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  1. I.d.o.c.
  2. Indiana unfair or is it just me?
  3. Education Time Cuts??????
  4. Sentencing Reform
  5. Does anyone know how the Modification of sentence works
  6. "Modification"
  7. How Is The Security Level Determined?
  8. The proposal for good time etc.
  9. Doing time in Indiana
  10. Question About Recommendations
  11. i need help, my stepson left yesterday for jail. how long does it take to go to Rdc?
  12. Level 3 Prisons - what's the word
  13. jail credit time
  14. put in a change of address ?
  15. Legislative Breakfast in Jasper heard!
  16. Relocating
  17. Bill Hb 1233
  18. Bill Hb 1233
  19. New Bill
  20. Email State Reps On 1233
  21. PTO Friends: Update on HB 1233
  22. Petition for Indiana House Bill 1233
  23. Great Job On 1233 But It Can't Wait
  24. Please Read Important
  25. OK now what??
  26. Sorry Bad News On 1233
  27. spoke with mr. smith today
  28. time cuts
  29. Start From The Top
  30. Anyone Heard This about HB 1233??
  31. Can we check on step son while he is in county jail waiting to go to RDC?
  32. offender search
  33. They Messed Up His Credit Time, What Do We Do Now?
  34. Where Is These Places?
  35. offender data
  36. 3 for 1 time cut??????...........
  37. Need Info on DOC Contacts
  38. Does this mean anything the county has asked for 2 request for placement? ,
  39. Need alittle help figuring this out...
  40. Step son and gambling in county
  41. Question
  42. Education in Indiana Prisons
  43. What ever happened with the House Bill for Time Cuts?
  44. What's a "hold"?
  45. Education: Correspondence Program and Financial Aid
  46. Sentence Modification's
  47. Indiana Joke
  48. GED Question
  49. Here... I thought I knew all there was to know about Indiana DOC...
  50. Serious and Violent Reentry Initiative Grante
  51. Indiana Mental Health Treatment Centers
  52. $.90 a day!?
  53. How Do We Find Out About Levels
  54. Indiana Attractions...
  55. Sex offender info please
  56. To management of this board... did I do something wrong?
  57. Signed Bill Info Resource
  58. Education and Time Credit
  59. Who to complain to?
  60. Help- What does this mean?
  61. Question about RDC
  62. the petition
  63. Correctional "Buy-off's" will now be public information
  64. Community Transitioning Program-
  65. Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative Appendices
  66. Indiana Politicians
  67. Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
  68. Sex Offender Calls?
  69. Indiana General Power of Attorney
  70. Need info on credit time
  71. A form for a complaint to Kelly?
  72. Question Re: Filing A Claim For Missing Property
  73. Does Anyone Know
  74. Sentence Modification?
  75. Opps..forgot to ask
  76. Sentence Modification application?
  77. Shock sentence ???
  78. Sentence Modification Forms
  79. Why shouldn't the UAW/AFT,AFL-CIO & the voting taxpayers (a.k.a. us) join forces?
  80. Need information on CTP
  81. New Law Gives More Credit Time
  82. Appeal ???'s
  83. Holding in Kentucky???
  84. Kelly Whiteman's numbers???
  85. Help!
  86. My turn for a Question
  87. How long untill trial
  88. Is this true?! Another state?!
  89. Time Cuts
  90. How and who do we contact at the DOC???
  91. once again i need your help
  92. Questions on post conviction relief
  93. Info on programs........
  94. Life Skills.........???????
  95. Trying To Get Info For Someone, Fathers Rights; Children Were Born After Incarceratio
  96. More Appeal ??'s
  97. Lost Brother, Otter Creek Correctional
  98. Paralegal Offers Assistance
  99. High School Time Credit
  100. What are the possibilities of a shorter sentence?
  101. How do you get correct credit for time served?
  102. Indiana-Appeals-Update-Michael Limrick
  103. Sentence Modification, we're almost out of time...
  104. Any new time cuts?
  105. The letter to the Indiana State Representatives
  106. Must Read : Sentencing
  107. info on modification
  108. Know of any good free catalogs to send???
  109. HELP!!! Need info.
  110. Education Time Cuts
  111. Sentence Modification Forms
  112. Bible Organizations for inmates
  113. Update on HB 1665
  114. what's the chance they'll let it pass?
  115. Wanting info on moving non-violent offenders out of Prison
  116. IDOC Website, new set up...
  117. Indiana Lawyers and Legal Help
  118. Good news on HB 1665
  119. Hurrah for Rep. Vernon Smith!
  120. Request for Sentence Modification....DENIED
  121. 620 Indiana inmates returning from Kentucky
  122. Time cuts - 3 for 1....anyone heard anything?
  123. Prison medical firm has lethal record, Indiana uses this firm, thanks Slainte!!!!
  124. Indiana Supreme Court Decision
  125. does anyone under stand how the booker and blakely
  126. Ok all you legal eagles I need some info...
  127. What happens now
  128. He is getting wrote up - what can I do?
  129. help dont know where they moved my son
  130. Does anyone know anything about Putnam county holding
  131. Step son At Doc!!!!
  132. Blakely Update
  133. Which Indiana Prisons have auto classes?
  134. They want to reduce credit earned for education
  135. Need info about jail
  136. Question about moving inmates
  137. Question about a Time Cut if its possible
  138. Time Credit
  139. Classification level, custody level
  140. Should hubby reveal health condition?
  141. Question on Central Office Administration
  142. Rdc ?
  143. Does anyone know what Central Office means?
  144. sponsors
  145. Indiana Communtiy Transition or communtiy corrections program
  146. Help!Don't understand why husband went to Putman County instead of RDC
  147. Sentencing in Indiana
  148. Questions about time servered in county?
  149. Information on RDC and DOC in Plainfield,Indiana
  150. My son is in RDC,INDIANA
  151. Is there a time limit on modifications??
  152. Need answers about modification?????
  153. Help on an appeal
  154. Desperate In Indiana
  155. Appeal Going To Court!!!!!!
  156. has anyone dealt with Indiana DOC work release ???
  157. any advice on getting time cuts????????
  158. Reclassification??
  159. Does Anyone Know How to File a Transport Order?
  160. Appeals--How long did it take?
  161. Has anyone heard of Plus Dorms
  162. ? about TABE Tests........
  163. Changes Effective December 2
  164. Seeking Meth Theraputic Program info!
  165. Mandatory DNA Testing for all inmates?
  166. Time Cut Appears!
  167. help (what's the law on DWI ?)
  168. Will they be concurrent?
  169. I need some advise
  170. Question...Second time at RDC?
  171. Best facilities for medical conditions...
  172. Changes Nation wide????
  173. ? Home detention/house arrest
  174. Central Office Administration, What/Where is it?
  175. How long does it take to get class credit
  176. Is it possible to get a sentence reduction?
  177. New info on DOC website
  178. need some info
  179. about levels
  180. community transition
  181. Anybody know about modifications in Indiana?
  182. Time cuts for Womens prison in House of Healing
  183. info on time cuts
  184. Time cuts
  185. Whats This About?
  186. What to expect next?
  187. wedding band
  188. Rdc Question
  189. Moved From RDC Information Please HELP
  190. rdc questions
  191. time cuts
  192. Indiana Criminal Court Transcripts
  193. Hello-Where would they send her? And how can I find out?
  194. I found her
  195. info on sentence modification
  196. Getting Married in DOC
  197. Central office administration????
  198. Modified Sentence Reduction
  199. Indiana Department of Corrections Website
  200. going to prison for the first time
  201. Modification of Commitment
  202. Do short term inmates have better options than long term inmates?
  203. power of attorney
  204. I Need Some Info.... Please!!!!!!!
  205. Rockville
  206. the love of my life needs me
  207. It's been a long time!!!
  208. BaBy MoMma DrAmA and Question?!?!
  209. trouble at Pendleton
  210. Info on how to do a PCR in Indiana?
  211. Does anyone know the procedure in Indiana?
  212. Changing level's in prison
  213. Prison transfer questions
  214. Any information on OSD would be helpful
  215. Frustrated! Where else to turn?
  216. Transitional questions
  217. How long after court for DOC page to change?
  218. What is the first day in a state prison like?
  219. Level one
  220. Interstate Compact Agreements
  221. anyone know about cliff program
  222. Any info on RDC
  223. Time cuts?
  224. Eligibility for a time cut.....
  225. How do the modifcations work for Tippacanoe?
  226. How to file your own modification?
  227. Is There A Special Doc For Mecical Needs
  228. Information Requested
  229. New dorms
  230. Question on additional time cut
  231. need info on indiana prisons
  232. how soon can i get her home
  233. FRUSTRATED how long does a judge have to respond!!
  234. RCD, 45 day sentences, now???
  235. Second DUI sentence, does this make sence?
  236. Information Needed on Sentence Inhancements
  237. How would we find out?
  238. Rating and points?
  239. Police Harrasement??
  240. Time Cut Info????
  241. Anyone delt with the habitual offender rule before?
  242. Getting Ready....
  243. Here we go!!!! Infromation On Interstate Compact
  244. Book Donations
  245. Here we go again, new question:)
  246. Info On Time Cuts
  247. ? about sentence modification
  248. Need Info On Rdc
  249. Post Conviction
  250. Rdc Cloths