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  1. How do Visits work?
  2. Where do you send the visitor applications?
  3. Visit Restrictions
  4. Visit Restrictions
  5. Visit restrictions
  6. How do I get pics taken at visit?
  7. Guard tells me Robert has visitation restrictions
  8. Money orders during visits
  9. Restricting Visits?
  10. Supreme court to consider state limits on inmate visits
  11. Filthy Visiting Room
  12. Visiting a prisoner in Michigan
  13. Omg...denim Is Not So Blue...visitation News!
  14. We might get our visits back!
  15. Visiting clothing
  16. Do you have outdoor visiting?
  17. How Do I get back on visiting list?
  18. They won't let us have our visits back!
  19. Does anybody know the visiting rules at Bellamy Creek?
  20. Visitation at Egeler Reception and Guidence
  21. visiting in milan fci...URGENT!!
  22. Memo regarding visitation posted at the prison- Updated changes in visitation
  23. Visiting rules reinstated
  24. visitor caught at Parr Highway
  25. physical contact
  26. No More Visits For A Year
  27. Finally Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. visiting at a camp is sooooo different..
  29. i need help with visit days and times - at Saginaw
  30. visiting at Deerfield this weekend was strange
  31. visiting
  32. My first visit
  33. Michigan/Visitor List
  34. MDOC policy directive re terminating visits for overcrowding UPDATED
  35. I Just Had my baby 2 weeks ago - can baby go to visitation in Michigan?
  36. Visit Priveledges Being Taken Away
  37. Where to make a request for placement?
  38. Visiting
  39. visitation
  40. question about visiting application?
  41. Visitor Application needed: Urgent
  42. Yes My visits are reinstated!
  43. visitor application-what now?
  44. visitation, egeler
  45. People who want to carpool to visits
  46. getting approved????????
  47. Still not approved
  48. OMG .... I Got Approved.....YEAH
  49. me again - questions about visitation
  50. He Took Me Off His Visiting List(long)
  51. Lets Campaign to get the $10 per visitor limit raised!
  52. on line visitation forms
  53. No Visit Today!
  54. Getting Visit Approval
  55. Visitation for Michigan
  56. new visiting rules - hey roccop
  57. Level Four
  58. Are you still allowed to go to the restroom during visits? We aren't.
  59. Picking Up Stuff On Visits--they Gave Mine Away!!!
  60. I finally went and saw him for the 1st time on Friday
  61. Visits--Are They Worth It?
  62. Riverside Correctional Facility re:photos
  63. Who goes in the dog house?
  64. Statewide Visiting Changes Effective June 1st
  65. Visitors lists-Can you explain??
  66. Anyone getting hassle about the $15 for visitation?
  67. New Visitation Standards Effective 6/23/04
  68. phones and visits
  69. Juvenile--visited my son today!!!
  70. New Statewide Visiting Changes-Yard & Cellphones
  71. Removal from Visiting List
  72. visits/probation/non contact visits?? anyone
  73. CRP Visiting Rules
  74. Story Time: Most MEMORABLE 'visiting' experience....
  75. Conjugal visits?
  76. Irrelevant Visitor App Question
  77. Great visit....
  78. A good visit
  79. Visiting Query - What do you use for your change?
  80. Air Conditioning in the UP in Oct?
  81. Visitation Entertainment
  82. Wondering if there is anything I can do ab the pop machines @ Pugsley
  83. Please Help, Visitors Application!
  84. visitor ban for substance abuse misconducts
  85. Vizitation, What to expect. (visiting @ a Michigan prison)
  86. Visiting a Level 4 at Thumb
  87. Visiting
  88. My First Visit
  89. Guess I am going back for Visit #2
  90. Help, cant' find it!!!!/ proper attire at visiting
  91. Help please,I have a couple of questions about restoring visits
  92. Less than 48 Hrs until our FIRST Visit!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Anyone Visiting Muskegon on Thanksgiving?
  94. My girls and I had our first visit :)
  95. Conjugal Visits?...
  96. On Visitation
  97. Current Michigan Visitation Policy??
  98. If you are visiting today
  99. Getting a Visitor Appilcation Question
  100. Going to visit my new man!
  101. first visit
  102. Visiting finally!!!!!!!!
  103. my 1st visit
  104. Visit denied
  105. Visit UPDATE
  106. Visitation form
  107. Visitation forms
  108. First Visit :)
  109. Getting the MDOC CAJ-103 - Visitor Application
  110. My First Visit
  111. Arielle Tours -- Free Ride Promotion
  112. Questions about terminating visits due to overcrowding.
  113. Need Help Please (visiting lists questions)
  114. I Did The Dumbest Thing Today/Tried to visit
  115. nervous-first visit soon
  116. i got the same answer again! (Re-applying for his visitors list when he goes back in)
  117. Need Advice!!! - First visit in a long while!!
  118. ??'s - First Visit Ever!! - UPDATE-It was good!!
  119. Turtles Walking through Peanut Butter-Waiting for visiting ap to be approved.
  120. Visitor not visiting-Are they allowed to wait at the prison while I visit?
  121. visiting crane next week id question
  122. Just got back from visiting Marty
  123. Back from first visit
  124. How can I get my name off my EX's visiting list?
  125. im scared to death-first visit
  126. CO's Sleeping in Visiting Room at Camp Cusino
  127. I Don't Understand (visitation denied)
  128. Visiting Question-Will they approve discharged parolees?
  129. Question about the MDOC visiting application
  130. level one visits-What will change from Level 2?
  131. My Eventful (Long) Visit
  132. A Question about visits and being charged a visit for a restroom break?
  133. People getting denied! What's the craziest reason you've been denied visits??
  134. visitation clothes? is a long sweater acceptable?
  135. no cross visitation-is it necessary and is it strictly enforced?
  136. Our visiting experience (vent)
  137. Visitation Money-Does it have to be in quarters?
  138. Am I still on his visitation list after he transfers?
  139. does anyone know about level 4 visiting-contact visits?
  140. Help With Visiting Application-Can I have communications sent to another addy?...
  141. rules for visiting while in they are in segregation--are they different?
  142. My Visit went well!
  143. visitation question-my address is changing. what do I do?
  144. I finally get to see him!!
  145. Can a felon visit an inmate in prison?
  146. My first visit in FOUR MONTHS!!!!!
  147. Visitation rules-Are mothers and wives guaranteed non-contact visits?
  148. Well, I WAS going to visit him for the first time today
  149. Restrictions on number of monthly visits allowed? Is this possible?
  150. Clear Plastic Cosmetic/Change Purses-now banned for visits?
  151. What are visits like and how soon can he have them?
  152. visitation rules about restrictions-where can I find them?
  153. Are inmates allowed to put there arm around visitors?
  154. Is there a limit on the number of approved visitors he can have?
  155. use the comment cards to be heard when C/O's treat you badly
  156. visitation application-where can I get one?
  157. Index
  158. Visitors application question-How to get removed from someone who is released?
  159. how long are visits
  160. Re-applying for visits--Good thoughts please!!!(Round 1, denied.) UPDATED! APPROVED!!
  161. help! first visit this weekend!!!!
  162. Anyone put on visitor restriction and re-gained visiting privileges, I need advice.
  163. kids at visits-How does it work?
  164. help (need an attorney)
  165. Bathroom breaks (being charged for a visit when prisoner uses bathroom)
  166. Visitation applications-What are the rules about approving felons/pending cases?
  167. Visiting in segregation...Do they allow bathroom breaks?
  168. Non contact visits
  169. visitation question-Do we share the allotted visits per month??
  170. arghhhh..update on those non contact visits
  171. Free Trip To Kincheloe, Mi - July 1, 2006
  172. Surprise Visit
  173. questions about visit apps-How do I make sure they have mine?
  174. Visiting priveleges taken away
  175. questions about visits
  176. Ride needed
  177. couple more questions on visits
  178. Looking for a ride to camp Branch
  179. how long to get approval?
  180. I need help.... (MI Visitation)
  181. Visiting from out of state for the first time... help
  182. SURPRISE visit after 3yrs!!!!
  183. Road signs
  184. Re: Who Can Visit When
  185. Eligibility - Can Victim Visit?
  186. When do we apply for visits?
  187. Warrants (will visitation be approved? can you visits if you have a warrant out?)
  188. does a "no contact" order follow to prison?
  189. kinda a wierd question (underwire ?)
  190. Anniversary Visit
  191. visitation rules for infant
  192. Visitation restrictions?
  193. changing my name
  194. Misconduct Ticket Dismissed! Still no Visits
  195. <b>Can they deny visits if your married?</b>
  196. (UPDATE) Another Suprise Visit
  197. How prisons can you visit??
  198. Will my son finally get to meet his Daddy?
  199. I had my first visit
  200. some questions (about visitation)
  201. Visitation application (where do I send it?)
  202. Approved visiting lists-getting on the list for two prisoners...
  203. Visiting Standards (Visiting Policy)
  204. Per MDOC Administraton - do not send visiting applications to RG&C....
  205. Daughter or Step-Daughter-What do I put on the visiting application?
  206. please help - When can you visit? How many visits?
  207. Felony Probation - Can I visit?
  208. Help!!! Questions about completing a visiting application
  209. applications please im desperate and losing time (Needing an app)
  210. Visiting at Level II? Confusion...
  211. Visiting - Have a warrant for a ticket. Can I visit?
  212. Our rights regarding visitor restrictions
  213. Yupp, you guessed it. More questions on getting approved for visits.
  214. visits every other day
  215. Visitor Restriction Overturned!
  216. Time to file visitor's application............
  217. Who to contact about a complaint
  218. Do's and Don'ts When Visiting (MDOC)
  219. can you touch them during a level 4 visit?
  220. Surprise for his birthday - UPDATE
  221. Policy Directive for visiting - 400 mile termination policy
  222. Can I only visit if I knew the person prior to incarceration?
  223. Do you absolutely have to come in and leave together when visiting?
  224. touching during visits
  225. Visiting and Rude/Inappropriate Officers
  226. Can I see my father in prison if I have been convicted of a felony?
  227. X-ray machine used to scan shoes at visits
  228. Should I call to check on my visitor application??
  229. Felony probation- Can I visit....?
  230. If there anything special or different I should know about Holiday Visits?
  231. Victim for LIFE-Daughter can't visit**UPDATED**
  232. Visitation Hearings - How long before they are scheduled?
  233. Does anyone have an extra visiting application they could send me? I'm out of state.
  234. Visiting Room clocks 10 minutes fast***UPDATE #2***
  235. I have a stupid question...Can I take Kleenex in on a visit??
  236. visiting times..What are they in Michigan?
  237. Does the father's name have to be on the birth certificate to be approved for visits?
  238. what is considered a Month
  239. My son is on a ventilator...Can he visit?
  240. How does someone get off one Visiting List to be put on another
  241. Long time to process visits at some facilities
  242. visits restricted with no documentation
  243. Next step in getting a visiting restriction lifted??
  244. Dress Code ~ What can / can't I wear?
  245. can an ex-con visit?
  246. Secure Level 1~Are the amount of visits the same as Unsecure Level 1?
  247. Does he need to have a job before I can visit?
  248. Second visit, much easier than first!
  249. Anyone know about visits at Charles Egler unit?
  250. I'm soooo confused!~Waiting on approval to visit, what should I do?