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California Sunshine
02-22-2006, 08:42 PM
Welcome to the North Kern State Prison Handbook. Here you will find information specifically for North Kern State Prison. You will find separate categories to assist you with contact information,visiting information,driving directions,lodging and eating places for NKSP and Delano,CA.

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**Thanks to Cysreese for the majority of the info**

California Sunshine
02-22-2006, 08:55 PM
Contact Information:

North Kern State Prison (NKSP)

Steve Trevino, Warden
2737 West Cecil Avenue
Delano, CA 93215

P.O. Box 567
Delano, CA 93216-0567

(661) 721-2345

North Kern Visitor Center

North Kern State Prison
P.O. Box 1527
Delano, CA 93216
(661) 725-3833

CDCR Webpage (

Useful Miscellaneous Phone Numbers:

Inmate Locator = (916) 445-6713 or CDC Inmate Locator Website (

Visiting Hotline = (800) 374-8474

Notary = Suzanna Flores (661) 725-5909 [updated 8-14-2008]

California Sunshine
02-22-2006, 08:58 PM
North Kern State Prison - Mission Statement

The mission of North Kern State Prison is two-fold: 1) it functions as a reception center for the processing of incoming inmates from southern and some northern counties; and 2) functions as the Central California Transportation Hub for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Institution Details
NKSP has a general population medium custody facility and a minimum support facility. The general population portion of the institution focuses on providing educational and vocational programming geared towards providing inmates with skills and education which will aid them in seeking employment upon their release from prison.
The Reception Center currently processes incoming inmates usually within a 60 to 90 day period. After compiling the inmate's criminal records, life histories, medical and psychological histories, and social relationships, NKSP staff determines the inmate's classification score and institutional placement. NKSP also has an eight-bed Level I firehouse.

Inmate Programs:
PIA: None
Vocational: Auto body repair and painting, auto mechanics, cabinetry, gardening, landscaping, mill work.
Academic: Adult Basic Education, High School/GED, 2-Year College, English as a Second Language.
Other: Community Service Crews, Religious Services, Arts in Corrections, Victim Awareness.

Special Historical Notes:
On October 7, 1994, the adult education facility was dedicated in the memory of Marie Keroack Romero, a prison teacher who was murdered at a California Youth Authority facility in 1975.
Three hundred and sixty acres of NKSP property has been designated as protected wildlife habitat for the Blunt-Nosed Leopard lizard, San Joaquin kit fox, and the Tipton kangaroo Rat. The facility is an exact replica of its closest neighbor, Wasco State Prison-Reception Center.

Other information :

The purpose of NKSP is to receive, evaluate, and classify inmates.Inmates are then assigned a counselor to determine the level of confinement and where sentences will be served.

A recreational library serves three of four wings while the law library contains legal reference books, is staffed by inmates, and is available to all inmates during free time. Both libraries are in need of more and newer books. Educational programs are available to inmates who wish to obtain a General Education Diploma (GED) or need to study English as a second language.

A computerized program has had positive results for inmates unable to speak English upon arrival at the Prison. Classes are geared for inmates with 5th grade level abilities and below, 6th grade and above, and pre-release classes. The Reception Center offers a self-study “Bridging Program” upon arrival at the Prison.

NKSP has six dormitories and also uses the gym as a dorm which houses 138 inmates. There are also two cellblocks that have two man cells; 50 on each tier, 200 per block. One dorm is specifically for inmates with mental health concerns. An administration segregation unit is used when inmates have safety issues involving gang activity or other disciplinary issues.

A dentist is available by appointment for all inmates needing treatment. A medical facility provides medical and psychiatric care, first aid, and dispenses medicine through an Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP) to inmates with long term illnesses and in need of medication. The Correctional Treatment Center (CTC) on site has been totally remodeled and upgraded and is now waiting for approval from the Health Department. Once licensing is complete the unit will begin receiving patients. The facility is a 16 bed hospital and includes 10 beds for psychiatric patients, two isolation rooms for contagious diseases, a safety cell, and a kitchen. All meals for the CTC are prepared in the kitchen as well as diabetic meals for inmates confined to the hospital. CTC maintains high security in addition to medical treatment.


California Sunshine
02-22-2006, 09:00 PM
Visiting Information:

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays* from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
*New Year's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

All visiting check-ins must be completed prior to 2:00 p.m. For updated information in English and Spanish regarding NKSP visitor hours or closures, please contact the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's toll-free Visiting Information Line at (800) 374-8474.

Visiting Assistance:

A CDCR funded Visitor Center is at the institution operated by a community-based organization under contract to CDCR. The Visitor Center provides visiting assistance to family members and friends including a sheltered place to wait before and after visits, transportation to and from local transit terminals, childcare, clothing appropriate for visits on loan, and information about local resources, visiting rules and regulations.

California Sunshine
02-22-2006, 09:05 PM
Driving Directions:

From Northern Destinations: Take Hwy 99 south to the town of Delano
Take the Cecil Avenue exit
Proceed west on Cecil Avenue for approx. 3 miles
The prison will be on the right side of Cecil Avenue

From Southern Destinations:
Take Hwy 99 north to Delano, CA
Take the Cecil Avenue exit
proceed west on Cecil Avenue for approx. 3 miles
The prison will be on the right side of Cecil Avenue
North Kern State Prison is located approx. 250 miles south of Sacramento, and approx. 180 miles north of Los Angeles

California Sunshine
02-22-2006, 09:10 PM
25 sheets of lined paper
20 embossed envelopes or
20 blank envelopes and 40 stamps in the book
No pens
No pre stamped envelopes
No blank paper

** Thanks lostintheweb for this info from the mailroom 4/21**

Items you can mail to a Reception Center Inmate and Money Orders (

Reception Center Inmates

Due to their zero privilege status, Reception Center Inmates can receive a limited amount of items sent through the mail. Each Institution has their own set of policies for those items allowed. Following are the general guidelines for items you can send to a Reception Center inmate. To find out what’s allowed at a particular institution, please contact those facilities Public Information Officer or Mailroom Supervisor.(see writing an inmate for PIO telephone numbers by facility)

Items Allowed that you can send to a Reception Center Inmate
25 sheets of paper (lined or unlined)
40 stamps and 40 envelopes (or we can send 40 prestamped envelopes - apparently they can get stamps though)
15 pictures (not polaroid)
5 books from a publisher (barnes n noble, Amazon, etc.)
Magazines from the publisher (updated information provided by cputrdoc)
On the back write your inmates name and CDC number.
Special Occasion Cards. (Cannot include any type of metal, springs, decals, scents, music makers, ect.)
Items/Articles from the Internet. You may include articles, items and pictures obtained from the Internet in your correspondence. It is suggested that you copy the matter from the Internet and paste it to a blank word document. Some institutions do not allow writings that include a URL on the top or bottom of the page.
Sending Money Orders

Money Orders for Inmate Trust Accounts. It’s best to send a U.S. Postal Money Order. Make the M.O. payable to your inmate and include his housing #, bunk #, Facility address, City and State. (M.O.s are applied to the inmates trust account within 1-2 weeks of receipt. As of Jan 01, 2005 the CDC takes 55% of all funds sent to an inmate for the CA victims restitution fund. Effective Jan 01, 2007 this amount will increase to 55%. You may include your M.O.s in letters to your inmate and it is removed by the mailroom.)

When sending a stationary package to a reception center inmate, include the above items in a 10x15 or 12x15 manila envelope. State on the outside of the envelope the contents inside to assist mailroom personnel.

Inmates at NKSP ARE allowed paperback books and magazines. Loved ones should call the prison if in doubt of any specific periodicals.

Do not use any type of labels, decals, glitter or scents.

From CA CDCR Handbook For Family and Friends of Inmates (

Calendar Year 2010
(Revised 3/4/10)

"This is the full CDCR list of approved vendors. Please note that one or more of the listed vendors may not be approved by this prison."

Approved Vendors

Calendar Year 2010
(Revised 2/24/10)

Access Securepak
P. O. Box 50028
Sparks, NV 89435-0028
Ph: (800) 546-6283 (

Mikes Better Shoes
1252 Berlin-Haddonfield Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Ph: (800) 431-1911 (

Music by Mail
129 31st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Ph: (718) 369-6982

Packages R Us
2648 East Workman Ave. #424
West Covina, CA 91791
Ph: (866) 303-7787 (

Union Supply Direct
P.O. Box 7006
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220-7006
Ph: (866) 404-8989 (

The Inmate Store
P.O. Box 798
Pine Grove, CA 95665
Ph: (209) 257-4824 (

The Vitamin Outlet
Fitness Systems Mfg. Corp.
P.O. Box 2073
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
Ph: (800) 822-9995

1774 Industrial Way
Napa CA 94558
Ph: (800) 660-9255 (

Yellow Ribbon Online
580 N. Beach Street
Fort Worth, TX 76111
Ph: (866) 959-7426 (

Quarterly Packages:

The California Inmate Quarterly Package system allows you to send much-desired items to your incarcerated loved one. Each institution sets it’s own rules as to what items are allowed and prohibited and items vary by privilege groups. As a result, vendors therefore provide services to a limited amount of Facilities, Camps, CCF’s or the LA County Jail System. All Quarterly Packages are limited to a maximum weight of 30 Lbs. Nor can they exceed dimensions of 24” x 24” x 24”. All vendors list those institutions for which they provide goods and services and what privilege groups.

Special Packages:

Special Packages allow for the purchase of Electronics, Accessories, Musical Instruments, Under Garments and Clothing, Correspondence Courses, Legal Material and Faith Based Items. That would otherwise crowd a quarterly package beyond its allowed weight or dimensions. There is no limit to the amount of special packages allowed in a calendar year. *** Please call the R&R department at NKSP before sending a special package. Make sure what you plan on sending is allowed for this prison.***


1st Quarter = January 1st - March 31st

2nd Quarter = April 1st - June 30th

3rd Quarter = July 1st - September 30th

4th Quarter = October 1st - December 31st

Release (Parole/Dress-Out) Clothing

Inmates scheduled for parole or awaiting discharge may receive a release clothing package via U.S. Postal Service or common carrier no earlier than 30 days prior to their scheduled parole or discharge date. Inmate release clothing packages, limited to one set of clothing, shall be retained in a secure location by the department until their release.

California Sunshine
02-23-2006, 12:39 PM
Lodging in Delano,CA:

Rodeway Inn
2211 Girard St.
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-1022

Best Western Liberty Inn
14394 County Line Road
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-0976

Super 8 Delano
2231 Girard Street
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-7551

Pioneer Motor Inn
1001 Garzoli Ave
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-7488

The Coachmans Inn
2231 Girard St
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-7551

Holiday Inn Express
2222 Girard Street
Delano, CA 03215
(661) 725-7272

California Sunshine
02-23-2006, 12:58 PM
Restaurants in Delano,Ca:

El Palmar Restaurant
(661) 725-7894
1127 Main St, Delano, CA

Lupe Restaurant
(661) 725-4377
925 11th Ave, Delano, CA

El Mazatlan Restaurant
(661) 725-8804
1130 High St, Delano, CA

Carmen's Restaurant
(661) 725-4051
1109 Glenwood St, Delano,CA.

Chui King Chinese Restaurant
(661) 725-2602
1021 Cecil Ave, Delano, CA

Rocky's Pizza Restaurant
(661) 725-0530
1605 Inyo St, Delano, CA

MI Nayarit Restaurant
(661) 725-8941
408 11th Ave, Delano, CA

Janitzio Restaurant
(661) 721-2823
1637 Cecil Ave, Delano, CA

Subway Sandwiches & Salads
(661) 721-2260
1227 Main St, Delano, CA (

Cafe Latte
(661) 725-7025
906 11th Ave, Delano, CA0.06 mi (

La Rosa, Fruit Bars & Ice Cream Incorporated
(661) 323-6877
1317 Niles St. Bakersfield, CA

Maitia's Basque Cafe
(661) 587-9055
4420 Coffee Rd, Bakersfield, CA

(661) 725-4646
907 Cecil Ave Delano, CA

Tastee Freez
(661) 725-7251
1131 Main St Delano, CA

(661) 725-4155
812 Cecil Ave Delano, CA

Little Caesars Pizza
(661) 721-1111
921 Cecil Ave Delano, CA

Taco Bell
(661) 725-5171
1640 High St Delano, CA

Gray Chili Dog
(661) 725-3618
1329 Main St Delano, CA

L R's Pizza
(661) 725-7131
707 High St Delano, CA

(661) 725-5662
610 Cecil Ave Delano, CA

South Bay
12-26-2008, 03:13 PM
The North Kern State Prison Telephone Directory is attached as a PDF file. According to the prison's Public Records Act Coordinator, Weston Phillips, the directory is current as of 2008.

For further information about obtaining other public records from KVSP, please contact Mr. Phillips at (661) 721-3188 or (661) 721-2345, ext. 5008. His fax number is (661) 721-6205, and he may also be contacted via email at (

South Bay