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  1. I get to visit!
  2. Does anyone Carpool to Shelton and share the expense?
  3. hubby's location
  4. Information About Visiting My Son
  5. WCC Shelton VISITING Questions: Please post here
  6. Picture and Mail Content Guideline??
  7. i need some help...
  8. Lady In Waiting - Who to Write at Shelton?
  9. Federal Way
  10. my son is in the hole!
  11. How long does it take to process?
  12. Fed System / Seattle area guest
  13. Everything you will need to know about Shelton (Washington Correctional Center)
  14. Washington Corrections Center (WCC) Shelton
  15. Location?
  16. What numbers, PLEASE!
  17. Article: Shelton Prison Guard Arrested In Series Of Robberies
  18. Must We Be Approved to Visit in Washington Correction Center at Shelton?
  19. went for a visit at WCC.
  20. Washington Correction Center Quarterly Meeting
  21. Venting ahead... You've been warned
  22. My Son Is Home!!!!!!!!!!
  23. my son was charged with vehicle homicide
  24. phone call options? someone help!!
  25. Fellah has a bed date for Work Release!!!!
  26. need advice-daughter has court
  27. More great news! NOT!!!
  28. Wooohooo!!!
  29. April and Terra's first adventure to AHCC-We made it!!!!
  30. Notice anything strange reg Ahtanum Work Release information?? from the DOC web site!
  31. Am i kookoo..... drive 6 hours for a 30 minute visit???
  32. Some body pinch me
  33. Update on the fam...
  34. It must be an omen!
  35. How much have things changed since he's been away?
  36. Now what??
  37. The Tickets Have Been Paid for & I am heading out.....
  38. I'm back.....My trip to Yakima.....(a little long)
  39. Oh my goodness!! I love work release!!!
  40. The strangest thing happened today.....
  41. End of my rope
  42. Mrs.Teko's man is coming home tomorrow - she just found out!!! :)
  43. Okay, I called work release, and was told....**Update- 2 day labor work**
  44. I'm Happy!!!! (For lack of a better title)
  45. A surprise & a strange talk..... (a little long)
  46. My baby is home!!!
  47. sad and lonely.. again...
  48. "The days of Fellah's Work Release life..."
  49. I'm suppose to happy... He'll be home tomorrow...
  50. Frustration... & other stuff.....
  51. Goin' to the chapel....
  52. So weve talked
  53. Man it can get worse....(update & long)
  54. high apprehension level
  55. Mini contest for WA members!!! A mystery to figure out!! LOL
  56. It has been confirmed...
  57. It lasted about a week..kinda long
  58. Not so Sad Anymore
  59. Checking in....
  60. Terribly worried
  61. Back to court....
  62. More battles with the "X"
  63. New to Shelton. Have some questions
  64. Transfers: How long to transfer from Shelton
  65. visiting ( being approved )
  66. Transfers ( is this normal?)
  67. WA Phone call questions
  68. special visits at Shelton
  69. Anyone else have a loved one in i.m.u at Washington Correction Center
  70. Shelton/phone calls
  71. mail/correct address
  72. Questions: Shelton quarterly packages????
  73. Question: Sending money???
  74. Visiting at Shelton???
  75. Shelton visits and other questions
  76. Questions about shelton Recieving Center
  77. quick question reg: receiving unit(Shelton)
  78. calling card at Washington Correctional Center??? (Shelton)
  79. Shelton counselor
  80. looking for someone in Washington State
  81. Cost of a call from Shelton?
  82. Are Shelton visits no-contact?
  83. Shelton (WA Correctional Center) visiting question
  84. Washington corrections Center (Shelton) lockdown?
  85. A Washington Corrections Center (shelton) call question
  86. Christmas packages for those in recieving?
  87. Can they receive books while @ Washington Correctional Center (Shelton)
  88. Yet another question about Washington Corrections Center (Shelton)
  89. Washington Corrections Center ~ What day of the week do they transfer inmates?
  90. I don't get it....Son going to court and possibly moving facilities
  91. Shelton? (van transportation to Washington Correctional Center)
  92. Questions about PFC Van transportation
  93. Money Order Question
  94. A Simple visit summary for Shelton....???? PLZ!!!
  95. Any standard housing location after recieving???
  96. Recieving @ Shelton=CALLS SUCK!!!!
  97. Pictures that are allowed.....???????
  98. Basic Information on Washington Correction Center/Shelton
  99. Reception Visiting Schedule
  100. When they are finally transferred out of Shelton to new facility
  101. Shelton Mail Service
  102. Oh no! Approved for visiting Shelton a day late!!
  103. Washington Corrections Center ~ Reception Visit
  104. Denied visits at Shelton what can be done?
  105. nervous about a correction officer
  106. WA DOC Web Site Reception Information
  107. Driving Directions
  108. question about sentencing
  109. My friend is back in R units
  110. can he take his stuff with him to another prison from shelton?
  111. question about shelton visitation?
  112. another question:is there any trasportation to and from shelton?
  113. what can i send to him in receiving?
  114. yet one more question about R6 in Shelton.
  115. Check out new format WA DOC web site: Reception Information!
  116. Never Been Through This
  117. DOC Numbers/Release Dates
  118. question about reception
  119. couple questions regarding Shelton and Airway Heights
  120. do you know if...he can self surrender to Shelton?
  121. Shelton Visit Information
  122. does anyone know about the recent phone changes in Shelton?
  123. My first visit to Shelton!
  124. Help! He's lost...I can't locate b/f at Coyote Ridge
  125. What happens to him now..that he's in transit via Shelton?
  126. Intense Management Unit at Washington Correctional Center
  127. How do i find Doc Number & Housing Unit ?
  128. Is this Normal?
  129. Visitations at Shelton?
  130. Have a ? about prepaid phone calls!!!!
  131. visit in shelton - first time have ?'s
  132. Visitor form help
  133. Does anyone know about visiting rules at Shelton???
  134. Visiting office being misleading in Shelton
  135. Shelton Mail Question
  136. Newbie with a few questions
  137. Anyone else with someone in R5 unit?
  138. first visit at shelton
  139. What to do now...? How long before being approved for Shelton?
  140. phone calls and visitation
  141. visitation at shelton
  142. question about mail
  143. Prison hotels??
  144. The lowdown on the new phone system PLEASE!
  145. How much money can you send to someone at shelton
  146. heres is some neat news..
  147. Does anyone remember..
  148. Flu outbreak in Shelton?
  149. Questions about my son going to Shelton
  150. where is shelton???
  151. visiting shelton
  152. PHONE CALL Questions & Issues
  153. My story and some questions.
  154. Classified in only 2 weeks?? Please give me your input.
  155. Questions/Info re: CLASSIFICATION
  156. anyone know the yard scedule for R5?
  157. Anybody in Washington State
  158. Hardship Transfer Question
  159. I need help on denied visitation Shelton-WA
  160. question for those who have visited shelton about the drive??
  161. Nervous about visiting shelton tomorrow. First visit, i dont know what to wear!! HELP
  162. I'm having a rough memorial day weekend :-(
  163. PLZ take Shelton WA Visitor Survey Only-False Alerts by Canine
  164. New to The entire thing can you tell me about when they first get to shelton???
  165. Questions/Info about MAIL at Shelton
  166. Shelton Debit card?
  167. visiting schedule for shelton
  168. How long does it take?
  169. Custody Overrides questions
  170. The storm!
  171. Question Thread for WCC Shelton NEWBIES!
  172. Q&A About Sending Money and % Taken
  173. Boyfriend in R-1, E-1
  174. Please HELP! (son going to prison)
  175. Carpool/Rideshare to Shelton
  176. Help me avoid Panic Mode...
  177. Another Update & Need your advice...(medical)
  178. Help with a No Contact Order!
  179. What's the chance?
  180. Boyfriend going to shelton on friday
  181. How factual are Early Release Dates
  182. Still Searching for an inmate
  183. They FINALLY Moved Him
  184. So when he doesn't call or write
  185. LOCKDOWNS Info & Discussion Thread
  186. DOC definition of "current identification?"
  187. Going BACK to Shelton
  188. Questions/Info re: Medical Issues at Shelton
  189. Please help questions
  190. How Can People Do It??
  191. Shelton Inmate released and taking the bus?
  192. How can I contact him?
  193. How long before they send him to county?
  194. EFV's at Shelton?
  195. Releasing my boyfriend to a homeless shelter?
  196. Quarterly Buy-Ins
  197. I need some advice...
  198. How long do they hold them in Shelton?
  199. Car pools
  200. Visitation approval - how long does it take at Shelton?
  201. 1st VISIT
  202. Shelton intake process
  203. Visitation Question
  204. need minister to marry fiance and i in shelton!!
  205. How can i find out where they are at?
  206. visiting form help?
  207. how long?
  208. more time than we thought...
  209. Where Do I Send The Visitor's Form?
  210. Finally get to touch him...
  211. Visit app should I do it now or wait
  212. Question about myvconnect.
  213. can you get married at WCC?
  214. NEWBIE NEEDS HELP! Anyone have a guy in R3 at Shelton?
  215. How many visits are allowed for inmates each week?
  216. Questions about pix @ shelton
  217. What materials can I mail him and what's the limit?
  218. Marriage Question
  219. Is Jpay emessaging at Shelton?
  220. Phonecalls while in flu isolation
  221. Psychiatric Evaluations
  222. Question about money on books
  223. Visiting next week @ shelton
  224. Visiting Schedule-help please
  225. Shelton Phones????
  226. Moved to R6
  227. Money on books
  228. Visitor Application
  229. Dress code
  230. Home prison
  231. Visitor Application???
  232. *Car-pool to shelton?*
  233. How do I get approved to visit--Shelton IMU
  234. Jail Fines/Money
  235. Need car pool help from W. Olympia to WCC Shelton
  236. R5 3 recks?
  237. List your man's time to call?
  238. Units at Shelton
  239. Chrisjanna from Tacoma
  240. Chrisjanna from Tacoma
  241. Haven't heard from my hubby yet
  242. Release Dates??
  243. Going to see my hubby!!!! Carpool???
  244. Sentence cuts
  245. Visiting in the snow?
  246. Mail, Pictures...
  247. Greeting Cards??
  248. Help with Units
  249. Visitor Application
  250. Phone calls