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  1. Commissary list and prices
  2. Inmate trust fund at TDCJ
  3. SAFPF in Texas
  4. TDCJ Phone/Address Directory
  5. Time sheets- an explanation
  6. found him!!! what???
  7. What does this mean???
  8. Welcome to the TDCJ- What you need to know forum
  9. Marriage by Proxy in Texas Prison
  10. Catching Chain in December
  11. When does their classification get change
  12. Line Class Info
  13. sending him $$
  14. Sex Offender Registration
  15. Dietary changes at TDCJ
  16. Facial hair?
  17. Senate Committee on Criminal Justice Report for 2004
  18. Jpay can be used in TDCJ?
  19. the sound of music
  20. i need some questions answered ladies... please
  21. How Do i find out information on a pen pal (his request)
  22. - - - i need help - - -
  23. Classification
  24. How far ARE you from the unit-The Official Texas Milage Guide
  25. Copy Of A Time Sheet
  26. Does anyone know if TDCJ is at capacity?
  27. print of timesheet
  28. What way can you send money to an inmate in TDCJ
  29. I Need Help -
  30. please help before i send it off !
  31. Going to Jail & Pregnant
  32. - LOST - once again
  33. Offender Information
  34. admin. segrigation
  35. SO Registration Requirements
  36. TDCJ Fiscal Yr 05 Budget and Legislative Appropriations Request
  37. Texas Department of Criminal Justice Offender Grievance Program FAQs
  38. Education
  39. in TDCJ with warrants
  40. Summary of Responses to TDCJ-CJAD Sentencing Survey, August 2004
  41. Transportation to Texas Prison Units
  42. phone calls from a Texas Prison, Does it happen?
  43. marriage at bill clements unit
  44. Commissary Days at a Texas Prison
  45. How to send money to an inmate in a Texas Prison?
  46. Is there a limit on how many pictures you can send?
  47. In Transit what does that mean?
  48. What jobs can an Agg. Offender NOT have inside?
  49. Cases: CO/Offender relationships?
  50. Know Your Rights!
  51. help I have a question
  52. How lond does it take for reclassification
  53. Looking for a Female Inmate for a Friend...
  54. Explaine Custody Level Pleas
  55. 2001 commissary list for terrell unit (Texas) This was for D/R inmate
  56. Texas will let them be Extradited to another state
  57. Clothing - quick question
  58. Proxy Marriage In Texarkana...Can you help me??
  59. Where can I find info about TDCJ history/stats?
  60. Confused???
  61. Ad-Seg in Texas??
  62. hardship transfer?????
  63. Pact
  64. A Civil Case Question?????
  65. lost
  66. Questions About The Hole, Parole, Etc.please Help! Thanks!
  67. counsellors etc
  68. Can TX Inmate get a DNA Test done?
  69. I Need So Help Please
  70. What class is he??
  71. Attention Tdcj Victims..
  72. Phone Calls
  73. Good time/ time sheets
  74. Found his time sheet, maybe this will make more sense!
  75. it's a family affair II
  76. Need Help With Common Law Marriage in Texas
  77. Husband transfered to TDCJ......Scared and Need HELP
  78. Grad Program
  79. Correctional Compact
  80. SAFP vent
  81. Who do I talk to about my programs in units
  82. What is a Trustee?
  83. Who Do I Speak To
  84. Hardship to get one?
  85. Classification
  86. New to PTO, Question about phone calls
  88. 60 day release-outstanding warrants?
  89. TDCJ Denied July Issue of National Geographic
  90. Good conduct time for line class S4???
  91. is there nothing else we can do??
  92. how much time did your loved one do on a 3rd or 4th DWI?
  93. Mine In Doing Tdc Time
  94. County to long does it take?
  95. ?Difference between time sheet and wrap sheet
  96. Question about my husband's new job...
  97. Texas Calls
  98. anyone know how often guys in ad seg get to go to commisary?
  99. Does Texas Have The 3 Strike Law?
  100. Non-hardship transfers. How to?
  101. fiance violated texas probation What do I need to expect?
  102. What is UTMB's association with TDCJ?
  103. Legal Guardianship for Inmate Family
  104. Son gone from County to TDC...worried about his meds
  105. Transferring him to another unit - do they transfer ALL of his property too?
  106. Life After G.R.A.D.
  107. 2 part ?? good time
  108. how long and how often do these transfers happen
  109. Found my son ....sort of
  110. The Number To Different Units In Tdc.
  111. I know this has been asked ...
  112. Can They Really Deny My Husband His Tennis?
  113. Need Info can you help - ombudsman
  114. Contact in Huntsville
  115. Whats the difference between prison and jail?
  116. Is there such a thing as Time-Cuts?
  117. New law for overcrowding in texas state jails
  118. How many stamps can an inmate have in Texas per month
  119. TDCJ Prison Line Class Changes
  120. Will contacting the prison Warden create more trouble?
  121. how do i get them to stop calling
  122. Son facing TDCJ prison
  123. What Unit(s) are TDCJ inmates released from?
  124. Texas Three strikes
  125. husband went back to prison on 3 violations
  126. How do you access Public Records?
  127. Reeves County, Texas detention center
  128. TDCJ Approved Halfway Houses
  129. Western Union Tx code city problem
  130. Finding Texas revocation laws & parolee rights to revocation
  131. Texas Commisary amounts
  132. TDCJ Offender Information
  133. Education issues
  134. HELP!!! How does an inmate get medical attention
  135. Texas Vine
  136. Prison ID Number
  137. Have a couple of questions.....
  138. My husband has a question
  139. "Changes" Class Graduation Ceremony?
  140. Do the inmates get paid for going to work?
  141. SAFP half-way house ?'s
  142. need help on detainers
  143. Help Needed!!
  144. What To Say During Your First Visit With Your Parole Counselor??
  145. Cheap hotels NEAR DFW?
  146. Question about TDCJ online offender search info..
  147. Proxy marriage to jail
  148. tdcj online
  149. sentenced Aug 3rd & still hasn't caught chain?!
  150. General Commissary List Needed
  151. Hygene products in TDCJ (I'm concerned)
  152. How do you file a complaint against TDCJ?
  153. What does it take to get married to an inmate in Texas (TDCJ)
  154. What HE needs to know - (TDCJ) Peer to peer Education
  155. Hardship Transfer (Texas)
  156. Reclassifying/Transfers of inmates in Texas Department of Corrections (TDCJ)
  157. Marriage by Proxy and Child Support in Texas
  158. Commissary Money Texas Prisons??
  159. Global Tel Link / MCI / Service in Texas
  160. Question regarding time served/release...
  161. Questions about Line Class
  162. Anyone know the vendor for murray unit prison in Gatesville, Tx?
  163. My fiancee wants a hardship transfer
  164. What Does Line 1 G2 Mean?
  165. Overcomers class
  166. Correspondence Course Texas Prison
  167. Confused about State Jail and Prison....
  168. Does anybody know?? Question about Ad Seg??
  169. TDCJ Rehabilitation& Reentry Programs
  170. Question?? I need help Please!!!!!
  171. Correspondence Courses Texas Prisons
  172. SSI Classification
  173. Step 1 and 2 Grievances denied - What can he do now?
  174. Finding a loved one
  175. Fi-1??????????????
  176. Sentence Cut
  177. Confused and lots of questions
  178. ***Texas Proxy Marriage Information (Counties A-J)
  179. Probation revocation hearings?
  180. Returned Mail - marked D2?
  181. stuff sent to Telford unit.........
  182. loss of good time - what does it mean for parole?
  183. The Fourth Annual Public Awareness Corrections Today (PACT)
  184. Does TDC allow correspondence courses?
  185. Income Tax Question...
  186. can u receive a call from him on a cellphone??
  187. Curious About Life Skills Class
  188. How do you find his tdcj # ??
  189. Does anyone know where the inmates cash there $50.00 checks at.
  190. Early release for Inmates medical issues?
  191. TDC...confused about where he is
  192. whats the time limit for appealing?
  193. Where Is The Money
  194. Limit of "exposure" in pictures????
  195. Are we allowed to request which unit?
  196. Commissary Question For Huntsville Holliday Unit
  197. I Need Help with a Divorce! ASAP
  198. I am new to this and need some info
  199. How do I get my son's TDCJ #
  200. New to this and have some Question! Please help.
  201. classes?
  202. transfer facilities
  203. ***Texas Proxy Marriage Information (Counties K-Z)
  204. Urgent Question!! About asking for investigation
  205. looking for info on the Holiday Unit
  206. B/f has an open case in TRAVIS county...who do I call to get him moved there??
  207. how little is little? (property storage allowance for inmate)
  208. What are most common TDC units transferred to out of Williamson Co
  209. What If I Sent Him A Phone Card???
  210. Phone Calls
  211. When do they get visit the Commissary?
  212. Classes Inside...Need to Know
  213. Phone Privilages in TDCJ
  214. Share A Ride
  215. College Classes
  216. Correspondence Courses Link
  217. In Need Of Your Help
  218. What type of restitution is required with TDCJ?
  219. A chance to comment on a review of TDCJ
  220. Proxy or Common Law Marriages???
  221. Chase Field Work Camp - mailing address issues
  222. How do you send medical records to a diagnostic unit?
  223. can i send my guy some eyeglasses?
  224. Extreme haircut....?!?!?
  225. Meeting with the Judge that seen the sentencing
  226. Phone Calls In Huntsville, Texas
  227. Please Help What Does This Mean L1 G2 Mean??
  228. Hopefully getting out soon
  229. Can the projected release date be wrong?
  230. Monitoring Tests for correspondence courses
  231. A Guide for Families and Friends of Texas Inmates (book)
  232. Please HELP brother was sent from potter county this week
  233. Help!!!! Quick!! (advice for Ex-CO married to inmate)
  234. Telephone Calls (from TDCJ units)
  235. outta state transfer
  236. proxy id...what to do?
  237. Project RIO in Texas
  238. Frequently Asked Questions by Newbies about TDCJ
  239. Can Anyone Anwser This Question??? Releases first days of month??
  240. Lost with all this terminology! 3g? good time?
  241. TX Trusty Questions!
  242. Does $ transfer from County Jail to TDCJ trust fund?
  243. He's gone...He caught chain Wednesday. Now what?
  244. know someone in Collin County Jail-wtng SAFP??
  245. Classification Process...
  246. raymond gross-any info?
  247. TDCJ Slang Dictionary
  248. TDCJ Phone Calls
  249. getting married next mth by proxy (? about ring for him)
  250. Parole 'out of county'