View Full Version : Is St Louis Honor Center a Revolving Door?

08-17-2005, 07:48 AM
Hello-My ex-husband was recently released from Algoa in MO, and was sent to the St. Louis Community Release Center. I was told he will be employed while there and will be required to pay his child support out of his earnings (He has always refused to previously). Should I sent a copy of his support order to the Center? If I send it to him, he will no doubt throw it away. I don't want to cause problems for him. He wrote to our daughter that he chose to go there, even though his parents rented an apt. for him to live in. Are these places voluntary, or was he ordered there (he has a helluva drug/alcohol problem)? He is confounded they sent him to such a place, and says there are abandoned buildings across the street dispensing drugs and hookers 'like candy'. He wrote this to our 16 year old-twisted, I know. How many actually get out of these places without catching another case? Is he there because he is high risk? Resisting temptation is definitely not his strong suit-he is like a bloodhound, if there is coke within a 25 mile radius he will find it or it will find him. What are his chances in a place like that to make it through without using or drinking again? Our daughter wants no contact with him, especially if he is wasted like he used to be-it was embarrassing and humiliating to see a grown man act like that, and I can't take it anymore. I loved him, but hate the life he has chosen. I hope he can save himself for our daughter's sake and his own...

Memphis's Baby
09-29-2005, 10:41 AM
I dont know how much this will help but my fiance is due to be released in December and since we are not married yet he cannot return to me in okla until we are they have told him that he will be released to an Honor center in Kc..Now get this his institutional parole officer told him point blank that the honor centers are not a good place they are unsuccessful and 99% of the offenders that are sent there will return to DOC with another drug charge!! These guys spend all that time in treatment in the doc to get clean and then the state sets them up for failure again by sending them someplace like sorry to hear your man has chosen that kind of a life, god has blessed me mine was actually clean before he went to do his time. I hope that he has good luck in turning his life around but my personal opinion is that by placing him in that honor center he will catch another charge...I am currently fighting to keep my man out of there I want him to have a chance not be placed somewhere where he will ultimately fail..If the parole officers know and are telling the guys that the places are bad whey is the state forcing them to go there????

09-29-2005, 11:34 AM
My ex is still in the honor center-he went to work in a bar in the CWE and later walked off the job. We haven't heard from him in about a month, and our daughter's birthday is tomorrow figure he'd at least send her a card. Nothing. When he is using, he hates anyone who is not. He loves the drugs, loves the liquor. They send them to honor centers, victim services said, because they are at 'high risk for recidivism'. I can't save him-he will go back, or he will overdose or get killed on the streets. Good luck to you. Thank you for writing.:o

10-05-2005, 09:16 PM
My friend refused to go to an Honor Center because he said that too many of his buddies have been sent there and ended right back up in prison. So he flat out refused to go. He found another way... and will be on electronic monitoring for awhile after he's released.

Does anyone see the irony in this? fordellcastle says they told her they send them to honor centers because they're high-risk... yet... the situation they're placed in is anything but beneficial! I am SO glad my friend is not being placed at one of those s**tholes!!!