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  1. Rules for Visits in Florida & Arizona
  2. Anyone going to Tucson to visit? (looking to carpool)
  3. Need a place to stay?
  4. Is there anyone in the Safford-Thatcher area?
  5. ASPC-Winslow Rideshare??
  6. Need info on Tucson FCI, please help
  7. Shuttle to Florence
  8. Questions about phone and visitation list?
  9. Is black denim ok at visitation?
  10. Boyfriend at Arizona State Prison Winslow. Looking to share ride and expenses
  11. Another clothing question (for visitation)
  12. Need help with visitation in Arizona
  13. Are they starting to take pictures again at visitation?
  14. Going to visit in three days
  15. Need ride from CA - Florence-Eyman Unit, AZ
  16. Need a ride for visitation to Arizona State Prison Complex - Florence?
  17. Anyone In Mesa, Arizona? (looking to carpool)
  18. Getting approved for visitation
  19. Visitation application, I need Info!
  20. Today I Was Approved for visit!!!!!
  21. Can I give him a chain at visitation?
  22. Joeysgirl..what ever happened at your visit ??????
  23. Safford-Tonto Unit (looking to carpool)
  24. I Can't Wait Until Next Monday!! (They are having a "special" holiday visit at Lewis)
  25. Need info on Florence (Central or Smu ?)
  26. Douglas Visit (looking to carpool)
  27. Newton County Tx??????
  28. Wanna go to Newton County,Tx? (looking to carpool)
  29. Very Important: What Are Your Units Doing For July 4th Visits???
  30. Anyone visiting Florence, East Unit...This Saturday 6/19/04
  31. Newton County Trip In Sept
  32. Anyone have a loved one in Douglas? (looking to carpool)
  33. Visitation in Florence, Arizona (looking to carpool)
  34. Trip to Douglas (looking to carpool)
  35. Do they alow conjugal visits in Az State prisons?
  36. Looking for someone who visits Central unit (looking to carpool)
  37. My visit at Newton, TX
  38. Sharing Costs to go to Oklahoma
  39. Does anyone visit in Yuma and want to carpool?
  40. Arizona - You know places to stay during the visiting days? It has to be cheap! :-
  41. Can anyone help me see my husband in Buckeye, PLease!
  42. Florence Arizona, I need a place to stay during my visit (international:-)
  43. Visit Arizona for the first time... AAahhhh..
  44. Victim Denied Visitation
  45. Conjugal Visits in Arizona Prison's
  46. Visiting my son for Thanksgiving - Finally
  47. I got to see my baby today!!!! :)
  48. How long does it take for visitation approval?
  49. How do I get off the visitor list?
  50. It's The CO's Dope Not Mine!
  51. Finally got to visit PP for the first time
  52. Are you allowed to give a back massage at visit?
  53. Travel Tips to AZ?
  54. Need Info. for Yuma Arizona Prison and carpool info
  55. The two guys in my life gone...anyone want to carpool?
  56. Drug Scans and prescription drugs
  57. Are you notified when you are removed from visitation list?
  58. Visiting AZ. Madison St NOC on Easter
  59. I Finally Got To See My Man!
  60. I'm visiting my son for the first time since Thanksgiving
  61. What is the process for Special Visits?
  62. How do I get taken off the visitor's list in Arizona?
  63. Anyone visit Florence East Unit? South side? (looking to carpool)
  64. Headed to Oklahoma! Will be away 4/22-4/24
  65. Frustrated about the Out-of-State moves!
  66. Questions about visitation list...visiting 2 inmates at once
  67. What does inmate mail labled RTS mean?
  68. Anyone traveling to Pecos, Texas?
  69. Will staffing impact visitation?
  70. Are sandals allowed at visitation?
  71. Would anyone like to carpool to Texas?
  72. Visiting my son this weekend
  73. Any one want to carpool to Tucson?
  74. Anyone with a man in Lewis, ASPC? (looking to carpool)
  75. Live in S. CALIF need to visit ASPC-Tucson
  76. Visitation (Only got approved for 1 day of a special visit)
  77. Need a ride to Florence, AZ
  78. Carpool To Florence?
  79. Special Visit
  80. Visitation Ideas In Arizona
  81. Need To Vent About Visitation
  82. How often does your loved ones' unit take pictures?
  83. Carpool to ASPC-Winslow
  84. Kids Play Area in Visitation Room - need ideas
  85. Does Anybody Go To Florence From Phoenix??
  86. Only one more week and I will be visiting my son
  87. Carpool to Douglas?
  88. I had my first contact visit!!!!
  89. NEED a RIDE to Florence
  90. Who visited their Arizona inmate on Christmas?
  91. Any Shuttles to Florence?
  92. Anyone want to carpool to Florence North unit?
  93. Possibly getting contact visits back- any advice?
  94. Visiting/probation...
  95. Carpool to Florence anyone?
  96. Can you get visitor applications online?
  97. Need some advice from people with more experience
  98. Looking to share a ride to Douglas- ASPC
  99. Ride to Florence anyone?
  100. Transportation to Arizona State Prison Douglas
  101. PLEASE HELP!!!..need a ride to Florence
  102. Visitation approval
  103. Omg I got to VISIT
  104. Anyone Visit At Yuma Dakota Unit??????
  105. Question about visitation form and phone?
  106. People w/felony convictions who want to visit an inmate
  107. How much Food can you bring on a Food Visit?
  108. Looking for ride to Lewis DOC (for visitation)
  109. Carpooling to Perryville-ASPC from Tucson
  110. Nervous Wreck (He comes home soon)
  111. Multiple prison visits in Az. allowable?
  112. Wheelchairs
  113. Rules on food visits and special visits
  114. What is a level 3 yard?
  115. Where do I send the visitation list application back to?
  116. Inmate visitor matching program (pen-pals)
  117. Need help to see Fiance in Douglas Prison (looking to carpool)
  118. I need help getting to Eyman prison
  119. Need help (would like to carpool to Douglas)
  120. Florence Eyman/Cook Unit (carpooling)
  121. Anyone want to carpool to Lewis prison?
  122. Inmate contact with visiting baby
  123. Transportation to visits
  124. Live in East Mesa, Need a ride with someone visiting Florence North Unit
  125. Carpooling to Florence Central Unit
  126. Carpool needed to Buckeye prison
  127. Carpool requests to Lewis
  128. Anybody visiting their loved one on 4th of July?
  129. In Tears! I didn't get to visit!
  130. Info on Reeves in Texas
  131. Visitation denied. Help with appeal
  132. Dress Code
  133. I get to see my son this weekend
  134. I had a wonderful visit
  135. I had a great visit, too!
  136. Visiting Saturday need help
  137. Coming from Australia, going to visit pal in Winslow
  138. Carpool to Reeves in late Aug./early Sept?
  139. Clothing (What to wear to visit?)
  140. Reeves Detention Center, Pecos, Texas (looking to carpool from Phx. area)
  141. Share ride to Lewis from Califorina
  142. Driving from Prescott to ASPC Douglas Mohave Unit
  143. Visitation application info needed
  144. Anyone know about marriage through the prisons?
  145. Need a ride fom Phoenix to Globe for visitation
  146. Car Pooling to Buckeye, anyone? Transportation needed
  147. Nervous about going to visit
  148. Going to Winslow-Coronado Unit (looking to carpool)
  149. Really Irritated About a Visitation Issue
  150. Carpool to Winslow/Apache
  151. Help-looking for a ride to Coronado unit in Winslow!!!!!
  152. Transportation to Lewis for visitation
  153. Going to Winslow/Coronado
  154. A big thank you
  155. Got approved & very nervous...
  156. Finally Got Visit Approval....Yessssss!
  157. Visitation Approval-Is Felony Automatic No?
  158. New at this, so any information will help!
  159. Really Need Some Help Getting to visitation at Kaibab Unit in Winslow
  160. Anybody Going To Buckeye?
  161. They Never Received My Visitation Form I Sent It In October
  162. What is the 10 List?
  163. If They Told Him To Put Me On His 10 List-Does That Mean I'm Approved?
  164. Going to Winslow-Coronado Unit
  165. Anyone going to Douglas - From Tucson?
  166. Carpool from Tucson to Florence anyone? Please Help!
  167. Visitation finally approved
  168. Confused About Visitation Denial Appeal Process
  169. Please help me with visitation questions!!
  170. Family Visits
  171. From California Carpool Anyone?
  172. Breastfeeding at Visitation
  173. Link for policy on dress code 4 visitation
  174. Visitation: Will Vonage Hurt Visit. App?
  175. Saturday Visitation to Florence Central Unit (carpooling)
  176. Anyone know bus ticket price from Peoria to Winslow?
  177. Visitation and Children
  178. Visitation carpool requests
  179. I got my visits back!!
  180. Getting removed from a visitation list?
  181. If They Remove You From Their List
  182. Questions about visits in Arizona prisons
  183. In your opinion, what was the best AZ prison to visit?
  184. I have felonies and want to visit my fiance
  185. Probably a stupid question about visitation rules(can you bring your dog on a visit?)
  186. Carpool from Phx to Eyman/Florence
  187. Ahgh!!!! We weren't able to get into visit
  188. Desperately need Ride from Phoenix to Eyman Mon 23rd AM?
  189. Denied for visitation AGAIN!!!!
  190. Are you allowed to wear jeans to visitation?
  191. What Happens When The Visit Room Gets Full in Arizona prisons?
  192. How Close Do You Sit To Your Sweetie At Visit?
  193. Visitation App Lost: Its a Scam
  194. Looking For A Ride to Kingman for visit
  195. Do People Get Removed Who Don't Visit Often?
  196. New Smoking Area At Wilmot-This Sucks!
  197. Where are the visitation forms mailed to?
  198. Does anyone know anyone that has felonies that's gotten approved to visit?
  199. My first ever face to face
  200. How long for getting approved to visit?
  201. Shuttle Service to Arizona Prisons?
  202. Anyone knows of any shuttles or any other transportation to ASPC-Yuma??
  203. I was told something different for visiting
  204. First Time Visitor To Any Prison
  205. Do you know the answer about being on two visit lists?
  206. Who to formally complain to about visitation applications?
  207. Please help!!!!! Looking for ride to Yuma for visit
  208. Desperately need a ride to Buckeye this Saturday!
  209. Anyone traveling to California for visit?
  210. Does anyone go to Lewis prison for non-contact visits? (looking to carpool)
  211. Visitation questions for Arizona DOC
  212. OMG!!! Im approved FINALLY
  213. Carpooling to prisons
  214. So exactly how long are visits?
  215. Carpooling to Douglas, Az Eggers Unit
  216. Carpool to ASPC - Winslow
  217. Question about finding out who is on their visitation list
  218. New to everything--will I get approved to visit him?
  219. Conjugal Visits?
  220. Special Visits
  221. Who has a loved one at Lewis--would like a ride to visit
  222. Showing emotion at the end of visit
  223. Bummed about not being able to visit
  224. Dress code questions
  225. Visitation application questions
  226. Need Carpool Friends for Kingman
  227. Anyone visit at Ft. Grant and would like to carpool?
  228. My first visit....I'm nervous
  229. Domestic violence charge and visitation to doc
  230. Holidays in the Prison System
  231. Does anyone know why they deleted his 10 list when he got moved?
  232. Visiting more than one inmate
  233. Ride share to Kingman from PHX?
  234. Going To Douglas Who Wants To Go???
  235. Carpool to DIAMONDBACK OKLAHOMA (Watonga)
  236. Another 1st Visit Newbie
  237. First visit to Eyman yesterday...!
  238. Looking to carpool from Tempe to Eyman
  239. Will I be denied to see my husband?
  240. So I find it hilarious that (my visit at Lewis Complex)
  241. What About My Son??
  242. Suspended from visits
  243. Got approved for visitation.....
  244. Transfer Eyman SMU to Tucson Manzanita
  245. Carpool To Kingman?
  246. Eek! First visit jitters!
  247. CarPool or Ride From Phoenix to FLORENCE, AZ 1/25/08--WILL PAY$$$
  248. Lookin For A Ride To Aspc Douglas
  249. How long does it take to get approved?
  250. Need ride to Lewis Prison