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  1. I'm Looking For... Jose L. (Tito) Greponne - Connecticut
  2. Early Release or Push!
  3. How do they decide what prison you go to?
  4. What is the actual time served?
  5. Rumor: Prisons Closing???
  6. CT Cost of Incarceration Bill Amendment?
  7. Who will be transferred?
  8. Specialist for seizures
  9. He's in the halfway house! Will they let us get married?
  10. Address
  11. Dui
  12. Inmate transfers
  13. What is prison life like in level 2 vs 3??
  14. Will my car be searched when I go to pick him up?
  15. Have you gotten married in a Connecticut Prison?
  16. Pictures of Different Facilities Link
  17. Does anyone know what this means.....Absconder?
  18. Anyone know how it is getting released from a CT Prison?
  19. Where can I find an inmate charges ?
  20. Connecticut Parole Eligibility
  21. Ct inmates in Virginia being transferred?
  22. When is he available for parole
  23. What is an approved Private residential by doc?
  24. Phone Cards
  25. Getting married in Connecticut
  26. Divorcing a CT inmate
  27. How do I find a friend in a Connecticut Prison?
  28. DOC changes
  29. Where to search for a specific police officer in CT??
  30. RE: How Do I Locate an Inmate's Address at York Correctional??
  31. Changes in Offense, less time?
  32. Connecticut Parole Information
  33. Important Questions!!!
  34. Any information on ignition interlock device
  35. Halfway Houses
  36. Time served basis
  37. Parole question
  38. Connecticut Department of Correction Policies
  39. Statute of limitations
  40. Connecticut dwi mandatory time parole?
  41. Question on charges procedures
  42. How do you get to a half way house
  43. How much time do yo think he will get ??
  44. Possession w/ intent to sell questions
  45. Support Groups
  46. How much time?
  47. Can I speak with his counselor?
  48. How does the DOC determine what level an inmate is?
  49. Ignition Interlock Device
  50. How are CT prisons ran?
  51. How long for approval?
  52. Recieved letter from dept of public service
  53. Out of state transfer?
  54. Comissary List for YCI and what to have when going in!
  55. Transferring to a different facility.
  56. Connecticut DOC Prison Release Programs
  57. Halfway House in Connecticut
  58. Connecticut Inmate Locator
  59. Connecticut Department of Corrections Official Website
  60. CT prisons with full medical facilites
  61. 85% or 75% before parole consideration...
  62. Level changes
  63. What happens next?
  64. Anyone deal with Waterbury Division TS/Prob./Parole
  65. Cable and Weights-Do they still have them??
  66. 30 days
  67. Injured in Prison
  68. Differences in level 4 and a level 3
  69. Can they deny TS?
  70. Estimated release vs. release date
  71. Which Connecticut prisons are considered "dangerous"
  72. Time served question
  73. Segregation
  74. What can they be fined or ticketed for ?
  75. There is Help for You in CT!
  76. Has anyone in CT filed a Sentence Modification?
  77. I need help with a parole question
  78. Anyone know about the electronic bracelet in CT
  79. Educational Assistance
  80. CT:Correction System Capacity
  81. Connecticut DOC Index!
  82. CT: H.I.R.E. Resources & Assistance
  83. Sending a CT Inmate Money
  84. Inmate Transfer from California to Connecticut
  85. Can someone explain custody levels?
  86. Transistional Supervision / Parole
  87. DUI Question for state of CT
  88. Have Questions about getting into a Halfway house
  89. Chance Of Bail Reduction??
  90. Probation transfer to another state - is it possible?
  91. Information on connecticut law and sentencing practices
  92. Connecticut Legal Ethics
  93. Bishop house
  94. Question regarding sentence
  95. Parole Planning, A MUST for the Incarcerated!!
  96. Question .. help :)
  97. Help please
  98. Probation
  99. My Issues with Probation
  100. Trial
  101. Help, looking for information about sentence modifcation
  102. Major question about a halfway house please help :(
  103. What's Gates Correctional like?
  104. Are there both men and women at halfway houses?
  105. 85% rule??
  106. Probation Modification?
  107. I need help.
  108. Gates-Procedure when released?
  109. How do I get an inmate to sign a birth certificate?
  110. Question regarding Halfway House.
  111. TS in Bridgeport
  112. Does the 85% apply to person that cant get parole?
  113. How do I get their photo?
  114. 50%?
  115. The exact date???
  116. Parole, Probation Process In Ct
  117. Anyones loved one ever go for a sentence modification?
  118. Segregation vs Solitary?
  119. Questions on charges
  120. Does Prob Off discuss case w/ arresting officer prior to first interview?
  121. Re-entry
  122. Help in finding job for ex-prisoner
  123. Public Defender and other things
  124. Paroled to another state
  125. Financial Assistance for Inmats
  126. Ex-Con Self-Employed??
  127. Good Behavior?
  128. Sentence modification
  129. Question about parole
  130. Special Parole or Parole
  131. Just thought this might help...
  132. Have you heard of this....
  133. I am going to be incarcerated for 4 months
  134. Hey? (looking for CT inmate)
  135. We are getting MARRIED
  136. We are getting MARRIED
  137. Commissary?
  138. Is parole more likely if deportation involved?
  139. Parole Question
  140. Release due to overcrowding
  141. Parole question
  142. Need Anwers About My Bf's Sentence...
  143. Parole???
  144. Halfway houses
  145. File Deleted!!!
  146. Visiting
  147. Parole PSI
  148. Sentence Modification
  149. Can't see my son
  150. Help - anyone who knows the prison system
  151. New To The Site...Didnt know if it was better posted here!
  152. Visits
  153. Have an odd question, what is profile y?
  154. Danbury Federal Prison Camp.
  155. Send clothes & sweat pants?
  156. Totally NEW to the system & SCARED...
  157. Help with Sentence Modification
  158. List of Help and Programs out the for Ex-Inmates/Families/Everyone
  159. Job/Education Help Available
  160. Parole Officer House Visit....
  161. Picking up my bf at Bergin on Tuesday
  162. Webster...
  163. Early release due to overcrowding... Does it actually happen??
  164. Counselors....
  165. Probation Questions (Yes, I have atleast a million!)
  166. CT Parole Question??
  167. New to site, general info - what to bring, what to expect
  168. Sentenced but not remanded ???
  169. He was suppose to be released today... Suppose to be!
  170. Is a TS guaranteed??
  171. Newbie w/questions...Responses are much appreciated
  172. DOC questions!!!
  173. My baby's on restriction??
  174. Transportation to cheshire
  175. Angry at the whole prison system
  176. PSI Question....HELP!!!
  177. Question about fiance's charge...
  178. Transitional Supervision - Have Questions
  179. Hardship Transfers?
  180. Probation officer
  181. Habeas Appeals
  182. HELP! senior father has to serve 2 months at hartford..
  183. Rumors of Early Parole Hearings - anyone experiencing this?
  184. Any info about Hartford Corectional Center
  185. Can he be released to attend funeral?
  186. Need help RE: GOOD TIME BILL
  187. He went Back to jail on a technical violation?
  188. Please help! How do we address this warrant?
  189. New Here - Question on Parole
  190. Why is my bf not listed on the inmate search website & setting up Western Union
  191. Looking for records
  192. Need help figuring out my BF's sentence
  193. Sentence For a Technical Violation?
  194. Halfway House
  195. Parole hearing date moved up a year.
  196. Question about home investigations unit for parolees
  197. Please help us. My BF is being threatened
  198. Waiting on parole at Osborn CI
  199. Not given credit
  200. Where do you find PLAIN underwear????
  201. Heat? When do they start turning it on?
  202. Can someone tell me about the Brooklyn Bridge Program?
  203. What Happens If An Inmate "Refuses Housing"?
  204. Connecticut- Carl Robinson on Lockdown
  205. NEED info On Mason Youth in Cheshire
  206. CT Special Parole question
  207. Has this happened to your loved one? - parole board issues
  208. TS at York - ?'s from newbie
  209. The Constant Noise In Prison
  210. Halfway house
  211. Advice please???
  212. "Paying off" parole in CT?
  213. What does a parole officer look for when checking a home in ct for early released
  215. Going to York- nervous
  216. Revocation Hearing This Past Tuesday.
  217. First time offender in need of some help
  218. Parole Sponsorship and DV in Connecticut
  219. Halfway Houses?
  220. The Home Inspection
  221. Transitional Supervision
  222. Parole date next month!
  223. Delayed Release from Osborn?
  224. Gates CI
  225. Is anyone in Conn prison from another State prison
  226. Need help understanding his sentence!
  227. NY parolee now in CT custody
  228. Questions about halfaway houses?
  229. Is is harder not saying goodbye?
  230. Is your man in a level 3?
  231. Cheshire level 2
  232. Calling Counselors
  233. TS in CT Question....
  234. Not getting any answers
  235. These may be good news for early releases
  236. TS to another state
  237. Really need information on Garner CI
  238. Please help...need job info
  239. Can we get a sentence modification?
  240. Question about contraband
  241. Any Info on Enfield
  242. Help!!!! fiance's sentence!
  243. Is your man in Radgowski?
  244. Does Connecticut have good time credits?
  245. What are the rules on inmates having Sunglasses?
  246. How are our guys doing in this humid 90's heat?
  247. Guess its a good thing
  248. Toward served time?
  249. Sentence modification?
  250. Need information on Carl Robinson Correctional