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05-03-2005, 10:49 AM
I Need To Write A Few Letters To The Judge And The Parole Board For Several Friends Right Now I Need To Know How To Word Them, Every Time I Go To Write It I Have A Lot To Say But Not Sure How To Word It Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

05-03-2005, 07:56 PM
I Need To Write A Few Letters To The Judge And The Parole Board For Several Friends Right Now I Need To Know How To Word Them, Every Time I Go To Write It I Have A Lot To Say But Not Sure How To Word It Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Write the letter very professionally with your name and address centered at the top with a phone number. write who you are sending it to on the left with the date. the judge is always honorable judge soandso, and you should address the parole board chair person, who is Benita Murphy in WV.
here is an example:

This is what i wrote them the first time, but eveyone has a different situation. i hope this will help. i have also included a letter that i had to write to the judge. hopefully you will be able to understand with all the __ and ___. lol. i am very good with letters and english. if u need any help, check my contact info and IM me. or send me a PM on here. i would be happy to proof read your letters.




West Virginia Parole Board PHONE #

112 California Avenue Room 307

Charleston, WV. 25305

Dear Benita Murphy,

I am writing on behalf of my husband, ___ ___ ___, inmate number _____. He will be coming before you on WHATEVER DAY AND YEAR. This is not my first letter to you, but hopefully it will be the last. Thank you for you time.

I know that you must read thousands of these recommendation letters every year. They all say pretty much the same thing. Heís a change man, he has accepted the Lord into his heart, and he is very sorry for the crimes he has committed. Well, I donít believe my husband has changed at all. He is exactly the same as he was December of 2003 when you wisely granted him parole.

I guess I could say for the both of us that we did learn one thing; that our place is definitely not in ___, West Virginia. The very first time I met with my husbandís parole officer, ___ ___, the only question I had for him was, ďwhen can we apply for a parole transfer to another city or stateĒ? However, once ___ was released, we both decided to make a go of it in ___. The way we viewed things was basically that ___ is not a criminal anymore and should have no problem living anywhere. We have a 7 year old daughter who was very content and happy going to her school in ___, and we didnít feel that it was in her best interest to move because of a reputation. We soon discovered that we were wrong.

Iím not one to place blame where it is not deserved, but in my husbandís case, I feel confident knowing and stating that he was not the problem. Neither was the citizens in the community, being on parole, or the majority of the city law enforcement. The concern was with a certain police officer by the name if ___ ___, my husbands original arresting officer. Iím very reluctant to disclose much of this situation because although he has numerously caused our family much pain, I do not find pride in destroying a manís reputation. However, I must say that he was relentless. Before ___ ever even had the opportunity to be granted parole, Officer ___ made comments to people in the community stating that he would find some way to have ___ locked back up, even if he had to arrange it himself.

On the evening of May ___, 2004, ___ was not at home and I was cleaning house and listening to music. It was roughly 8pm. Officer ___ came into my home without a search warrant. He was convinced that ___ had somehow slipped away. He decided to kick in the neighbors apartment door to look for ___. Of course, he was not found because he was not there. That following week, Officer ___ placed a warrant for my husbandís arrest. I was told by another officer, ___ ___, that he himself, as well as his fellow officers, did not feel that the warrant was justified, therefore would not arrest ___.

Our only mistake was to be afraid. Afraid that our daughter will no longer have her father to study with and to play with. Afraid of losing our family. Afraid that we would once again be having a meeting with you. ___ is an outstanding citizen no matter where he lives and he takes care of his family. I am pregnant now. The baby is due in June. How can we let another child come into this world without a father. Iím not ashamed of him, nor do I think he is dishonorable criminal. This charge that my husband has hanging over his head is from 1997. We just want to move on with our lives.

I would like to thank you, once again, for you time. I look forward to meeting with you . ****Please include all recommendation letters in Curtisí file for the Parole Hearing****

Sincerely, ___ ___





___ County Courthouse


To: The honorable Judge ___,

My name is ___ ___, and I am writing on behalf of my husband, ___ ___ ___. There are a few things that I wanted to address with you, and I appreciate your time in this matter.

First, we received your denial for sentencing reduction. I think that the request was not written properly, therefore misunderstood. We are not asking you to reduce his sentence out of good faith or because he deserves it. Actually, we believe that his sentence of 1-15 for the one daytime burglary charge was never correct. The law states that if you break and enter, during the daytime, the sentence carries 1-15. However, if you enter, without breaking, during the daytime, the charge only carries a 1-10. In the one house that he entered, he did not break anything to get he. The door was unlocked, and he simply walked in. So, we feel that that particular sentence for daytime burglary should be reduced from a 1-15 to a 1-10 because that is what the charge legally carries.

Next, I am pregnant and due on June 27th 2005. We are wanting ___ to be able to attend the birth of this child. If I know that we can get mandatory move order for him to attend, I will set a specific date and time with my doctor for the birth. I was hoping that we could get that order from you. This is my second child with ___. Our first little girl, Dionna, was born in October of 1997, and ___ was incarcerated and did not have the privilege of attending.

Finally, we recently received the letter from the parole board revoking ___. They gave him a flat. ___ did not commit any new crimes. All of his violations were strictly technical. He said that you may be able to sign an order sending him to the work release program. He is a good worker, and he just wants to be able to spend as much time as he possibly can with his family.

Judge ___, my husband has changed. He doesnít want to be a criminal anymore. He doesnít want to hurt people. All he wants to do is take care of his family and move on with his life. If he could just get out of jail, we would move and never come back. We donít even care if that is a stipulation for his release. We want to get away from here just as much as we are wanted to be gone. Maybe that is something else for you to consider. If his sentencing can be fixed and possibly run concurrent, he could get out without having to be on parole, and we would leave.

Thank you so much, again for the time you have taken for ___. We would appreciate anything you could help us with.


___ ___, Wife


___ ___

05-03-2005, 09:46 PM
Let me say thank you for posting those two letter. I also was in the process of writing a letter to parole for my fiance and came here looking for assistance.