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  1. How do I send money?
  2. Where to Order Books?
  3. Problems with phone calls
  4. Mail from Prison
  5. Can We send anything to inmates?
  6. Question about Stamps -Iowa
  7. How do you post money to a phone account? Support needed
  8. So easy to say the wrong thing and hurt someone you love
  9. A Christmas Idea
  10. Rules at Marshall County
  11. What does the caller id say....?
  12. Sending money to Ft Dodge Corr. Facility
  13. Iowa phone call length
  14. Want to call my friend..never done it before
  15. Sending Money To Mitchellville???
  16. Toll free calls
  17. Money On Books & Phone Account?
  18. How long do I have to wait?
  19. One more question, thats it, I swear
  20. Nude Pictures!!!
  21. Phone calls from Iowa Medical & Classification Center
  22. Stationary, Envelopes
  23. A Few Questions for Iowa People
  24. Rejected mail
  25. Calls to cell phones
  26. Anyone Know? Mt Pleasant? (what can we send?)
  27. Something everyone should know about the phone accounts
  28. What company handles the collect calls for Iowa prisons??
  29. Iowa mom looking for phone information
  30. Anyone know if Iowa is doing Holiday packages this year?
  31. Help with sending phone money
  32. Ft. Dodge (need address)
  33. Is there online communciation in Prison?
  34. Iowa Medical & Classification Center info (writing materials question)
  35. Is mail forwarded from Iowa Medical & Classification Center?
  36. General Mail/Money order information
  37. How long does it take you to get mail?
  38. Phone information for Iowa-prepaid form
  39. Iowa Prison Time Questions... Calls and visits??
  40. Phone # Approved
  41. What are the mail rules about using a fake address?
  42. Phone account question
  43. Lets have some fun!
  44. Phones in Anamosa???
  45. He called the cell phone..questions!!!
  46. Institutional block on my phone number!!!!!
  47. Someone PLEASE HELP ME (talking to warden about suspended visits/calls/writing )
  48. Help!! How To Send Money For Offenders Accounts
  49. What can I send to Anamosa State Penitentiary?
  50. Can Iowa Inmates Correspond with Texas Inmates if they are Immediate Family?
  51. How long for a new phone number to get approved?
  52. How to send money for phones at Oakdale?
  53. How long to get mail when they get to Oakdale??
  54. Where do I send mail now that he's in Fort Dodge?
  55. What are the rules concerning pictures?
  56. Does anyone know if I can send him a CD player?
  57. Packages sent to Iowa prison location Ft. Madison
  58. Holiday packages - deadline Nov. 28th
  59. mailing address needed
  60. sending books?
  61. Just complaining about the phone system!
  62. Looking for address to Clarinda prison in Iowa
  63. Anamosa: What numbers are local?
  64. V-Day gifts
  65. How long after sending money until it registers to their account?
  66. Need mailing address for Anamosa
  67. Need info on sending a money order
  68. Cheaper phone calls
  69. probly a lame question
  70. Sending Money to Clarinda
  71. Are we allowed to send address labels?
  72. Lots of unknown questions about Rockwell
  73. What does he have to buy?
  74. Question about using cell phones to talk to inmates
  75. Sending money to Newton (offender program)
  76. Phone Money Posted on Monday?
  77. Question about getting gifts for our loved ones?
  78. cost of out of state phone calls
  79. Question about how long for #'s to get approved
  80. Western Union Money
  81. Help-stressed about phone situation
  82. Question about phone calls being approved
  83. Phones - problems in Iowa
  84. Ladies.. need some info on Fort Dodge!
  85. Anyone else have problems with phone $ this week?
  86. Bubble sheet????
  87. What do I do now?
  88. Calling times
  89. Forwarding mail when inmate is moved...anyone know about this ?
  90. Question about writing to another inmate
  91. Phone $
  92. Anyone know if anything is going on at Oakdale?!??
  93. NO envelopes for inmates???
  94. Can I send books to Oakdale?
  95. Calling other people
  96. Are we having phone issues again?
  97. Are they behind on phone $ again?
  98. It looks like no phone $ again today
  99. Response Regarding Phone $
  100. How long does it take to hear from them? He's now at Mt. Pleasant
  101. Sending pictures to ft. dodge--what is allowed?
  102. Looks like we'll be dealing with someone else now
  103. Lets SPICE things up
  104. Bubble Sheet Not Making It To Oakdale???
  105. New Rules for Sending Phone $
  106. Sending holiday packages
  107. Phone clicking and hang ups
  108. Has anyone used prison calls online?
  109. Overnighting money for phone calls
  110. Phone lists
  111. No Phones Calls
  112. Being on more then one inmates phone list
  113. What can and can't they have as far as books?
  114. Phone money
  115. Anyone else have phone $ disappear today?
  116. It's Back :)
  117. Phone money credited
  118. Phone Problems
  119. Commisary Money going to Oakdale
  120. Holiday Baskets :(
  121. Out of state phone help needed...
  122. New Phone Money
  123. Incoming money
  124. How much does it cost for them to call?
  125. How much does it cost for them to call?
  126. Phone calls not connecting
  127. What can I send?
  128. Sending pictures?
  129. Christmas???
  130. Mail from Oakdale
  131. Hey- People who write to Fort Dodge
  132. Phone Rates??
  133. Looking for online care packages to send to Iowa prisons
  134. What can I send? (Are we not allowed to send packages?)
  135. Holiday Gifts To Oakdale?
  136. New to this- need info on Oakdale mail & phones
  137. Phone Calls?!?
  138. Anybody know if you can send anything to Mt Pleasant?
  139. Anyone know if they are behind on phone money?
  140. Can we send books to Oakdale GP?
  141. Anyone know if it comes up restricted when they call?
  142. **Inmate Not Receiving Mail**
  143. oakdale policy on phone calls
  144. Had a few quick Questions about mail regulations
  145. Dropped calls?
  146. Cost of phone calls from Fort Madison?
  147. Another phone question?
  148. Phone Money moved to Ft Madison?
  149. Local call from Oakdale
  150. Phone money
  151. Phone calls once they are transferred
  152. Transfer questions-when are they able to call after being transferred?
  153. Problems with the phone
  154. Question about getting a local phone number
  155. Does anyone know if there is a limit on pages of mail you can send?
  156. How do you send money to inmate acct?
  157. What about SASE?
  158. Transferring Money
  159. Mail question for Fort Dodge!
  160. Can you send books from Amazon?
  161. Was just wondering?
  162. Telephone money returned
  163. Cards with ribbons or glitter ok?
  164. Sealing mail with glue sticks?
  165. Fort Madison ripping people off?
  166. wher to send it
  167. Mt. Pleasant mailing address
  168. ISP lady's/ famlies I need your help
  169. Writing Materials, please read?
  170. Daughter just went to Oakdale-how long until she can call?
  171. How to fill out the money order for phone account?
  172. Books, does anyone know?
  173. New local calls prices
  174. HELP!!!..i need the address 2 send a money order 2 the anamosa state pen.
  175. Just curious about cost if I change my cell number to a local number
  176. Just thinking, flooding
  177. Slowed down mail due to flood!
  178. Mail in Iowa
  179. Returned mail?
  180. Special packages
  181. Address Labels????
  182. not receiving letters
  183. Will they Forward Letters if he gets moved?
  184. Do you think I can have a subscription of Maxim magazine sent to my bro-inlaw?
  185. Which money transfer services are the most effective?
  186. Information Please...(Got mail with different address for IMCC)
  187. Local call to Rockwell City???
  188. Scott county forwarding mail?
  189. How long before on DOC website?
  190. Christmas gifts-Clarinda?
  191. Phone calls from Oakdale
  192. Mailing from inside Oakdale
  193. Inmate number not listed on doc website.
  194. Sorry to post again... Can you still send pics to Oakdale?
  195. when do they send mail out??
  196. If mail is sent to the other address...
  197. Corrlinks email to Iowa inmates (Have questions)
  198. Stickers on letters allowed?
  199. New rules with sending pictures...
  200. Phone calls from Mt. Pleasant now..
  201. Mt. Pleasant letters
  202. Western Union, in Iowa
  203. Sending books to Mt. Pleasant
  204. How can I find where an inmate is housed?
  205. Calling inmates allowed...?
  206. Sending Western Union
  207. Newton Cell Phone numbers
  208. How can I find out who is on phone list?
  209. Size of letter allowed...?
  210. Question About Pay As You Go Phones
  211. Pictures...can I cut the alcohol in pics out and then send them?
  212. KEEP good records of your money orders
  213. Anyone else been having problems accepting calls?!
  214. How to fill out the money order for phone account?
  215. Who do you make money orders//cashier checks for phone accounts?
  216. Just venting about the phone system....
  217. Oakdale - how soon for phone calls?
  218. Local phone number help!
  219. Letter Question (can minors write to inmates that are not their parents?)
  220. Anyone know how many messages can be sent weekly with Corrlinks??
  221. Hey all (looking for someone to write my husband)
  222. Newton mailroom and contraband questions
  223. Got a letter from my husband!
  224. long does this take!
  225. Confused? (Questions about Corrlinks)
  226. My phone number got approved!!
  227. I finally heard from him again!
  228. Did you know? Christmas packages offered this year
  229. Address for Phone Account...
  230. Changes to corrlinks email
  231. Is Corrlinks having problems?
  232. Institutions who are doing Corrlinks as of 9/30
  233. BEYOND pissed! Having issues with ISP phone people
  234. Are u frickin serious. High cost of phone calls
  235. So the little light bulb went on for me today/Local phone rates!
  236. Finally called the ombudsman today about IDOC phones...
  237. What to write on the envelope!
  238. Waiting and Waiting/He's not getting his mail
  239. Please help-how do the phone calls work?
  240. Question about mail (Can minors send mail to an inmate that is not their parent?)
  241. Sending Books To Inmates
  242. Picture Rules For NCCF
  243. Anamosa mail questions
  244. Email at INCC Oakdale?
  245. Fathers day present allowed at Ft. Dodge?
  246. Are there certian times Anamosa inmates can use the phone? Help going crazy!
  247. Iowa Phone... (what phone comany does Iwoa DOC use?)
  248. Digital Scrapbook page (Can I send one to ISP?)
  249. Question about getting a local number from out of state...
  250. Need Long Distance Phone Information