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  1. Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  2. Middleton Unit in Abilene
  3. Does anyone know about Middleton Unit in Abilene Texas
  4. Middleton Unit is in Lockdown. Texas Prison
  5. Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  6. I Heard It Through The Grapevine! Middleton Texas Prison
  7. Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  8. Any information on Middleton Texas Prison?
  9. new at this-any info on middleton-Texas Prison
  10. Problems with Mail at Middleton Texas Prison?
  11. Any Info on Middleton Visits Texas Prison?????
  12. Middleton Prison Unit Texas--how do you find what level they are
  13. Drugs in Middleton-Texas Prison?
  14. Florida visitation to Middleton unit in Texas
  15. Middleton Unit doesn't seem so bad-Texas Prison
  16. Never thought to ask: does Middleton have certain visiting hours-Texas Prison
  17. Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  18. Middleton Unit in Abiline Texas, Have some questions. - Texas Prison
  19. Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  20. Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  21. Parole info needed & Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  22. Inmate's stories and accounts from the Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  23. Questions regarding contact visits in Middleton Prison Unit, Texas
  24. Changing status on visit list in Middleton-Texas Prison
  25. status changed on visitor list in middleton Texas Prison-It was easy..
  26. Seeing a dentist in middleton-Texas Prison
  27. Commissary in Middleton Texas Prison
  28. Weird dorm move at Middleton Texas Prison
  29. Class/program info... How do I get it? Middleton Texas Prison
  30. Why and where do they go? Middleton Texas Prison
  31. Middleton and Riots-Texas Prison
  32. I Need Information about the Middleton Prison Unit in Texas
  33. Middleton and Chicken pox-Texas Prison
  34. mail at Middleton-Texas Prison
  35. cant find number to the john middleton unit in abilene-Texas Prison
  36. Middleton Prison Unit (Texas) - Do you have a loved one there?
  37. New Warden At Middleton-Texas Prison?
  38. Middleton Visitation-Texas Prison
  39. Middleton Prison Unit-Abileine,Tx
  40. Middleton Prison Unit Texas - Lockdown being lifted
  41. Does anyone have a man from Tarrant County in Middleton Prison Unit Texas?????
  42. Middleton on Lock down - Does anyone know?
  43. Middleton Unit Lockdown Update - Texas
  44. Middleton Unit - Info and Directions-Texas Prison
  45. Shakedown-Middleton Texas Prison
  46. Mail slow down around the holidays-Middleton Texas Prison
  47. Middleton and Dallas County Jail-Texas Prison
  48. Phones At Middleton
  49. Husband passed away in texas prison-Middleton Texas Prison
  50. Anyone driving from Dallas to Middleton Unit Texas Prison?
  51. MIDDLETON Prison UNIT-Texas will not talk to me!!!!!!
  52. Middleton. Bad or Good? Texas Prison
  53. To Visit or Not to Visit, THAT is the question-Middleton Texas Prison
  54. From Abilene: But don't know much about middleton Texas prison
  55. middleton unit-Texas Prison
  56. Questions about mail to Middleton-Texas Prison
  57. Visitation at Middleton Prison Texas
  58. Middleton Unit - Texas Prisons - What can you tell me about it?
  59. I located my husband... How soon can I visit-Middleton Texas Prison
  60. PISSED...Can't visit husband tomorrow! Middleton Texas Prison
  61. needing some infor on children-Middleton Texas Prison
  62. Need Info on State Jails in Texas-Middleton Texas Prison
  63. Looking for information on Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  64. Anyone Driving From Amarillo To Middleton-Texas Prison?
  65. Share-a-Ride to Middleton - Please Read
  66. Ministry Program at Middleton? Texas Prison
  67. What are the store days for Middleton Unit-Texas prison
  68. pen pals for middleton-Texas Prison
  69. Need info on Middleton-Texas Prison
  70. Concerned about maybe-not-so-petty details concerning Middleton visitation-Texas
  71. Best Day and Time of Day to Visit Middleton-Texas Prison???
  72. Marriage in Middleton Unit-Texas Prison?
  73. How many visits per month-Middleton Texas Prison
  74. Looking for helpful information on parole hearing? Middleton Texas Prison
  75. What to expect at the Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  76. Question about Middleton Prison Unit Texas
  77. Colorado City-Texas Prison Middleton
  78. Middleton Unit - Texas Prison Resource Thread
  79. Any new members,husband's at middleton?Chit Chat! Texas Prison
  80. questions about mail, phone calls and visitation-Middleton Prison Texas
  81. Will they be there long? Middleton Texas Prison
  82. transfers from Middleton unit-Texas Prison
  83. Anything new-Middleton Prison Texas
  84. Visitation Times??? Procedures??? Middleton Texas Prison
  85. What is "Good Time"? Middleton Prison Texas
  86. How to get a hardshp transfer? Middleton Prison Texas
  87. Best time to go to Middleton-Texas Prison
  88. Lockdown question-Middleton Texas Prison?
  89. Contact Visits at Middleton for Step-Siblings-Texas Prisons
  90. Middleton Unit-Texas Prison
  91. concerns Will they give him supplies he needs? Middleton Texas Prison
  92. Visitation at Middleton Texas Prison
  93. question about release date? Middleton Texas Prison
  94. Frustrated-visitor list-Middleton Prison Texas
  95. Herricaine rains wont keep me from my man-Middleton Texas Prison
  96. In need of knowledge-Middleton Texas Prison
  97. happy-Middleton Texas Prison
  98. What is his problem-Middleton Texas Prison
  99. Any thing going on at Middleton? Texas Prison
  100. How long will he stay at Middleton Texas Prison
  101. worried I haven't heard from my guy! Middleton Texas Prison
  102. anyone going to Middleton-Texas Prison
  103. I Have a couple Questions about Middleton Texas Prison. Help!
  104. from middleton to ware and back to middleton now-Texas Prison
  105. how can u send him money?? Middleton Texas Prison
  106. please help me out....thx Middleton Prison Unit - Texas
  107. Visiting-Middleton Texas Prison
  108. anyone's loveone in middleton-Texas Prison
  109. common law marriage-Middleton Texas Prison
  110. Transportation--Hotel area to Middleton-Texas Prison
  111. Anyone ever talk to the warden at Middleton prison unit/Texas?
  112. quarantine at Middleton Prison Unit Texas
  113. Middelton Texas Prison
  114. visitors list-Middleton Texas Prison
  115. Husband was transferred to Middleton Unit last monday and I have ?
  116. Fisrt Time-Middleton Texas Prison
  117. Parole Board in Abilen
  118. Hospitality House in Huntsville? Texas Prison
  119. Middleton Prison unit/Texas - is my brother going to be in danger?
  120. Now I'm Middleton Texas Prison
  121. Hello Everyone-Middleton Texas Prison
  122. Happy-1st Visit-Middleton Texas Prison
  123. Anyone need a ride to Middleton Texas Prison from FW?
  124. What Can you do? Let's help PTO and Texas Win!
  125. Where might they be transfered to from here? Middleton Texas Prison
  126. New Here Have Some Questions-Middleton Texas Prison
  127. Holliday to byrd to gurney-Texas Prisons
  128. mail-Middleton Texas Prison
  129. Son Just Went To Middleton Two Weeks Ago-Texas Prison
  130. Could anyone help me-Middleton Info-Texas Prison
  131. hard time- Middleton Texas Prison
  132. middleton-Texas Prison
  133. Just wondering - Middleton Texas Prison Unit
  134. Visit sooner than I expected - Middleton Texas Prison Unit
  135. Mail at Middleton - Texas Prison
  136. update on Middleton Unit - Texas prison
  137. Fiance's file is at parole board - Middleton Texas Prison
  138. Ride to Middleton Unit - Texas Prison
  139. a few ?'s about Middleton Unit - Texas Prison
  140. Excited - Middleton Texas Prison
  141. Questions about what happens after he is transferred? - Middleton Texas Prison
  142. Money On Books @ Middleton - Texas Prison
  143. Meet new people - Middleton - Texas Prison
  144. Phones? Middleton - Texas Prison
  145. Moved from BRYD diagnoctic unit to Middleton?
  146. From Lubbock TX!? Middleton - Texas Prison
  147. How much storage space do they have? Middleton - Texas Prison
  148. Lockdown want to visit - Middleton Unit - Texas Prison
  149. My fiancee just got transfered to John Middleton Texas Prison...Help please read
  150. Can I go visit and have contact visits - Middleton - Texas Prison
  151. Help..Someone Please Reply
  152. How do you know when to send money - Middleton Unit - Texas Prison
  153. Anyone driving from Dallas to Middleton - Texas Prison
  154. Visitation?? - Middleton Prison Unit - Texas
  155. i get to see my bay this weekend - Middleton Prison Unit - Texas
  156. Vistors with felonies
  157. Christmas Gifts for Inmates Children? - Middleton Prison Unit - Texas
  158. I get to see my son Saturday - Middleton Prison Unit - Texas
  159. Merry Christmas
  160. Happy new year - Middleton Unit - Texas Prison
  161. I need some help since I am a first timer - Middleton Unit - Texas Prison
  162. Had my first visit at Middleton Prison Unit TX
  163. I can offer ride to middleton Unit - Texas Prison
  164. Why was he transferred? Middleton Unit TX Prison
  165. I'm 6 months pregnant.. Middleton Texas Prison Unit
  166. Live in AZ travel to TX-Middleton or Robertson Unit!
  167. New and need info Middleton Prison Unit TX
  168. Can they have jewlery in there like his cross necklace Middleton Prison Unit TX
  169. They just took him! Middleton Prison Unit TX
  170. 1st letter !!! Middleton Prison Unit - TX
  171. Visitation Question Middleton Unit
  172. i have a question Middleton Prison Unit TX
  173. Commissary Days Middleton Prison Unit TX
  174. Another weekend - Middleton Texas Prison Unit
  175. anyone have there loved one in SEG Middleton Prison Unit TX
  176. New to Middleton - Prison Unit - Texas
  177. My husband is in Middleton Unit - Texas prison
  178. My Baby in Middleton TJZ - Texas Prison Unit
  179. Divorce through legal aide--Middleton Prison Unit - TX
  180. Parole Question Middleton Prison Unit TX
  181. Good News--Parole Questions - Middleton Prison Unit - TX
  182. Havent heard from my husband - Middleton Prison Unit - TX
  183. Got my 1st letter today middleton Prison Unit TX
  184. Help Needed - Share Ride-Dallas to Middleton Prison Unit TX
  185. Do anyone know if middleton unit will have 4th of july visits?
  186. Visitation rules for Middleton Unit - Texas ?
  187. Wifes and Girlfriends w/loved ones @ John Middleton Prison Unit Abilene Tx
  188. Middle Prison Unit TX Is anyone receiving phone calls?
  189. I stay confused - Middleton Texas Prison Unit
  190. Yay I found my baby He's in the Middleton Unit TX Prison!
  191. emailing to an inmate in Middleton Unit TX Prison
  192. Looking for my baby - Middleton Texas Prison Unit
  193. Needing to pull thru Middleton Unit Texas Prison
  194. Middleton on Lockdown next week..Texas Prison Unit
  195. MIDDLETON Prison unit in Abilene, texas
  196. Moved back to middleton unit - Texas Prison
  197. Visiting Middleton - Texas Prison Unit
  198. How to address envelope for Husband - Middleton Prison Unit
  199. Average wait time till they get their first visit Middleton Unit TX Prison
  200. does Middleton Unit TX Prison usually transfer their inmates
  201. Do they routinely take blood samples for DNA? Middleton Unit TX prison
  202. beside myself with emotion right now! Middleton Unit TX Prison
  203. Houston to Middleton-Ride Shared
  204. parole eligibility date Middleton Unit TX Prison
  205. I'm new and I'm not sure if my journey will be a short one or a long one.
  206. Middleton Unit TX Prison Visiting
  207. My boyfriend just got transferred to Middleton Unit TX Prison
  208. Just moved to Middleton Unit TX Prison -- How can I contact him?
  209. Middleton Unit food- oh SO NASTY
  210. All about Abilene...Middleton Prison Unit Texas
  211. ride share to Middleton Unit TX Prison
  212. My husband is in John Middleton Unit TX Prison
  213. I live in Dallas and wanting to meet some friends, my husband is in middleton.
  214. how long did it take to get your 1st letter? Middleton Unit TX Prison
  215. Made it to Middleton Unit TX Prison
  216. My husbands in Middleton - I think...
  217. My man keeps getting moved....
  218. Information about the middleton unit and visitations
  219. My husband didn't get what he signed for...
  220. I am really new to this and missing my honey - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  221. Husband attacked by COs, now in Ad Seg - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  222. Husband attacked by COs, now in Ad Seg - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  223. Prices for their store....Anyone know????? - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  224. Dont make waves Middleton Unit TX Prison
  225. Vendors for Supplies and Books for TDCJ - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  226. Middleton Unit TX Prison share a ride
  227. It's Getting Hard!! Can't visit and waiting for parole answer - Middleton U
  228. How does visitation work at Middleton Unit TX Prison?
  229. Middleton Unit TX Prison staff info
  230. Looking for a Fort Worth Support Group - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  231. Im new... parole help please! - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  232. 115 degrees and no fans - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  233. How many pictures can I send at Middleton TX Prison Unit?
  234. Are lipstick kisses in letters allowed at Middleton TX Prison Unit?
  235. Middleton Unit TX Prison GED ?
  236. J.Middleton TX Prison unit help please
  237. Pictures at Middleton Unit TX Prison
  238. A little help please, question about Visitation at Middleton TX Prison Unit
  239. Phone minute increase - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  240. Mail from Middleton Unit TX Prison..
  241. Who to use to get calls from Middleton Unit TX Prison?
  242. Middleton TX Prison Classification period - no visits, going out of my mind
  243. Is Middleton Unit TX Prison on lockdown?
  244. What can I expect?? - Middleton TX Prison Unit
  245. Can I get calls on my cell phone from Middleton TX Prison Unit?
  246. Mailroom issues at Middleton TX Prison Unit
  247. I don't know anything about Middleton TX Prison Unit :/
  248. Fi-1??? - Middleton Unit TX Prison
  249. Phone calls and visits at Middleton Unit TX Prison
  250. Ride to Middleton Unit TX Prison from Amarillo