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  30. LorettaE
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  32. Fire alarm today at WRDCC
  33. I need to move to st joe or close by
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  35. Visiting room
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  37. Driving to WRDCC on Friday
  38. Does anyone know anything about being released and the Greyhound
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  40. Waiting 80 days to do a 70 day treatment?
  41. Closings
  42. Food
  43. Dress Code to Visit WRDCC
  44. WRDCC Treatment- 84 day
  45. New to this have lots of questions
  46. Brother going to WRDCC this week have lots of questions
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  48. Level 5
  49. Phone and mail questions!
  50. Why are there not very many new posts?
  51. TASC unit
  52. Jpay?
  53. Food visit
  54. His 12/12 date was when will he get released!!!!
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  57. Can they receive Christmas packages?
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  65. Son just released today
  66. Questions?
  67. Treatment center wait time/turn over rate
  68. Are there any mail issues at WRDCC?
  69. Write Ups?
  70. Is something going on?
  71. Visits/Weddings?
  72. Orientation Visits?
  73. I recently completed WRDC treatment / Can help if you have questions
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  75. Visits and weddings?
  76. When do they go to canteen? HU 10
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