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04-08-2006, 03:52 PM
3111 Spurr Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40511
Warden: Steve Haney
Secretary: Rose Sewell

Phone: (859) 246-2366
Fax: (859) 246-2376

Blackburn Correctional Complex serves as the Division of Adult Institutions' largest adult male minimum-security institution providing care, housing, custody, control, and governmental services jobs to inmates. This facility is located near Lexington, Kentucky.

Institutional Information

Security Status Minimum
Date Opened 1972
Population 594
Total Acreage 456
Total Staff 128
Black Inmates 58%
White Inmates 41%
Annual Cost Per Inmate $15,091.61
Daily Cost Per Inmate $41.23
Annual Operating Budget $6 million

Accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA)

Inmate Programs
Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA): Self-help groups open to any inmate that reports a problem with alcohol or drugs. The groups are based on the national 12 step principles.

Alcohol and Chemical Treatment Series (ACTS I & II): A thirteen-week faith-based Alcohol/Chemical Treatment program, which focuses on how addiction affects the body.

Anger Management: Participants learn what their various sources of anger are, how to stop their anger before it starts, the connection between violence and anger, the effects of substance abuse on anger and how to learn to live at peace with others.

Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions (AODA)/Life Without a Crutch: A nine-week drug education program that provides pre-treatment orientation to recovery for dependency of all types. The goal of the program is to encourage the inmate to assess his addictive behavior honestly.

Fathers and Children Together (FACT): A parenting program designed to promote positive interaction between incarcerated fathers an their children. The program consists of a thirteen-week classroom component with topics such as anger management, problem solving, and alternatives to disciplines and life experiences being covered. The program also consists of a visitation component with the children and fathers interacting and the father being able to utilize the tools learned from the classroom component. This program is run in conjunction with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky program and is the only one in the Kentucky prison system.

Prison to the Streets (Pre-Release Program): This is a 20-week program designed to present inmates with information necessary to help them with their re-entry into society.


Governmental Service Program (GSP): This program provides an inmate work force to state agencies or projects and provides the inmate with realistic work experience. Details currently exist with the Kentucky Horse Park and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Special Details are also provided to other agencies such as the Salvation Army.

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation: This program is a part of a national program and provides care to approximately 102 retired thoroughbred horses, some of which are available for adoption.

Cattle Farm: Blackburn Correctional Complex has approximately 127 registered Angus cattle that are cared for utilizing inmate labor.

Correctional Industries: The purpose of the Correctional Industries program is to use inmate labor to produce and perform services that are a benefit to the Commonwealth and provide the inmate with a realistic work experience and marketable skill upon release. BCC Prison Industries operations include office panel and computer work zone systems, stackable chairs and folding tables. The refurbishing of computers is scheduled to begin in 2005.


Academic School: Provides assistance in skills in reading, writing and math for inmates functioning at any level. Inmates may earn a GED. All inmates without a GED are required to participate in this educational program.

Technical School: The Kentucky Community and Technical College System provides technical education and certification in the areas of Masonry, Carpentry, Horticulture, Electricity and Welding. In addition, post-secondary academic courses are provided.

General Inmate Information

Inmate Mail

Constructive correspondence is encouraged between all inmates and their families, friends and associates.

No self-adhesive labels are allowed on incoming mail.

Inmate mail should be addressed as follows:

Inmate name and Institutional number
(example: John Doe, #000000)
Blackburn Correctional Complex
3111 Spurr Road
Lexington, KY 40511

Money Orders

Money may be sent via Western Union Quick Collect System. The person sending money will need to fill out a Blue Quick Collect Form available through Western Union Agents. The information the sender will need to send money in this manner is:

Pay to: Blackburn Correctional Complex
Code City and State: Blackburn/Kentucky
<Inmate Name and Inmate Number are required>

Deposits shall not exceed $200 for any one deposit, except from immediate family members.

Mail Money Order to:

Business Office
Inmate name and Institutional number
(example: John Doe, #000000)
Blackburn Correctional Complex
3111 Spurr Road
Lexington, KY 40511


If it is necessary to phone the Complex in an emergency, the telephone number is (859) 246-2366. Either the Chaplain or the Duty Officer should be notified of emergencies. The only way an inmate may speak with you over the phone is when he calls you. No inmate may receive a telephone call from outside the institution. All inmate calls shall be collect and you are responsible for the charges.

Visiting Information

A. Visiting Hours:

Inmates may receive visits on weekends and state holidays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. New visitors shall not enter the Complex after 2:00 p.m. Visitors shall exit the institutional grounds by 3:10 p.m.

B. Entry and Identification of Visitors:

Visitors shall stop at Post One giving proper identification including vehicle license number. The officer shall direct the visitor to the visitors parking and visiting area.

Visitor's car and person shall be subject to search in accordance with CPPs 9.6, 9.8 and 16.1.

Visitors shall park in designated parking lot across the road from the gym. Upon exiting the vehicle, it shall be securely locked with all windows rolled up. If visiting inside, visitors shall enter the visiting area from the front entrance through the left front door to the gym. If visiting outside, visitors shall proceed to the Visiting Officer table located outside the front of the gym. Each visitor, including children, shall sign in with the Visiting Officer.

A copy of the BCC Visiting Rules and Regulations shall be available at the Visiting Officer's desk.

Once a visitor enters the visiting area they shall not be allowed to return to their vehicle except for leaving the Complex. Violation of this rule will result in termination of the visit.

Visitors leaving the Complex shall not be allowed to return until the next scheduled visiting day.

Due to space limitation of the visiting area, inmates shall not be permitted more than three (3) approved adult visitors per visiting period.

Visitors in need of a prescription drug during a visit shall be required to bring NO MORE THAN THE EXACT dosage for that day and it shall be in the original container.

Visitors shall be prohibited from bringing any food or drinks to the visiting area. Vending machines and microwaves shall be provided. No one shall shake any vending machine for any reason. See the Visiting Officer if machine malfunctions. Inmates shall not be allowed in vending area.

Visitors shall be required to remain in the immediate visiting area. Children shall remain with parents at all times and parents shall be responsible for supervision of children at all times. Visitors shall remain seated at their tables if the inmate being visited is not at the table. Both the inmate and the visitor shall not be away from the table at the same time unless authorized by the Visiting Officer.

Pets of any kind shall not be allowed on the Complex.

Visitors shall be dressed properly. Visitors shall wear undergarments to include bra, panties and underwear. Sheer dresses and skirts shall require slips. Modest attire shall include the following:




Pant Suits

Blouses or shirts shall be recommended as appropriate for females.

Shorts shall be allowed for females, but shall extend no less than mid-thigh or six (6) inches above the knee.

Male visitors shall wear long pants or shorts. Shorts shall be no less than mid thigh or six (6) inches above the knee and a long or short sleeve shirt.

The following clothing shall be prohibited:

Clothing with a split or slit of any type.

Clothing which does not completely cover the midriff, cleavage, or bosom

Short-shorts, mini-skirts or halter tops

Tank top, muscle shirt, sleeveless tops or see through clothing of any kind

Head coverings of any kind, with the exception of religious headwear, including headbands, do-rags, baseball style caps, cowboy hats, etc. shall not be allowed. This includes children.

Blouses shall be buttoned to conceal cleavage

The Shift Supervisor shall review and, observe any questionable attire, and make a determination if visit is to be allowed or terminated. If terminated, visitor shall be allowed to visit the next visiting day if attire complies with policy.
C. Entry of Inmates

Inmates shall enter the visiting area through the rear entrance of the gym. Institutional ID, locker key and wedding band shall be only items allowed into the visiting area.

Inmates shall be fully dressed in inmate uniforms.

At the conclusion of a visit, inmates shall remain at assigned table or in an assigned area until the Visiting Officer has cleared the visitors. When the visitor has cleared the visiting area, the Visiting Officer shall then instruct inmate where to report.

D. The Visit: BCC also requires the following guidelines:

Visitors shall not be allowed to leave any personal belongings, money, or packages for the inmate unless approved by the Warden.

There shall be no smoking in the visiting area when visits are conducted in the gym. For an outside visit, a visitor shall bring no more than two (2) unopened packs of cigarettes into the visiting area, nor shall visitor have more than ten (10) dollars in change (quarters only) for vending machines in their possession. All change shall be in a clear container only. Paper money shall not be allowed in the visiting area.

Purses, wallets or handbags shall not be allowed in the visiting area.

Table coverings, place mats, blankets, beach towels, newspapers, or magazines shall not be allowed.

Visitors shall not be permitted to bring any type of food or drink into the visiting area for any reason.

Strollers, play pens, swings, walkers or diaper bags shall not be allowed on inside or outside visits. Infant carriers shall be allowed for infants. One diaper shall be allowed.

Visitors shall be responsible for the direct supervision of children. Infants (0-1 years) may be held by the inmate. All other children shall be seated or held by visiting parent or guardian.

Inmates shall not join visitors until the visitor has completed registration and is seated.

The Shift Supervisor shall have the authority to deny or terminate a visit. If a visit is denied or terminated for any reason, the Shift Supervisor shall prepare a written report to the Warden explaining in detail the reason for denial or termination. If a visit is terminated for unruly behavior, inappropriate conduct or illegal or possible illegal activity, the visitor shall be informed that they shall not be allowed re-entry to visit without written permission from the Warden.
E. General Information:

Visitors shall be either inside the gym or outside on the front lawn of the gym. Visits shall not be permitted both inside and outside at the same time.

Restricted areas shall be posted and strictly enforced.

Inmates shall not be allowed to enter the parking lot or a visitor's vehicle for any reason.

Visiting Officers shall have total responsibility for supervision of visiting and shall enforce visiting regulations. It shall be the Visiting Officer's responsibility to call attention to any breach of regulations. If a visitor ignores the instructions of an officer, the visit may be terminated. Instructions may include:

Refraining from making loud noise, making an obscene or sexual gesture or contact, disrupting the visits of others, and other unacceptable behavior.
The necessity of bringing adequate identification on a subsequent visit.
Unacceptable attire.

Inmates and visitors shall be allowed to kiss and embrace once at start of visit and once at the conclusion of visit. Brief physical contact such as holding hands, kissing and embracing shall be permitted within the bounds of good taste and only at the beginning and end of the visit. Visitors and inmates shall be allowed to sit beside each other at their assigned table only if necessary, but touching of any nature shall not be permitted during the visit. (Permission to sit next to one another shall be obtained from the Visiting Officer.)

Visiting Officer shall not accept any article or gift of any kind from the inmate or visitor.


AIRPORT TAXI (859) 225-2227


CHECKER CAB CO. (859) 258-9999



LOCAL (859) 299-8804