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  1. No More Pictures Taken At Visitation - Estelle Unit High Security, TDCJ
  2. Getting Ready for visit (finally) Need Some advice?
  3. Visits in TX prisons
  4. Planning my first visit on Saturday...
  5. visits - how to get a contact visit
  6. 4 hour visit too?
  7. Verify if visitation is okay?
  8. No Visit This Weekend!!
  9. first time any advice??
  10. Assigned seating at visits?
  11. Info On Bartlett State Jail Visitation
  12. visit denied today.....
  13. What info is needed on a visiting form?
  14. Can I get contact visits?
  15. Help!! First Visit!!
  16. Update on my visits
  17. Daniel Unit Visitation
  18. TDCJ - contact visit question
  19. Contact Visitation by mistake
  20. Texas Share a Ride - Region VI
  21. Hospitality Houses and Family Visitor Centers - Texas Prisons
  22. Questions about visitation?
  23. Has Anyone Visited Ft. Stockton...if so where did you stay??
  24. Visitation Appeal Letter Question
  25. Be careful of how long you kiss or hug at your visit!!
  26. More Visitation Questions
  27. married-approved for does it work?
  28. My very 1st contact visit
  29. What is visitation like at the unit your loved one is in?
  30. Public holiday Visitation
  31. Estelle Unit Visitation
  32. Visitation on Sat. - 12/25
  33. Visitation Changes for Transfer Facilities
  34. Visitaton forms
  35. forms of ID
  36. Visiting-- PLEASE HELP ME!
  37. Special Visits At Dawson
  38. Four hour visit denied!
  39. Question on special visits to a Texas prison
  40. he sent me his visit list!!
  41. Do you have to be approved to be able to visit or do you just have to be on the list?
  42. ESTELLE Unit Huntsville, TX - Visitation questions
  43. Hutchins visitation
  44. Administrative Seg Visitation at Connelly
  45. Lilsis' vist update
  46. Type of coins brought to visitation
  47. Visit Will End If Inmate Has To Go Potty!
  48. Brazoria County Jail Visitation Hrs
  49. I am Ex TDC how can I visit him in TDCJ
  50. Visitation
  51. Question about visit
  52. Visitation at Connally Unit, Kenedy TX
  53. Visitation at the Connolly Unit
  54. Visitation @ Holliday Unit
  55. Holliday unit visitation info??
  56. visit lists
  57. Houston to Kenedy Texas
  58. ???? re: visitation
  59. who is going to visitation at dawson this weekend?
  60. Special Visits
  61. Visitation Question
  62. Visitation Question
  63. Visitation at TDCJ
  64. Drive License issue for visitation
  65. What to expect about visitation in Texas
  66. Visitation changes- Dawson
  67. Wish me luck
  68. Visitation Hobby Unit
  69. Special visitation-Dawson (again I know)
  70. Bradshaw Visitation?
  71. Have You Been Denied Visits In Tx?
  72. Off to Wichita Falls!
  73. Is there any way to take someone off a visiting list??
  74. how do you greet your husband/wife- 1st contact visit
  75. Sanders Estes Unit, Venus, TX - Visitation Cancelled
  76. Questions on contact visits
  77. Visitation times at Hughes Unit?
  78. Visitation
  79. Visiting Scoop On Texas Prisons??
  80. Visitation questions
  81. Sanders Estes Unit Visitation Problem
  82. Texas Share A Ride Thread - Region III
  83. Texas Share A Ride Thread - Region V
  84. Texas Share A Ride Thread - Region VI
  85. Texas Share A Ride Thread - Region IV
  86. Texas Share A Ride Thread - Region I
  87. Texas Share A Ride Thread - Region II
  88. visitation @ Glossbrenner
  89. Dominguez Unit. Visitation.
  90. Gurney Transfer Facility
  91. Question on Contact Visits...the warden secretary told me...
  92. Prison Visitation Terminated
  93. I was denied from my friend's visitation list
  94. New Visitation Rule
  95. Contact Visits
  96. Viewing visiting list for a Texas Prison (TDCJ)?
  97. Hospitality Houses
  98. Who's going to visit in Texas tomorrow?
  99. How many special visits allowed a month?
  100. Visitation for Former TDCJ prison Employee?
  101. I got kicked out of prison by the Warden!
  102. Visitation Sunday in Gatesville
  103. family visits in TDCJ?
  104. Non-Contact Visitation at Torres in Hondo
  105. Contact visit only 90 days away!!!!!
  106. Paperwork for Visitation in Texas prison
  107. Question about Special Visits in Texas prisons
  108. Question about Texas Prison Trustee Camps and visitation
  109. Visitation
  110. Anyone going to Tennesse Colony!!!
  111. Dress Code Enforced At Polunksy Unit
  112. Contact Visits for Non-Family in Texas prisons
  113. Need Advice on calling warden re:ad seg special visit
  114. How long does it take for changes to a prison visitation list to take affect in Texas
  115. questions about visitation - can I get contact visits?
  116. Can you help me out here?
  117. contact visit with S.O
  118. Visitation Q's
  119. Questions about conjugal visits?
  120. My first visitation
  121. Visiting Allred for the 1st time
  122. Huntsville prison visitation
  123. Visited this weekend
  124. Contact Visits In Tdcj Facilities????
  125. Special visits on Holidays?
  126. How many contact visits are allowed?
  127. My first contact prison visit!!!
  128. Special visitation at Hutchins State Jail for T-Day & Christmas?
  129. Who do I call about the visitation list? (Texas)
  130. contact visits at neal unit in amarillo
  131. Question about visitation
  132. Lodgeing near Dalhart
  133. Any good advice on going to Polunsky??
  134. Texas prison system info
  135. Estes Unit
  136. Approved for Contact Visits...Miracles Do Happen in Texas....
  137. Visitaion in a Texas Prison
  138. what forms does he need to get contact visit
  139. Info Needed: Visitation proceedure at Ramsey I
  140. How do I get Contact visits in a Texas Prison(TDCJ)
  141. Preston E. Smith Unit in Lamesa. Questons??!!
  142. How long of a kiss?
  143. Calling any members who live in Abilene
  144. I need a ride from DFW to Choice Moore :(
  145. any info on visits?
  146. TDCJ 1st Visit--Clothes and Coins ?s
  147. Texas prison-can baby's mamma get a contact visit?
  148. Hotels Near Neal Unit - Amarillo, Texas
  149. Will TDCJ allow Emergency Absence Request for hospital visit?
  150. TDCJ rules for taking kids to visitation?
  151. EX TDC Inmate Visitations
  152. Has anyone had problems with I.D's in Texas Prisons?
  153. Visit's on Christmas?
  154. Galveston Hospital
  155. 1st Visit to Smith Unit (Lamesa) Help!
  156. Child Friendly Visitation Areas in Texas Prisons?
  157. Can anyone give me info on McConnell PLEASE!!!
  158. Question: Pictures taken at visits in Lane Murray Unit?
  159. Polunsky Friday Visit
  160. Question about address changes/updates for visitors to TDCJ
  161. Welcome to the Texas Prison Visitation Forum
  162. In order to visit?
  163. ~visitation~
  164. Anyone have info on Gist Unit, Beaumont, TX?
  165. Planning trip to Clements...need some help please
  166. Visitation at Larry Gist Unit in Beaumont
  167. North Houston to Gist in Beaumont
  168. Special Visits (Over 300 Miles) Question - Texas Prison
  169. I need to see my daughter's father.
  170. **urgent**how To Get To Encinal!
  171. Have A Question On TDC Visiting list changes?????
  172. State Jail Tip for Visiting with children
  173. Estelle Unit - 1st visit
  174. Does any one Want to carpool to Tennesse Colony??
  175. Phones at Preston E. Smith Unit in La mesa????
  176. Visitation and an outstanding traffic ticket
  177. Adding names to visitation list
  178. An Extra-Special Visit for Me
  179. My First Visit, and It Was So special
  180. marriage counseling at visit
  181. First time visit tomorrow!!!
  182. Wait time for Gurney....
  183. Need guest housing to visit Texas inmate
  184. First Visit Was Great!!
  185. Contact Visit for Common Law Marriage
  186. Powledge unit in Palestine TX
  187. 4 Hr Visit
  188. Our First Visit!
  189. I have a Question about visitation with fiance??
  190. Anyone going to Dalhart,Texas??????? Looking to share a ride??
  191. Any info on Billy Moore Unit Visit
  192. call me blonde but can.....
  193. Info:Warden to aprove contact visit w fiance
  194. Visitation times at Gist increased from 4 Feb
  195. Holliday Unit Visit.. Questions???
  196. Taking Pics - Texas prisons
  197. looking for a ride
  198. Can Yall hug at visits???
  199. Just Got Back From Our First Visit
  200. planning to visit
  201. My first visit in 3 1/2 years!!! OMG!!!
  202. Akwardness during 2 hour long visits??
  203. Michael Unit - visiting times
  204. Inmate using rest room at visitation
  205. I need a good weather dance.
  206. I'm so upset!!!!
  207. Question: Drivers license Visiting Texas Prison
  208. Visitation Rooms
  209. Contact visits @ Eastham?
  210. First Time Visitation Question
  211. GIST UNIT-Warning for 2-25/2-26
  212. Help!!! can i call on sat??
  213. Visiting Ware-Motels in Colorado City
  214. Weekend CHild Care
  215. Papers for common law marriage
  216. Where to send marriage license?
  217. I'm so excited I could bust!!!
  218. Special visit Polunsky Unit
  219. Telford Unit
  220. Pictures this weekend
  221. LeBlanc Unit pics
  222. Visiting Stiles Unit
  223. Long kisses at visitation
  224. Is faimly visits in Texas prison?
  225. Why can they only add a person once every 6 months?
  226. First Contact Visit
  227. Neal Unit Visitation
  228. News for Gist Vistation 3-11/3-12
  229. Carpool to Visits - esp. Smith Unit
  230. Visiting A.D. Hughes Unit
  231. Dumb Question of the Day...
  232. Anyone Going To Telford Unit?????
  233. need help asap El Paso
  234. First visit to Ware Unit
  235. Anyone Visiting Bradshaw Unit From Houston???
  236. BRADSHAW unit visitation INFO???
  237. Visiting this weekend
  238. Could His Family Visit???
  239. Marriage Seminar
  240. Do's and Don'ts of Visiting?
  241. Safp - Visitation and General Info
  242. GIST update...
  243. Telford Unit
  244. Can anyone Tell me about how visitation is at the Huntsville Unit?
  245. Conjugle Visits in TDC?
  246. The funniest Visitation Moment
  247. the 300 mile rule
  248. No contacts for Me
  249. Anyone know anything about Smith Unit
  250. Totally Bummed Out