View Full Version : TDCJ - Approved vendors for books/stationery UPDATED: June 2013

09-04-2006, 06:51 PM
Please check the Mail Regulations (see PDF file attached to this post)
before you purchase any books/magazine subscriptions or stationery. If in doubt, contact TDCJ or the unit directly.

For County Jails and other facilities - different rules may apply; please check with unit.


Amazon (

Barnes and Noble (

BooksaMillion (

Inside Books ( - Free books to Texas prisoners

The 75% Off Books ( Store

Powells ( Online Bookstore ( (in association with Amazon)

Contact The Human Kindness Foundation ( for info on free books for prisoners


Inmate Paper (

Rosie's Graphics (

Paperback SwapnShop ( Books, stationery, puzzles etc. *NEW*

Texas Prison Bookstore ( Books, magazines & Stationery ~ TDCJ approved

Office Depot ( - Contact a representative when ordering and check their procedures for delivering to prison facilities.(+1) 888-819-7272 - Prison Shipping Department

Office Max ( - Contact representative; or call prison unit for advice first

Staples ( - As above; or call prison unit for advice first

Angelheart Grafix (

02-24-2013, 09:40 PM
Please note the addition of a new vendor.

If you have any more updates please PM me.