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  1. Free help for Mississippians wanting to appeal convictions
  2. Mississippi Parole Information
  3. Sending Funds..
  4. sending funds to an inmate
  5. Need INFO on Mississippi Department Of Corrections
  6. Answers most questions
  7. question about inmate searches (Does it bother you?)
  8. what is the difference between private and state prisons?
  9. 30 for 30 law?
  10. Need to know information when dealing with the Mississippi Department Of Corrections
  11. Rid (regimented inmate discipline) program
  12. I want to hear from those who fall under the new 30 for 30 law.
  13. just wondering (questions on the consequences of an RVR)
  14. inmate transfer
  15. 30 for 30 violent offenders
  16. Trusty they decide who gets it.
  17. Ers Dates (how likely is release on that calculation?)
  18. 30 For 30 (Can he lose it?)
  19. Inmate Transfers?
  20. Questions about Custody levels
  21. It Is Working!!!! (MDOC page working again)
  22. 30 For 30 (when does it apply?)
  23. New Mandatory Law (anyone heard of one?)
  24. Can someone explain how the ERS calculations works?
  25. Mississippi Department Of Corrections site (problems accessing?)
  26. Worried (looking for information on the RID Program)
  27. 30 for 30/85% (finding out how much mandatory time one has to serve)
  28. trusty status (what are the determining factors?)
  29. Mississippi Department Of Corrections Inmate search
  30. Veteran's (MDOC asking for service records from inmates)
  31. FCI Yazoo City (FBOP)
  32. Signed Plea on Fed charges, but have pending MS state charges QUESTIONS
  33. Has anyone heard any buzz about this? (new early release law)
  34. MDOC site-Down again or is it just me??
  35. State & Fed Sentencing
  36. NCIC checks for trusty status approval??
  37. Need to know (good time and release date questions)
  38. UPDATED!! Prices changed!! Mississippi Department of Corrections Canteen Price List
  39. Interstate Corrections Compact
  40. 65% law?
  41. Movement date on MDOC site
  42. Has anyone else checked out MS DOC's new PSA ads?
  43. Mississippi Department Of Correction (website's search function questions)
  44. Not Allowed To Visit More Than One Facility? (MS prison system)
  45. Looking for information on transfering an inmate closer to home.
  46. Wedding Ring????
  47. Need info on parole board in Mississippi
  48. Need Any Info On New Mississippi Laws As Of 7-1-05
  49. Probation/Parole Supervision Fees - When do you think they'll reach $50?
  50. Probation/Parole Officers - Do they set their own office hours?
  51. Who do I contact for wrong time calculation?
  52. Husband going to Rankin....questions about the process
  53. he didn't qualify for 30/30, does he automatically get 10/30?
  54. Mississippi DOC inmate accounts it open?
  55. Mdoc Canteen & Visitation - Cmcf - Smci - Msp
  56. anyone heard of 10 for 1???
  57. Anything for the Holidays?
  58. What can she take with??
  59. question about probation violation from Kansas will he be picked up?
  60. Help! How do I get a Divorce when he is in prison?
  61. No Idea what is going on! - where is my husband?
  62. Questions about release dates - what do they mean?
  63. should i send money to his account before he goes to classification?
  64. Need Info (early release for terminal family member?)
  65. Question about sending money to his account
  66. Is it a law that county prisoners are to be taken outside for exercise?
  67. What facilities are mentally ill inmates housed?
  68. toeangel (Questions about marriage and time served in Mississippi)
  69. Which Satellite's allow Violent Offenders
  70. Is the 65% rule a law or rumor?
  71. Questions about short term A&D
  72. Question about MET time & Trusty time
  73. R & O previous in system has MDOC #
  74. inmate info on mdoc website
  75. Classifications Point System for M.D.O.C.
  76. I desperately need help!!!! Regarding other charges
  77. Has anyone had a mississippi prison wedding
  78. Is the Mandatory time Ever Lifted?
  79. I need help with how to handle other charges
  80. bolivar county long term A&D - Anyone have any info?
  81. Question Question Question??!?!?!?! - Possibility of early release?
  82. How can my fiance' get closer to home?
  83. a few questions about serving time
  84. What happens when my Daughter is sent to max
  85. Mdoc Website - Tentative Release Date Info
  86. 8 yrs. mandatory - can his sentence run concurrent?
  87. Will he ever be able to vote?
  88. Marion Co Correctional Facility
  89. Trouble With Inmate Banking and his transfer...
  90. 85% for violent offense? Need to Know!!!
  91. why is he STILL in county jail???
  92. Confused!! PLEASE help if you can!
  93. can i turn a life sentence around
  94. Mississippi Circuit Clerk Listings
  95. Mississippi Supreme Court - Link
  96. Is the 85% shown with the release date
  97. Can Felons vote who are transferring from another state ?
  98. Puzzled - can you pay off your time?
  99. Need answers ASAP - death in family
  100. Marriage Process
  101. Mississippi Legal Ethics
  102. Please Help he has too much time
  103. Does anyone have the Marion address?
  104. Concurrent Sentencing
  105. Burglary of a dwelling - Violent or Non-Violent
  106. Questions Regarding Judge's Recommendation and Education
  107. Question about transfers
  108. question re: Transfer due to RVR's
  109. Question re: Transfer to Satellite
  110. Half Way House Needed Gulfport/ Harrison CO
  111. Question about court fines...
  112. Does anyone know an answer to this problem?
  113. info about m.d.o.c. leaksville,ms
  114. Coming Home For New Charge
  115. New Facility In Grenada???
  116. MDOC media only shows specific news releases
  117. Need to know info about MDOC rule
  118. Money for MDOC inmates in county jails?
  119. Anyone heard or experienced (MISSISSIPPI)
  120. help please!
  121. Going Crazy
  122. please help me to locate boyfriend
  123. Question about MDOC Psychiatric care
  124. New Question re:Facility placement in MDOC
  125. New and have a question
  126. close observation????
  127. Information about CMCF for women...
  128. Please Help - locating an inmate in Miss.
  129. Why are California Inmates being transferred to MS?
  130. Mandatory Sentence Question
  131. Needed Information
  132. What's the best way to get my son transferred closer?
  133. How long till hecomes home?
  134. Change in Custody
  135. questions about attending funerals
  136. help please
  137. Question
  138. classification
  139. Mississippi Power of Attorney question
  140. doesnt have to go to rankin!!!!!
  141. sale of controlled substance
  142. If you could choose MS prison, which one?
  143. privileges for serious illness or death in the family?
  144. turning 21... will they move him?
  145. Incorrect info in MDOC inmate locator
  146. Has Warden or Nurse ever returned ur calls?
  147. Question about marriage and Mr. Epps
  148. Question about transport to Rankin
  149. Question about placement
  150. Question about while they are at Rankin
  151. Court ordered RID program question
  152. Inmates right to divorce
  153. PLEASE HELP: Do a inmate charged with a possession get 30 for 30 also on the 25 % law
  154. pre-release question
  155. Questions about drug charges.
  156. new Prison????
  157. Sex in prison
  158. Time Questions
  159. what is the meaning of capital murder
  160. Divorce, can an inmate file while they are in prison?
  161. proxy marriages
  162. does anyone know answer to these ?
  163. need to know
  164. link to search MDOC parole info
  165. Cell Phones
  167. 29l
  168. New MDOC point system??
  169. does anyone know the qualifications for a restitution center?
  170. how do you "point out" at a restitution center?
  171. Please Help! Newbie with lot's of questions...
  172. Credit for time served while awaiting transport
  173. Scared
  174. how to locate your loved one in MDOC
  175. Question about the new law for MET?
  176. MS House Arrest
  177. house arrest
  178. What does a "Life" term really mean?
  179. What is the RID program?
  181. Good web sites
  182. Question about armed robbery statutes
  183. Is it possible to be transferred to a County Jail?
  184. Tentative Release Date - CONFUSED!
  185. Hold from another state how does it work?
  186. question on class c inmates in mississippi prisons
  187. Questions about walnut grove facility
  188. What is Tentative Release?
  189. ?'s about serving on same charge after probation violation
  190. Question about restitution
  191. Conjugal Visits
  192. CCA and BOP question from new member
  193. Who do I contact about release date?
  194. Help free Mike Muscolino
  195. Leeksville Prison in Ms
  196. Difference in the old law and the new 85% law is?
  197. Have a question about extradition
  198. So confused
  199. Need info on Extradiction using Transport Bus
  200. New baby on the way. Myself and father will be incarcerated. Need Info! Please help
  201. Contacting the Judge, post sentencing
  202. Info on 72 hour pass
  203. Phone, "Inmate Call Solutions"
  204. Reclassification/Time Reduction/ISP?
  205. Help about sentencing
  206. House Arrest: Rules for Mississippi
  207. Time left on a 20 year sentence for aggravated assault?
  208. Bringing glasses, wedding ring to prison?
  209. Need help finding release date
  210. Need someone to help me file a motion
  211. Inmate Search:potential of LO lost
  212. Early release?
  213. Classification "B" - what does that mean?
  214. What is open C custody ? How long in Transition??
  215. Do they get credit for the time spent in county??
  216. Long term A & D
  217. Any one know anything about prison and prison laws in MS
  218. How to get married at Marshall County Correctional Facility??
  219. Will he have to do the rest of his entire sentence?
  220. How long to receive a call or letter?
  221. Conjugal visits in MS
  222. Chickasaw county
  223. Waiting on outside clearance?
  224. Surrendering - what can I take?
  225. Husband caught with cell phone, what will happen now?
  226. Fighting to change Mississippi law on 85% & no good time for armed robbery?
  227. Are they moving the CMCF women????
  228. This is all overwhelming
  229. My friend was sentenced, when will he be transferred from jail and where?
  230. Please tell me how to send money to him I can't figure it out
  231. How long does it take for him too show up on the MDOC website?
  232. Lost Good Time taken automatically? Or is it up to disciplinary officer?
  233. Mississippi MDOC Legislation, Bill # 585
  234. Processing time
  235. Need to contact Parchman prisoner about a death in the family
  236. Greene county lockdown?!!
  237. Inmate Search and Locator for Mississippi for jails and DOC
  238. Private Prisons- The GEO Group