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  1. Kilby Correctional Facility - Visitation, General, & Contact Information
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  5. Questions about Kilby
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  33. I'll be in chapel service Friday 1-26
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  51. Does Anyone Know? Incentive Package?
  52. What put Barksdale on life support?
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  61. Anyone else with a loved one in Protective Custody/Segregation?
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  66. Another newbie - with questions about mail at Kilby
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  68. Anyone in Dorm J? And Phone Call Costs
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  73. I GOT 2 C MY HUBBY 2DAY @ Kilby
  74. Anyone know about DORM A
  75. How long until they transfer out of kilby?
  76. Does any1 know what u go thru b4 and after getting married @ Kilby
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  86. Release date vs. EOS date
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  90. Question about mail list etc..
  91. This is all new to me, I've learned a lot from you all - Questions about Kilby
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  93. Destroying Inmate Property - Kilby Does It Again
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  95. Headed to Kilby
  96. Collect call options from Kilby
  97. Letters at Kilby
  98. Pilot Program
  99. Info on a Friend
  100. Learning the hard way.
  101. Moving Process
  102. What can I send to Kilby?
  103. Just Moved to Kilby - Questions
  104. Phone calls and other questions
  105. How long does it take for visitation at Kilby
  106. Pregnant & he just got to Kilby
  107. When are inmates allowed to make phones calls from kilby?
  108. Visitation at Kilby
  109. Books from what publisher?
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  115. S.O.P. - Standard Operating Procedures
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  117. I have not been here for a long time
  118. Restart Program
  119. Spilt-Sentence
  120. Can anyone tell me if i can receive calls from kilby on a cell phone???
  121. Just got to Kilby, PLEASE HELP ME!
  122. Moved to Kilby-questions about visitation etc
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  124. Information Update Please
  125. How can I get the message to him
  126. When did GTL change it to landlines only??
  127. Kilby RCC hospital ?
  128. My boyfriend might go to Kilby ~ Questions ??
  129. Will I be able to visit him ?
  130. I am trying to contact my son - How do I find out his AIS #?
  131. Goin to visit my hubby sunday
  132. Questions about SAP programs and work release
  133. Help with books and questions about lock down.
  134. Im so worried (can't talk to him)
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  137. Calling home / Who is the phone service provider?
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  142. How long is the intake process?
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  147. New here..husband going to kilby in morning