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  4. Searching for an answer to a question. :-) (Death chamber at Holman)
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  18. I am so ANGRY!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE - visiting at Holman
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  20. Got a letter!!!!!!!!!
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  22. Radio Stations - What station do the Holman DR men listen to?
  23. Couple of Questions, Since i'm new to all this - sending mail to Holman
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  27. How can I get him money to Holman
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  29. I just feel like crying - was planning to visit him at Holman
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  32. <jumping up and down> hello!!!
  33. Penpal has no money at Holman
  34. Who watched MSNBC filmed at Holman
  35. Did you know him before he went to prison?
  36. He made me a Christmas card !!
  37. next visit to Holman?
  38. What is the difference? Ad Seg vs Disciplinary Seg
  39. Rejected Letters
  40. How honest SHOULD/CAN I be?
  41. My Count Down
  42. Need Information on visitation
  43. who all got a letter today?
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  45. A new letter!
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  47. Life WITH the possibility of parole
  48. News!!! He Got Transfered to Donaldson
  49. Holman is So Messed Up!
  50. Will this be allowed? Can I send bookmark?
  51. Rumors about Culliver going to Donaldson
  52. Soo cute! Sending cards to Holman
  53. Help! Visitation questions
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  55. Worried sick!! Tornado in Alabama
  56. change dorm/bed #'s???
  57. Bibb Co. C.F.
  58. How is everyone?
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  60. Friday Visits - April 13
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  64. He wants to know....( sex question)
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  68. What pet names does he call you?
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  70. Oi, why is it so quiet in here?
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  72. Just a wake up away!
  73. Another life taken...
  74. Another GREAT visit!
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  77. Is there some way around this?? Books in Ad Seg
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  79. who here has told their inmate...
  80. Anyone want to? Share questions to loved ones
  81. What I like about you!
  82. out of touch
  83. Most Romantic....
  84. Weddings
  85. Phone services - problems with PCO
  86. If YOU were the Warden at Holman...........
  87. 24 hours with our loved ones.......
  88. This could be fun! Story time
  89. Who sent care packages?
  90. Inside Out( "Prison Documentary")
  91. Stamps
  92. Whos dealing with PCO here? Have problems again.........Im mad like hell
  93. This hurt so much - debate over death penalty
  94. Happy Birthday SnakeCharmer
  95. A message for nad 25
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  98. Calendar?
  99. Visit Sept 8
  100. Is this allowed? Can they get musical cards at Holman?
  101. Help a girl out here! Birthday ideas
  102. Visiting Questions!!! - about Holman
  103. Just a wake up away!
  104. Documentary Of Holman
  105. Advice Wanted.... how should I approach writing to him again?
  106. A week and a wake up!!! Visiting Holman and Alabama vacation
  107. That rocked! Great visit at Holman
  108. Mail problems
  109. Care package
  110. Halloween Cards
  111. in search of Jimmy Montgomery
  112. Does anyone know? How many pages can you send to Holman?
  113. help from the netherlands - problems with inmate mail to Holman
  114. Another GREAT visit!
  115. "Extended Stay At Holman"
  116. Some thoughts about documentaries like "Lockup"
  117. Scary... inmate cut at Holman
  118. Looking For A Friend at Holman, can anyone help?
  119. Is anyone going to watch Holman on MSNBC tonight?
  120. Isn't this awful?! Problems with Holman mail
  121. Steamy letters
  122. To my Holman extended family...
  123. Where is everyone????
  124. A rant! He's not getting books I send to Holman
  125. Hello -New to the site & have some general questions.
  126. Great Visit at Holman
  127. I am new too - friend at Holman, need info
  128. How much money do they need?
  129. I wished I knew about PTO & the Holman forum before
  130. Where is Everyone........Game time!
  131. Hi everyone! New to the site with a question about mailing Holman...
  132. Ad Seg "Lockdown Series" on Holman
  133. Who's your loved one?
  134. Recent Lockdown? Have you heard?
  135. Sending Books/Magazines to Holman
  136. Help Wanted - Holman Visitation & Other Info
  137. get connected phone services?
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  139. Info on Warden Culliver
  140. When do Holman MSNBC episodes come on?
  141. Where can I download Holman MSNBC episodes?
  142. First visit soon
  143. Sending a Money Order
  144. my pp on DR at Holman is ill
  145. Do you have a PenPal at Holman?
  146. Not a good idea... naming names
  147. Creative gift ideas for my loved one
  148. Marriage between Canadian citizen & American inmate at Holman
  149. Extended Stay at Holman
  150. Money Order
  151. Possible Holman Tour
  152. Admin changes at Holman?
  153. what are the visiting hours at Holman
  154. Do i have to have the dorm number to mail him?
  155. which phone company should i go with
  156. Hurricane news - Holman men moved to Bullock, others may be moved
  157. Visit January 09
  158. Help -Visiting Info Needed for Holman!!!!
  159. No mail!!! Any suggestions?
  160. Medical problems
  161. Hey Holman ladies...picture question
  162. Executions!
  163. Story of hope
  164. Crazy fanmail question
  165. stamps to Holman?
  166. Stamps to Holman
  167. Places to stay in Atmore
  168. visit list
  169. Rats ???
  170. New Visiting times Death Row
  171. 2 inmates died at Holman....
  172. Worried/No contact from my pen pal
  173. finally get to visit after 26years
  174. 4 more inmates died because of lack of medical treatment
  175. Need the email address for Warden Culliver
  176. Hb 714
  177. Lockup episodes
  178. Robert Lance Coral R.I.P
  179. Friend Going to D.R.
  180. Mail at Holman.
  181. Commissary list of Holman
  182. Anyone going to visit in June?
  183. Hello Everyone
  184. Hello...New to the site! - He's at Holman DR
  185. Anyone hear they changed the rule about the funds list?
  186. "fans needed"
  187. Gerald Patrick Lewis
  188. anyone else having problems with the phone
  189. First Time Visitor Need Info
  190. Just married
  191. Situation end of Sep 2009
  192. Need a friend to carpool
  193. Warden Culliver
  194. Public transport to Atmore from airports?
  195. When Does Mail Go Out/In at Holman?
  196. Hi All :-)
  197. Question about Holman phones
  198. Intro-LarrysDaughter
  199. Incarcerated father in hospital-how to find info?
  200. Love on DR
  201. Im so happy woooohoooo
  202. valentines day - can DR inmates have packages?
  203. What days do they allow for visitation?
  204. Question about Holman and sending legal papers
  205. Mail problems?
  206. Hey from Al
  207. Extended Family & Conjugal Visitation PETITION PLEASE SIGN!!
  208. Anyone have one of those days??
  209. Alabama House Bill 532 Needs SUPPORT! Here's the info!!
  210. Writing to Holman Inmate
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  212. Need Some Info From Holman ASAP
  213. Information Update Please
  214. Visting ends early!!!
  215. Wanting to visit my PP on DR in Holman ..
  216. Im new to Holman, BUT not to PTO...!!
  217. The Booker Brothers
  218. New to PTO and need info
  219. Visiting my Fiance in Holman
  220. What are they allowed in Disciplinary Segregation
  221. Bobby Gilbert
  222. JP3 player allowed in Death Row, Atmore, AL?
  223. Not heard from him in 3 months...
  224. Will he still get the books I sent ?
  225. Is it as bad as they say?
  226. Holman's Was Locked Down Saturday
  227. DR Visitation at Holman
  228. Info. about Holman
  229. Visiting restrictions on DR
  230. First Visit at Holman Unit ~ Any Advice ?
  231. Just wanted to ask a few questions! (how old are you and your LO)
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  235. Visitation First Time
  236. Is Holman on lockdown???
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  238. I'm nervous about my first visit / Update
  239. Lockdown at Holman
  240. Need A Rideshare to Holman from Mobile
  241. Mailroom closed at Holman?
  242. 4 Possible Inmates Stabbed Today @ Holman