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  1. Prison Reform and Inmate Advocacy Organization: John Howard Association
  2. What Is C-grade?
  3. Getting a sentence to run concurrent after 10 years!
  4. Marriage in Illinois
  5. Illinois Department of Corrections/Illinois State Prisons
  6. My experince with IDOC and how it's destroyed me
  7. Will there be early release in Illinois?
  8. Stateville and Marriage: Have you been turned down?
  9. Marriage By Proxy
  10. Changes is classifications
  11. Would like info on Hill and Pinckneyville
  12. info on Hill and pickneyville?
  13. Cancelling transfers
  14. Institution Comparisons
  15. Aerial Photos
  16. Wrongly Accused and in Seg - HELP!!
  17. What to expect for a 17 year old being moved from High Medium to Max
  18. University Research Services,LLC?
  19. Early Releases
  20. marriage after segregation?
  21. gain time????
  22. Mug Shots
  23. Release Date
  24. Phase?
  26. fiance at Stateville
  27. What kind of pictures can i send?
  28. Seg Mail at Stateville?
  29. Paternity Testing
  30. prison marriages
  31. What is level 4?
  32. changing level from 2 to 4
  33. Petitioning for divorce from the inside
  34. programs and smoking privileges
  35. What Happens Next
  36. the IDOC numbers
  37. marriage
  38. Transfers
  39. what is smu (special management unit)
  40. A Question About Phase.
  41. Asbsestos crew
  42. Early Release Program in December???
  43. what is il sentence reduction policy
  44. The Waiting List for School
  45. STG and seg questions
  46. Transition/Processing at Statesville??
  47. Christmas Gifts for Inmates in IDOC???
  48. need help on seg issues
  49. How much time do they really serve?
  50. Msr
  51. Have you gotten married in an Illinois Prison?
  52. work release and phase at Centralia
  53. Marriages and the system
  54. ILLINOIS-Have you been told you cant get married
  55. Can Brothers Reside Within the same Prison?
  56. idoc site and boot camps
  57. Increase in Commissary costs
  58. Courses for Illinois inmates???
  59. Location: IL/OthSt/Fed Concur
  60. Commissary Price Increases - Further Info
  61. No Food at Menard
  62. Info please about different Illinois prisons
  63. Level of Confusion
  64. Any idea how long?
  65. IDOC Prison Levels and Escape Punishment
  66. What can I expect on his release date?
  67. HELP!! Tony's In Trouble
  68. Inmatehelper Has New Website
  69. Taxes filed by Inmates?
  70. Illinois Work Release Question
  71. IDOC numbers
  72. Who is in charge of doctors/psychiatrists??
  73. Diabetics-Menard-weekend Doctors
  74. Inmate Marriage-Illinois
  75. What to expect from a minimum or medium security facilty
  76. how do they decide where an imate goes?
  77. Illinois Legal Links
  78. Bond
  79. Looking for answers....
  80. idoc picture
  81. Marraige In Prison?
  82. A Couple Of Questions About The IDOC System
  83. HELP! problem at Menard inmate in trouble
  84. Relocating prisoners
  85. Help with getting lesser time. PLEASE
  86. DNA Testing
  87. Mental Health Facilities
  88. Inmate Trust Fund
  89. determining the release date
  90. Work Release
  91. Alnon meetings
  92. What is c grade?
  93. work release stipulations? Help.
  94. Bond??
  95. I really need help finding out some info.
  96. Level 3 Facility ???
  97. Idoc Marriage Rules
  98. 3 For 1 Law????
  99. new sentencing reform
  100. Getting in touch with counselor?
  101. Great news-and some questions...
  102. Time! Help!
  103. Security Levels
  104. Work release in Illinois
  105. Jobs for Felons....
  106. Photos of IL corrections facilities
  107. X house?
  108. has anyone gotten expunged?
  109. Fyi, New Pic For Inmates
  110. Announcement about DOC Employees reading posts at PTO
  111. Can money be sent to two inmates???
  112. security levels
  113. Furlows?
  114. TV At Menard
  115. Does the IDOC deduct $ from money sent to inmates?
  116. teacher messed up contract!
  117. Marriage @ Western Correctional
  118. Time Reduction
  119. Is There A Probation Period Before Inmates Can Make Calls
  120. Msr
  121. Good Time in Illinois
  122. Sentence Reduction?
  123. Yellow Jumpsuit - meaning?
  124. What circuit is Illinois in?
  125. Illinois Department of Corrections
  126. western correctional marrying policy
  127. Court Transcripts
  128. Good time off sentence
  129. Need Info on Dixon & Sheridan
  130. How can I find him now?
  131. Need info on Hill Correctional, Dixon Correctional & Danville Correctional
  132. Question about inmate id number
  133. Transfer requests
  134. Air conditioning in IL
  135. Good time credit.
  136. Any Information Dwight Or Kankakee
  137. questions
  138. transfering question
  139. Transfer Question
  140. Stateville weddings
  141. laws
  142. Marriage & Baptisms in IL prison - Can u do it?
  143. Graham, Sheridan, Shawnee, Pinckneyville
  144. extra good time for GED
  145. Class X
  146. any new laws in illinois
  147. Stateville processing...
  148. Good Time?
  149. work release
  150. Reckless homicide in Illinois - any info is good
  151. State prisons- Graham and others just some ?s
  152. Illinois IDOC rumors!
  153. Need some info for Tamms and or Southwestern IL
  154. Approved for work release!
  155. Processing
  156. Resources For Chicago Parolees
  157. How much time on a 18mth/2 year bit
  158. Those Interested In Good Time Credit!!
  159. marriages at Stateville
  160. 22/2 cell time?
  161. anyone know how to pull up lawsuits online?
  162. question about plea bargain
  163. Question?????????
  164. Wedding Cert. needed for Wedding Band?
  165. Good time off in IL
  166. Going Back Inside
  167. The Long Wait
  168. Residential Burglary question?
  169. commissary list
  170. how come no good time?
  171. Grievances
  172. New Laws!!!
  173. C Grade STatus
  174. Prison Transfer
  175. Just how much money do they get
  176. Courtdates while in custody...even misdemeanors?
  177. Anyone got someone in X or seg at S/Ville
  178. Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney Needed
  179. Any Info about Southern Illinois ATC (work release)?
  180. work release and violent offenders?
  181. drugs and inmates
  182. Requirements for work release entry?
  183. Good time credit
  184. Need some fast help and answer to a question
  185. he got a ticket- i have questions
  186. Any Activist Attorneys in Chicago??
  187. Question about part of the IDOC site
  188. web site for il inmate locator???
  189. Inmate Letter
  190. What can I take to prison with me?
  191. can anyone explain what a "writ" is?
  192. Question about sentencing
  193. Tamms Lawsuit
  194. IL Sentencing question
  195. computer crime question
  196. IDOC site down?
  197. Anyone know how 'school good time' works?
  198. INTERSTATE Transfer FROM IL ?
  199. Illinois Dept of Corrections website
  200. How do you get a consective sentence 2 run concurrent?
  201. Is he eligible for Sentence Reduction?
  202. Sentencing Range
  203. work release in t-ville
  204. First time..First question..
  205. Illinois Clemency Hearings
  206. Illinois Clemency Hearings
  207. good time.....please help
  208. High-Minimum Security in Illinois
  209. Paternity Tests-Can you get one w/an inmate outside of Public Aid?
  210. Dworak03 banned for soliciting Illinois members
  211. Needing info on class X parol
  212. tranferred-What does it mean?
  213. confused and lots of questions
  214. Random Prisoner Transfers in Illinois
  215. How can I find out why someone was put in seg and transferred?
  216. Does anyone have a loved one in Graham
  217. Prison And Sex Offenders
  218. Help fiance was just arrested need to find a lawyer quick
  219. Does anyone know of a good post-conviction attorney in Illinois?
  220. need info
  221. Need to make quick decision
  222. Illinois First Degree Murder Laws/attorney
  223. about good time contracts????
  224. Menard's Food
  225. Illinois murder notification registry
  226. Seg Question
  227. Very Confused On Good Time
  228. How much time will he really do?
  229. Cook County DOC and Boot Camp
  230. Help with Transfer
  231. HELP with Tranfer!!!
  232. Newbie Questions about facility and time?
  233. Don't understand good time
  234. Restraining order and visitation ???
  235. Fans to Menard?
  236. assistance programs in southern illinois?
  237. Giving DNA Samples
  238. How Much Money can Inmate hold?
  239. How much Comissary money do the men get each month
  240. Is Clinical Service Prison Hosptial?
  241. Court Clothes
  242. New Penpal Law
  243. Need help Temp Confinement visitation
  244. How or where does one report abuse within the walls
  245. I need info on how to get married in Illinois River
  246. getting married in taylorville???
  247. Wanted, name of prison
  248. Illinois Sentence Reductions
  249. Judge Drazewski
  250. Cook County Jail -- seg question