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  1. More problems at Florence Prison
  2. Moving to Central Unit (Florence) anyone familiar with it?
  3. I was wrong...He is in Florence Prison
  4. Loved one in Florence, East Unit?
  5. ASPC-Florence, East Unit.. Clusters....
  6. Anyone Visiting Florence, East Unit on 4/13/2004
  7. IMPORTANT...Florence East Unit...Phone Calls Tonight..IMPORTANT
  8. Update on move to FLorence/North
  9. Ohh ohh..I need some help finding Picacho Prison
  10. I need some HELP----Florence Arizona State Prison ADOC (north unit)
  11. Need Information about Classification/ ASPC-Central Unit
  12. Douglas Arizona Visitation ride?
  13. Az Florence South Unit Inmates moved to?
  14. Question About CB-6 in Florence Az. State
  15. Info needed on Florence CB6
  16. Has anyone heard about a inmate killed at Florence Prison (east unit)?
  17. Florence North Unit- Need Info
  18. 1st time visit to Florence South Unit. I have some questions
  19. Thanksgiving in Florence
  20. Need ASPC-Florence address
  21. Looking for info on Florence-East today?? (could they be on lockdown?)
  22. Florence CB-6: phone call info
  23. Any info about incident at East Unit Dec 2005?
  24. Changes at Central unit?
  25. Visiting ASP Florence Central Unit
  26. Can someone help me on this one? (husband in Florence)
  27. Does anyone have a penpal near or around Central Unit of Florence Prison?
  28. Florence suicide (at CB6)?
  29. Florence Central Cell Block 5?!?!?!
  30. ASPC Florence North Unit
  31. Have you heard this too (no more smoking in Florence prisons)?
  32. Visiting Florence Central Unit
  33. Globe Minimum Security Prison - Need Info
  34. Florence East Unit
  35. Anyone know which unit in Florence is mental health?
  36. CB6 information, please?
  37. Can someone tell me what it is like to visit Florence East Unit?
  38. How long are the calls at Florence?
  39. Correctional billing and Florence
  40. Florence Central Unit..need visitation help
  41. Is anything going on at Florence Central Unit?
  42. Florence Central the mailroom backed up?
  43. What Education Programs are available at Florence?
  44. Mail problems at Florence?
  45. Anybody Know About Florence CB6?
  46. East Unit-Florence, will there ever be a food visitation or not?
  47. Anyone getting calls from Florence Central unit?
  48. Kasson Prison Unit - Arizona
  49. Does anyone else visit Picacho Unit?
  50. New Holiday Inn - Florence
  51. Anybody visited Florence & wore jeans? lol
  52. What is the mailing address for Florence Prison facility?
  53. Son in Florence- need ANY info
  54. Need help finding info about East unit at Florence
  55. Update on my son at Picacho
  56. Florence South Visitation
  57. ASPC Florence...Is mail slow?? Im in Oregon
  58. Picacho-lady with loved one in there
  59. Visiting at Florence Central Unit questions
  60. Please Help! Trying to Deliver Messsage To Hubby in ASPC Florence
  61. ASPC - Florence
  62. Kasson unit, ASPC Florence?
  63. Anyone have a loved one in ASPC-Florence?
  64. Carpooling/Rideshare requests for Florence
  65. My mans in Florence central unit Anyone else?
  66. Florence East- any info on this yard?
  67. Merry Christmas
  68. Need Address For Visitation Papers For Florence East
  69. Florence East on lockdown awhile today
  70. South Unit - What is it really like?
  71. New from Los Angeles
  72. So Happy-he got an off-site job
  73. Visitation Globe
  74. Anyone know when food visits are for east unit?
  75. What are visits like at Florence east?
  76. Visitation dress code-blue jeans and sandals allowed?
  77. ASPC-Florence South Unit - does anyone have any info?
  78. Florence East - visitation questions
  79. Mail At ASPC Florence
  80. Inmate movement questions
  81. East Unit Mothers Day Food Visit - Phase 2 & 3
  82. Info on Florence
  83. Phone problems at East Unit?
  84. Releases From East Unit
  85. Questions about release at Florence
  86. Questions about getting approved for visitation at Central unit
  87. Phone calls-How long does it take to get approved?
  88. Contact Visits At Central Unit - Florence
  89. Florence North Unit Questions
  90. Questions about Picacho unit visits
  91. Has anyone had a non-contact visit at florence central unit?
  92. What is it like in Globe?
  93. My son is being transferred to Florence, Az
  94. Can anyone tell me about Florence AZ?
  95. Florence Lockdown Discussion (only)
  96. Can I send my pen pal stamps through the mail?
  97. Phone calls from Florence AZ
  98. Applying for visitation, question
  99. X-mas time in Florence Central Unit
  100. Picacho? Anyone?
  101. Does anyone know release times for Globe?
  102. Aide-educ
  103. Death At CB3 Florence
  104. South Unit Visitation Schedule 2010
  105. Florence Central unit dress code questions
  106. Florence - North Unit Questions
  107. Florence - South Unit Only
  108. Globe unit
  109. Florence North Visitation-what to expect?
  110. Florence/Globe unit visitation is wonderful!
  111. Florence north unit visit
  112. Need Help Finding Inmate In Florence, AZ
  113. First food visit!
  114. Bye Picacho / Son was moved
  115. Arizonia State Prison Florence North
  116. North unit medical yard?
  117. Back to Florence
  118. How has mail been?
  119. New to this, question about visitation
  120. Anyone know what visits are like at Florence Arizona?
  121. What unit is Kasson?
  122. Central Unit mail issues
  123. I got approved for visit @ Florence...butterflies!
  124. Finally!!!! Got a call from my hubby!!
  125. Hinton Oklahoma to Florence East
  126. Has anyone ever picked up property?
  127. 1st Visit in 6 months.... OK hubby sent back to AZ
  128. Sending Items From Outside Vendors
  129. New....
  130. I'm so nervous
  131. We are in Picacho now!
  132. Florence Visit Extra Room
  133. Sending Magazine Subscriptions
  134. Hello everyone!!
  135. AZ S.O. Laws...
  136. Florence South Family Groups?
  137. IMMIGRATION holding in Florence?
  138. Looking for Advise and Info on Food Visit
  139. At Florence East How Far Is The Walk Into Visiting?
  140. Anyone have a honey at florence west DUI unit?
  141. Florence on lockdown?
  142. Can sum1 help me wit (central AZ deten center)
  144. Is anyone driven to Florence Prison?
  145. New TV's
  146. What time does Florence release inmates?
  147. Where to send my visit application form??
  148. Need help contacting someone about medications for my step sister!
  149. Anyone with a loved one at CBK??
  150. Were back @ florence!!
  151. Florence maximum
  152. Ordering Store Florence North
  153. Florence East lockdown
  154. Next food visit
  155. Visitations~florence~north unit
  156. What service is used for inmate collect calls at Florence?
  157. Florence south unit mail??
  158. Anyone on here with someone in Globe?
  159. If you need a shirt
  160. Florence Central
  161. Is there visitation Easter Sunday? Florence East Unit
  162. Loved ones of inmates in Florence, Arizona
  163. Food Visit
  164. what to expect?!?!?!
  165. Photo Visit? Does Florence offer this?
  166. Schedule info for North Unit Food Visits for May 19-20
  167. Picacho unit?!
  168. What to expect at Florence East unit
  169. What happened to the mail?
  170. When is food visit or was last weekend .....
  171. 4th of July visit schedule misinformation for North Unit
  172. Nelson Johnson - aka Trey
  173. I need help writing someone
  174. Unit: ASPC Florence CB6
  175. Can inmates have ipods or cigarettes in the prisons?
  176. Unit CB6??
  177. Has anyone gotten married in Florence?
  178. Florence North
  179. When are picture visits?
  180. Denied Visitation - Seriously??
  181. Not eligible for 90 day kickout because of domestic violence? Anyone hear??
  182. Does anyone know the medical yard at ASPC and maybe the address?
  183. Florence Central Unit
  184. Florence Central Unit visitation/hotel info needed
  185. Should I write the Warden - Globe
  186. 1st timer for Florence North
  187. Central Unit Visitation
  188. What unit is this: Florence CB with a # at the end
  189. Where do I go to access online visitation/calls for inmate
  190. Phone call question
  191. Changing phone number
  192. Florence North Visitation
  193. Long distance?
  194. Early release? And: Does Florence have a Fire Camp?
  195. Cali! I'm still not on my husband's visitation list
  196. Florence correctional center ; lockdown?
  197. Florence -North Unit-Drugs
  198. North Unit Yard III Phone Call Approval
  199. Searches in Florence?
  200. South Unit - have not heard from my son
  201. Can I put money on his books online?
  202. Sent visitation app to Florence south unit how long will it take?
  203. Ordering things for Arizona prison inmates
  204. Globe prison unit??
  205. Central Unit Visitation Questions
  206. My boy just hit Florence
  207. Securus doesn't list Florence South
  208. Securus and Florence South
  209. Sending and receiving mail at Florence
  210. Questions About Florence North Unit Please Assist Thank You!
  211. Online store to purchase for inmate, need address.
  212. Florence North Unit: How long for mail? Can I use a PO Box?
  213. No mail- Florence North Unit
  214. How Can You tell if he is in Phase 1 or phase 2?
  215. Florence West Medical Concern - Help!
  216. Do phone calls at Florence cost money?
  217. How will I know whether or not my application was approved?
  218. Confusion about PO box
  219. New Year's Day visits?
  220. What's going on at North Unit (Florence)? 70 inmates moved.
  221. Son transferring from county to Florence, Will money automatically transfer
  222. Florence East Unit Audit on Inmates
  223. Visitation on Christmas Day