - How do you register? Gurney Prison Unit - TX
  89. What is the ACTUAL address?? - Gurney Texas Prison
  90. Ankle monitor in Texas Gurney Unit TX Prison
  91. What gets through in mail at Gurney Unit? Texas Prison
  92. Water Ration at Gurney Prison Unit TX
  93. Share A ride - Gurney Unit - Texas
  94. YEA!! First Visit This Weekend!! Questions...Gurney Prison Unit Texas
  95. Gurney is on Lockdown - Texas Prison Unit
  96. No visit for us this weekend.....bummed! Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  97. Slow mail at Gurney Unit TX Prison?
  98. anyone going to gurney unit this weekend? Texas Prison
  99. Visit at Gurney 30 to 45 days - Texas Prison Unit
  100. Dad At Gurney Unit TX Prison Contact Visit?
  101. Jpay for Gurney Unit TX Prison??
  102. Lock down? Gurney Unit TX Prison
  103. Got our first call Gurney Unit TX Prison
  104. Mail Room Gurney Unit TX Prison
  105. Can you complain to the Warden? Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  106. Stationary and Books Gurney Unit TX Prison
  107. Contact Visits Gurney Unit TX Prison
  108. TDCJ # with a transfer to Gurney Unit TX Prison
  109. Transfer to Gurney Unit TX Prison Help with what to do now!!
  110. Caught Chain to Gurney Unit What Now?
  111. Affidavit of Common Law Marriage Form - Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  112. Mailing Address at Gurney - Texas Prison Unit
  113. questions about visitation and directions to gurney unit - Texas Prison
  114. Getting Information - Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  115. Visitation at Gurney Unit TX Prison
  116. Classification at Gurney Unit TX Prison
  117. Questions re: Sending Books to Gurney Unit - Texas Prison
  118. Phone system used at Gurney Unit - TX Prison?
  119. Mail Question - Gurney Unit - TX Prison Unit
  120. Gurney Unit, Texas Prison
  121. Letter letter letter!!! I got a letter! Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  122. Paroling out of Gurney Unit TX Prison
  123. Just wanted to share....Gurney Unit TX Prison
  124. 1st visit to Gurney Unit TX Prison
  125. Commisary at Gurney Unit TX Prison
  126. Son transferred from Gurnery Unit TX Prison
  127. 50% of the sentence Gurney Unit TX Prison
  128. Why is classification at TDCJ taking so long?? Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  129. Jpay Phone system --- need info. TX
  130. Looking for others at the Gurney Unit TX Prison
  131. Ride to Gurney Unit TX Prison?
  132. New to GURNEY Prison Unit TX
  133. Gurney Unit TX Prison - Lock Down
  134. Lock Down Gurney Unit TX Prison
  135. explain the pre release date? Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  136. Lockdown/Visits Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  137. First Visit Today! Gurney Unit TX Prison
  138. Just wondering about Gurney Unit TX Prison
  139. sex talk letter - Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  140. f1-6 - Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  141. Is it 60 days or 90 days to a contact visit? Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  142. Transfer from TDCJ to COUNTY back to TDCJ
  143. anyone from Killeen Area - share a ride? Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  144. Just got to Gurney Yesterday! Marriage/JPay emails??
  145. Parole Board Letters
  146. Killeen/Ft Hood anyone??
  147. They moved him...FAR
  148. No Mail in a wk
  149. They moved him, please help,
  150. One Week Down -- THIS SUCKS!!
  151. The Prison Show - KPFT, Texas
  152. 2 weeks down---GOT MY FIRST LETTER!!!
  153. does gurney unit have phones?
  154. How much $$ inmates spend at commissary - Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  155. Question as Hubs is eligible for contact visits!
  156. ist visit at gurney is it ganna be contact??
  157. how much does each call cost .$???
  158. NO visit until after July 17th :-(
  159. ok, I'm CONFUSED!?
  160. Good grief! Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  161. ??? Seeing the Parole Board before finishing classification? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  162. do they still get mail during classification at GURNEY?? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  163. He just got transferred to Gurney UNIT TX Prison
  164. really sad today.... Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  165. My first visit to Gurney Unit!! Texas Prison
  166. 1st letter from gurney unit new girls should read this -Texas Prison
  167. QUESTION about next unit after Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  168. First Contact Visit at Gurney Unit TX Prison
  169. Question about glasses at TDCJ Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  170. Trustfund money at TDCJ Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  171. Gurney Unit TX Prison trip on July 17th
  172. Gurney is PISSING ME OFF!! Favor? Texas Prison
  173. Anyone know what this means? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  174. No white shirts to be worn at visitation at Gurney Unit TX Prison???
  175. Needing Help?! Gurney Unit TX Prison
  176. Release Date from TDCJ How long does it take? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  177. Finally - first letter! Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  178. Well, take a look at this...Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  179. Transfered so fast from Gurney Unit to Cole Unit --- TX Prisons
  180. Advice or info about Gurney Unit TX Prsion
  181. Finally, my first call since transfer to Gurney...
  182. vistation at GURNEY Unit tX Prison is it 7 days a week?
  183. Can I locate him within Gurney Unit TX Prison
  184. common- law marriage at TDCJ Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  185. No problem w/FLIP FLOPS during visitation @ GURNEY Unit!!!! Texas Prison
  186. Care package to Gurney Unit like stamp and paper? Texas Prison
  187. I need a outline for the inmates Parole letter Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  188. anyone really missing him today?? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  189. lori redmond? would u hire under these conditions? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  190. impatient Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  191. A few Gurney Unit contacts - Texas Prison
  192. He's cleared for visits Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  193. Cleared for visits as well! Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  194. finally..the first letter Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  195. Gurney Unit mail question - Texas Prison
  196. How lng til you had your first contact visit? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  197. Parole Date Moved Up!!!! Prayer answered or Cruel Joke Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  198. Transferred for GURNEY, BUT STILL SHOWS HES THERE? Texas Prison
  199. Status Line Number? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  200. Can U Take Pictures At Gurney Unit? Texas Prison
  201. Hey! Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  202. transferred to a state jail last night!!? Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  203. Prayers? Hubs' Visit with IPO Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  204. If it wasnt for the Support Of PTO... Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  205. He has been transferred! Gurney Unit Texas Prison
  206. No Change on the Table! No Soup for You! Gurney Texas Prison Unit
  207. Greeting Gurney
  208. Will Ya'll Adopt Me?!
  209. First contact visit
  210. Over the top guards at visitation today
  211. Feeling lost husband transferred again?
  212. Freaking out - he sees IPO Monday
  213. Parole Eligibility Date
  214. Just very frustrated
  215. 1st Gurney Visit!
  216. 2nd Gurney Visit.. :)
  217. So they changed him
  218. My dude got moved
  219. Sending Personal Property Home from TDCJ
  220. Picture MONTH @ Gurney Unit TX Prison!
  221. What's the best time to visit?
  222. New to Gurney! Need info.
  223. New and need information On Gurney Unit TX Prison
  224. Anyway to make it a bit easier? - Are there hotels nearby?
  225. Found my husband, what is next???!!??
  226. New & have classification, vistation, and parole questions
  227. Issues with Cars at Gurney 10/17
  228. ..No longer here..
  229. Kurby'sLady214 from Dallas Tx
  230. % time that needs to be done?
  231. New to Gurney! Educate me ladies!
  232. JPAY question- Can they email back?
  233. Phone and pictures question! Gurney Unit TX Prison
  234. YIPPEE - I got a good answer. I think!
  235. How are the visits on Saturday at Gurney Unit TX Prison
  236. Guess what he put in his letter to me!!!
  237. Need your thought's on my issue w/him!!!
  238. Artwork and page limits in mail to TDCJ.
  239. Hubby got moved on Tuesday Night!!
  240. How long did it really take to have a visit after intake?
  241. Visits at Gurney over Holiday Weekends
  242. Where's everyone from (that goes to Gurney Unit Texas Prison)?
  243. 1st visit is this weekend- clue me in please!!
  244. Is Gurney on lockdown?
  245. I must leave you all!!! :( Got a transfer.
  246. Commisary list from Gurney Unit TX Prison
  247. Tight Clothes Warnings at Gurney
  248. my visit saturday - irritated
  249. Hubs Moved to Holliday
  250. Make the best of the holidays...