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  1. Precious Babies (An intro to mine...)
  2. effects on children of incarcerated parents
  3. resources re:children of incarcerated parents
  4. Children with visitation
  5. Visitation according to TDCJ
  6. Welcome
  7. Trip to police station hurt rather than helped!
  8. hard visit for kids
  9. So Angry...???..
  10. The hug Pillow
  11. What do you tell the Children?
  12. looking for a little info
  13. Survey
  14. help
  15. Measure To Protect Inmates' Kids Stalled
  16. My Children
  17. Are you coming home,yet?
  18. Parental Rights
  19. Saw a child psych. yesterday...
  20. New Report On Children Of Prisoners
  21. How do you explain, where is daddy to the kids
  22. Put daddy in a box..
  23. Father in the Fed's
  24. Mother's Can Read To Children
  25. Prisoner Family in New York Needs Your Help
  26. Going to See my dad tomorrow for First Time
  27. his son at x-mas
  28. Requesting Info
  29. Our Kids!
  30. Truth or Not?
  31. my son would like to talk to your kids
  32. I Need Your Help To Help Others
  33. Kids Introductions
  34. Hi- I am Gracielle
  35. Travis
  36. An awesome story about the love of strangers and the love of mothers
  37. An Idea...
  38. Hard Holidays Need a BIG Box
  39. Thanks to Prison Ministry Angel Tree
  40. Good News From Joey
  41. Free - Nyc Screening: A Sentence Of Their Own
  42. As far as the law is concerned, once your dad is in prison, he's not your dad anymore
  43. I need help... what do i tell my children?
  44. help send children of prisoners to college
  45. Children Of Prisoners Library - Coming Soon To Fcn
  46. New Book Available
  47. I Need Help With Something...message board for kids
  48. Hello--for Zach
  49. Mom freed from jail to help aid burned son's recovery
  50. stories of your experience with a parent in prison
  51. My 2 Year old Daughter learning her Daddy behind walls
  52. Zach's hockey picture
  53. Father in prison,in Jackson MI,
  54. Support for kids with parents in prison
  55. Advice for a Mom?
  56. what to tell a 6 yr whose dad is locked down???
  57. newbie on here
  58. # 2--Are you Raising Kids with their parent in Prison?
  59. How can we make the circumstances easier to deal with for our children?
  60. New to forum and have a question or two
  61. How much time?
  62. How can we get financial support when our children's father is in prison?
  63. Man with a mission . . .Helping Children of Prisoners
  64. My boy doesn't want to talk about it much!
  65. California's Mommy and Me program
  66. What should I do..... Advice needed
  67. anybody have a dad in prison?
  68. Health Insurance For your Children?
  69. small children at visitation
  70. What Should I Expect?{please help me}
  71. Bedtime Stories on Tape, From Prison
  72. children hurting without parent
  73. Birthday Cards for children of inmates
  74. what rights if any does a parent in prison have?
  75. hello everyone!!update on MoM!!!!!
  76. Would like feedback from the children..I gave birth to my only child in prison in 96.
  77. stepdad in prison
  78. Families Doing Time Foundation
  79. Inmates learn to become better fathers
  80. Question....
  81. Help
  82. Wanted to update
  83. *Where is Daddy?*
  84. Adult Child of inmate how to cope?
  85. Can anyone help?
  86. Need responses please!
  87. Just to let ya know what's been happening!!!
  88. pregnant, It's a girl!!! I want to call her Salem
  89. please respond
  90. How long will my daddy be in prison?
  91. Kids Visiting Prisons
  92. Very Useful Information For Caregivers Of Prisoner's Children
  93. I would like to talk to your Kids..
  94. Micheal X Johnson/ daughter would like to meet her father
  95. Please help my step-son with his emotions
  96. My Dads In Prison
  97. I asked for it!
  98. Daughters of inmate get $350K
  99. Brother and his Wife in Prison
  100. Changing father's on a birth certificate?
  101. telling my children
  102. I need information please
  103. Information Busing Children to priasons
  104. Program for kids under 18
  105. links for children of incarcerated parents
  106. HHS Awards Millions for Mentoring Programs for Child. of Prisoners
  107. Help needed on children's book
  108. Research?
  109. My Son Was Attacked
  110. got a question
  111. Mentors for Children with Incarcerated Parents
  112. Doors Closed for Ex-Offender Paremts
  113. Still looking for people to talk to
  114. How do you explain to your child "DADDY'S In JAIL"
  115. Who is watching me?
  116. Dads girlfriend
  117. my daughter
  118. my dad has been in prison for three years now...
  119. Father of 2 in TX prison and wants to start a relationship with them ????
  120. my father
  121. scholarships for kids
  122. Helping children
  123. Links to Children of Prisoners Library
  124. Why is it so hard?
  125. I have many questions (moms in jail)
  126. Does anyone have a mom in prison?
  127. confused
  128. poem needed for son of an inmate
  129. looking for books for kids with a parent in prison
  130. I was surprised
  131. Is she legally required to give his kid his letters?
  132. New here....Father serving 2 life sentences
  133. my dad
  134. Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. My Dad is in Prison in KY 7 years
  136. Kids: What's the first thing you want to do when mom/dad gets home?
  137. How do I tell my daughter her Dad is a murderer??
  138. training for those who work with kids of inmates
  139. Check This Out...
  140. can some one give me some advice
  141. free online book for kids of inmates
  142. No Father figure.
  143. Good Article on Effect of Sentencing on Kids
  144. My life, with prisoners
  145. Rubygem91
  146. Finacial Aide for College?
  147. Visiting dad good or bad idea
  148. !!!!!!!! (Saw stepfather for first time in a year)
  149. Questions Children Ask
  150. financial aid
  151. Inmate In Ftc In Oklahoma
  152. Children of Inmates
  153. What do your teens think?/What advice would their parents give?
  154. #1--Are you raising kids with their parent in prison?
  155. Time to register kids for Angel Tree Camps! Any church volunteer sponsors out there??
  156. Please advise: My son needs to know his step-dad is imprisoned
  157. Help for Children
  158. Are there any scholarships???
  159. "Innovative class aids the children of inmates"
  160. How do you do it?
  161. Difficult Last Name?
  162. Oooh... My question.
  163. Question from a Parent & Child Point of view
  164. Happy Mother's Day to all!!
  165. First Visit For Great-grandchildren
  166. when should kids visit - opinions wanted
  167. ***how Do You Begin With The News And At What Age?***
  168. Teen Camp?????
  169. Found my dad in prison, not sure if I want to meet him... what should I do?
  170. Father's Day
  171. our baby just turned 1
  172. bringing an infant to visit
  173. Parents in Prison?
  174. just joined-Looking to talk to someone with parent inside
  175. Adult children
  176. sons father
  177. How can I help my kids cope???
  178. NP Breaks New Ground: "Healing the State of Sick Leave"
  179. Programs Bridge Dads in Jail, Their Kids
  180. Need Advice
  181. camps...
  182. confused
  183. did any of your children blame you for their parent going to prison?
  184. Could you help?
  185. My kids will be home tomorrow........
  186. What if you're uncertain about the future?
  187. How often do you take them?
  188. Do you worry about your history repeating itself with your child?
  189. Daughter Off To Camp!
  190. Mentoring Grants For Children Of
  191. Help Out A Newcomer!!!
  192. Someone Please Help Me!!!!!
  193. Gifts for childern who parents are in prison..
  194. grown kids mad at dad...but love him!
  195. Do You spoil them, because he's gone?
  196. Help for Holidays
  197. It is the hardest thing I've ever had 2 do
  198. I Hate Not Having Parents Its So Hard What Am I Gunna DO ?!?!
  199. trying to save my son!!!!!
  200. What Are The Kids Thinking
  201. what do u do when we hate our mother and were all being separated ??
  202. Should I take my son to see his father?
  203. Any adult children of prisoners here?
  204. My penpal asked me to post this...
  205. looking for advice
  206. What can we do to help keep the parent/child bond strong with an incarcerated parent?
  207. Should I tell my Daugther her dad killed his father when he was 16
  208. Need assistance with a childrens book for kids of incarcarated parents...
  209. Daddy's Rights
  210. Storybook project
  211. 10 yr ols son's thoughts of having step dad in prison
  212. How do your children feel?
  213. What do I tell my son?
  214. Angry
  215. My "baby" got his first job
  216. bubslildevil's daughter
  217. My baby got his first job ---update
  218. Foster Care.
  219. Incarcerated Parents and Child Support Modifications
  220. Has anyone had trouble with protect servics because of thier husbands/boyfriends
  221. Our son misses his visits
  222. how to answer a 6year olds questions
  223. When and how do u tell them?
  224. Guardianship issue???
  225. Thread for kids who has a parent in prison.
  226. Unmarried. Worried about visitation when child is born
  227. step kids visiting prison
  228. My father
  229. Daughter's Great-grandmother Died
  230. My 7-month old daughter said dada
  231. A son without Hope and his Dad...Nearly his life
  232. Need Help
  233. Mentoring Grants Of $46 Milllion Target Children Of Prisoners
  234. Kids and dealing w/racism
  235. Say Hello to Lil'Egg
  236. my kids are 1,3, and 5 what should i tell them
  237. PLEASE HELP: friend in trouble!!!!
  238. need advice...father/son contact
  239. Help!!!!I am trying to contact my ex-husband..
  240. will SON remember DADDY?
  241. What kind of father is he?
  242. Advice needed please
  243. interesting website: children with parents in prison
  244. Dont people understand?!!!!
  245. How many children do you have?
  246. Need HELP to write letter to son's school
  247. anyone have a child who has never been held by their father?
  248. Help for the Holidays
  249. question
  250. At the beginning of this nightmare