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11-07-2005, 08:35 PM
Ozark Correctional Center
(C-2 male)
929 Honor Camp Lane
Fordland, Mo. 65652
Virgil Lansdown, Superintendent

It is an very intense drug and alcohol treatment center. It is a year long program where the inmates must go through the phases. Each time they "phase up" they are given more privileges. During the first phase they are not allowed any visits or phone calls. That usually lasts a little over a month. The second phase lasts about 7 months and the men are allowed 2 visits a month and phone calls after certain hours in the evening and all day on Sunday. The third phase they can have 4 visits a month. The facility itself is located in the Ozark Mountains east of Springfield Mo. The staff is very professional and very compasionate towards the visitors and the inmates. You HAVE to go to an orientation before you can visit. And you have to be on time--arriving no later than 8:45 am. The meeting starts at 9:00am and they will not let you in after that time. The meetings are on Saturday or Sunday. You are allowed only 5 hours to visit although the visiting hours are from 9:00am until 5:00 PM. And the staff keeps a close eye on the time.

The visitng room is well kept and the Captain and counselors who work with the men during the week are in the visiting room also. They will answer any questions you may have about the inmates treatment plan. The guys are not referred to as inmates but as "clients". They are also required to address each other as Mr. so & so.

The dress code is strictly enforced. You can not wear any type of clothing with holes or slits in them. They also ask you to limit yourself to the amount of jewelry you wear in. The clients are not allowed to get up from the table except once an hour to use the restroom. You are also not allowed to mingle with the other visitors. The food is not good and expensive.

There is not much to choose from for accommodations for overnight stays. The closest Agape house is in Springfield 40 mins away and charges $15.00 a night. The nearest motel is in Seymore. (Super 8). $41.99 a night. I didn't check on the prices of others.
The next closest is Marshfield which has a Holiday Inn Select. Of course there a lots close to Springfield.