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  1. Child Support Issues
  2. Louisiana Dept. of Corrections - Inmate Locator Info
  3. Time off for Good Behavior
  4. Legal, DOC Resourses & Websites
  5. Release Dates
  6. looking for someone
  7. Does any know if
  8. question!!!
  9. Need Some Answers
  10. Rap Sheet
  11. transfering Probation from another state
  12. Parole Board
  13. Question about parole/probation
  14. Need Help with Halfway house Info
  15. Child Support Info.
  16. Need Answer on LA Extradition Time Limits
  17. Percentage of Louisiana inmates that make parole
  18. searching for inmate
  19. work release
  20. Need info probation transfer from another state to home state louisiana
  21. Work Release/Half-Way House
  22. Appeals Process for Second Degree Murder
  23. 3 for 1 law
  24. How compute Education credits
  25. Need some info on time
  26. Case Law Studies IN LA????
  27. Early Release
  28. Possession and Distribution, sentences received
  29. How do I locate someone in lousiana prison?
  30. Transfers
  31. where can i find information about this?.....
  32. Need some info on getting his master record
  33. Goodtime And Parole Questions
  34. Yes Louisiana Does Have An Inate Locator Thing...
  35. How long does DOC take?
  36. Need Info on SO Laws in LA
  37. Has anyone heard of the term "bargainized"?
  38. Question about Good Time
  39. Applying Good Time Credits
  40. Rap Sheet from the DOC
  41. interstate corrections compact
  42. Early Parole in Louisiana
  43. another offender lookup.....
  44. LA DOC - How long at intake facility?
  45. What prison
  46. How does someone get transferred??
  47. are inmates successful in giving time back?
  48. Thank you......for your response
  49. Need input on letter to warden re. transfer
  50. Need Help About Parole !!!
  51. I Need More Help !!!!!
  52. Rap Sheet Is Wrong!!!
  53. Can he come home from parole to me?
  54. Question about drug sentences in Louisiana
  55. Conspiracy Charges
  56. WCDC Info?? Please
  57. Good Time - any set rules on losing it?
  58. Need advice on VOP extradition from TX to LA
  59. Any1 Heard About New 65% Law !?!?
  60. Parole Question
  61. Louisiana - is early release possible?
  62. Interstate parole - anyone know anything about it?
  63. Has Any1 Tried Calling The Parole Office Lately?
  64. Info on Parole in LA
  65. Statue of Limitations on DUI in Louisiana
  66. Halfway Houses / Work Release ??????
  67. time calculation
  68. Louisiana DOC - How can I look up an inmate?
  69. What can I send to Angola DR?
  70. Drug programs in Lousianna
  71. Louisiana inmate locator requests (Phone or fax)
  72. Can getting married shortens sentence?
  73. Louisiana DOC Inmate Handbook
  74. boudreaux dorchette correctional center
  75. Probation Transfers
  76. Probation transfer to Canada?
  77. Help!! What is good time forfeiture policy??
  78. Credit for Time Served
  79. Supposed to be on Parole still in jail HELP
  80. Transferring - What can he take with him?
  81. what can i do to help my boyfriend transfer to another unit?
  82. Question about Louisiana DOC/Inmates
  83. Quick question about Louisiana/VINELink
  84. How Much Time Will My Son Serve?
  85. Has Anyone Heard Of A Place Called Concording
  86. Test to take auto body repair
  87. hurricanes?
  88. Parole Hearing - Helpful Information
  89. Trying to find court records that do not cost
  90. The Louisiana Parole Process
  91. Information on halfway houses in LA
  92. Contract Work Release Facilities Info
  93. Lousiana Senate Bill 180 Act 113 For First Time Probation Violation
  94. Getting no information from jail please help
  95. halfway house rules
  96. Do The Prisons Have A 2-1 Deal
  97. halfway house listings
  98. question about "banquets" at angola
  99. Forcht-Wade Correctional
  100. Steve Hoyle Rehab in Tallulah
  101. My Son Was Paroled But Has To Complete Bluewaters Program!
  102. Blue Walters
  103. From Cali to Hunt to get married. what will i need?
  104. Can't understand "Rap Sheet" !!!!
  105. Divorce-LA
  106. Need info on J. Leavy Correction at Camp Beauregard
  107. Does anyone have any information on Pine Prairie CI
  108. Can anybody help me?
  109. need advice on transfer brother to good facility
  110. no goodtime
  111. What Do You Think?
  112. My Brother Is Lost in The System
  113. Jobs around Shreveport
  114. I need help with some questions on catahoula please help
  115. Marriage in CCC
  116. Post Conviction Relief
  117. Need Info Please - What can they take when they transfer?
  118. Sentence to Hard Labor
  119. Work Release
  120. LAVNS question
  121. Parole was Denied
  122. West Baton Rouge Work Release Center
  123. cost of medication for inmates
  124. His time sheet is wrong, how do we get it corrected?
  125. Possible Problem at Angola State Prison
  126. Time sheet questions
  127. Help!! I need information and/numbers to call
  128. Parole Question
  129. Information on Commissary Deposit
  130. How much time should he serve?
  131. Restoration if Good Time
  132. Inmate Pay Scale
  133. Master/Rap Record Information
  134. Can LA prisoners get released earlier?
  135. Son in jail
  136. need help please-Probation Violation, Inpact Program
  137. time calculation question
  138. Need a Lawyer to help my fiance get back into the work release program in Louisiana
  139. Need help finding a good lawyer!
  140. Credit for time before sentencing
  141. Caldwell Correctional Facility - La
  142. Can they stop him from buying paper and stamps?
  143. Do you know how to contact an Ombudsman?
  144. Question about Impact Program
  145. How can I find out time calculations for my son?
  146. Need information about Avoyells CC!
  147. Questions about white coller crime
  148. Question about gaintime
  149. Post conviction relief
  150. Question about master prison record
  151. Not Again
  152. Work release for women
  153. Lawyer recommendation for back time issues.
  154. My boo was attacked, now he has to pay restitution
  155. I need help calculating time
  156. Home monitoring fee question
  157. Need help about how to get a transfer
  158. Question please help
  159. Omg iam really upset
  160. Why does it take so long for DOC to calculate someones time?
  161. LA/MS Couple
  162. Pls Help Fiance - Needs transfer
  163. Fiance release date
  164. Need Some Advice on Classification
  165. Rap sheet doesn't show time served...
  166. Sentenced to 15 years !.......
  167. please someone help me/Can DA lessen 85% of time after Sentencing?
  168. How do I send money order to Pen Pal?
  169. In work release and arrested again?
  170. Son finally sent to Hunt - what to expect?
  171. Need info on reception at Hunt
  172. Master prison record ( rap sheet)
  173. Help with release date info
  174. C. Paul Phelps Correctional
  175. NEED rap sheet (proof I was in prison) from Louisiana
  176. Risk review panel
  177. Need some help with laws
  178. Louisiana Inmate Locator Requests
  179. Inside the System: How Inmates Live and Work
  180. Classifications and Institution Information
  181. Confused
  182. Help with calculations
  183. Programs to reduce sentence
  184. Post Conviction Relief in Louisiana?
  185. Need Contact Person at Dixon
  186. Avoyelles Correctional Center corrupt
  187. Not calculating time?
  188. Questions About Good Time and Time Served
  189. Frustrated/How do I get my husband transferred?
  190. Time not calculated, anything I can do?
  191. Louisiana Law (Good Time and Commutation)
  192. Keeping my hubby close
  193. Help Calculate Time Please!!!!
  194. 2 yrs hard labor is how many days
  195. Question About Louisiana Good Time Laws
  196. Another Question About Good Time
  197. Question About Reconsideration of Sentence
  198. More Questions About Good Time
  199. How Much Time Will He Serve for This Drug Charge?
  200. A Good Prison
  201. What Act is My Guy Sentenced Under?
  202. Time calculation
  203. Pro Bono attorney? / How do we change his offender status?
  204. My husband was just moved from the parish prison
  205. Question About Work Release
  206. Curious about HB 414 and HB 416
  207. Help i need advice on ACT 1099
  208. Please help/Contraband at Visit
  209. Lockdown Question
  210. New 3 for 1 Law????
  211. How can I get copy of court records
  212. LCIW Lockdown Question
  213. Where did his release date go Help!
  214. HB414, HB416 "early release and good time
  215. Only 1/2 processed in the system, what's the hold up?
  216. Sent back to prison while on work release..what to expect?
  217. Is it possible to get a transfer for a class?
  218. Time Calculation WITHOUT new laws
  219. La Transitional Center for Women - anyone?
  220. What If You Were Convicted, But Received No Jail Time?
  221. The August 15th, 2011 Thing
  222. I want to know how long he will be in the holding cell
  223. When will we get married
  224. How Can I get Him Transferred?
  225. Transfered to new Prison
  226. Bootcamp/What Happens When You Reject it?
  227. Work release for how long?
  228. Please anyone help/How Long to get an Answer from Risk Review
  229. When will he get his DOC number?
  230. Support group in louisiana
  231. When are they going to ever ship my boyfriend to D.O.C
  232. How long does it take to get a DOC#
  233. 2 Counts of Assessory After The Fact To Armed Robbery?
  234. Answers needed about how to get him transferred closer to home
  235. Concordia parish work release in vidalia
  236. Still No DOC#?
  237. Why Would They Transfer?
  238. Forcht wade correctional prepaid phone service??
  239. BF time is calculated wrong
  240. What to do with DOC# and first steps . . . new to prison system.
  241. Does he have to pay $100 when he's sentenced?
  242. Stupid DOC Phone #
  243. Louisiana Phone Numbers LIVE People
  244. Prison Time Calculator
  245. My story
  246. What Will Happen When I Call That DOC # & He Finally Has a Release Date?
  247. Rap sheet question
  248. In Louisiana can you get time served for house arrest
  249. How can we get him transferred?
  250. How Long Did You Have to Wait For a RAP Sheet?