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Crying Eyes
08-13-2003, 12:13 AM
Hello. I have not yet recieved aletter from my husband yet, but I do know he is in Abilene, in the Middleton Unit. And I was just wandering if anyone knows about the Middleton Unit? Or how to get from Dallas Texas to where my husband is? If so please yet me know. He has been there almost a month, can he have visitation yet? Do they have contact visits? Thank you, DD:fb:

08-13-2003, 10:42 AM
I have a friend there also. As far as I know Middleton is a transfer unit unless he has been assigned there. You might want to go the texas forum and look up on tdcj web site and they can give you some info on the site. And it will give you the number to the unit. Call the unit and ask them if he can have visitor's yet. They should be able to tell you when he is able to have them if he isn't able too they will tell you that too. I hope this helps. Welcome to PTO!!!!

cherrie from tx

03-16-2005, 09:08 AM
I'm sure someone out there can help me with my situation. My husband is currently at Annex Jail in El PAso, TX and he is to get transfered in two weeks to Middleton Unit. He got sentenced to 6 years for revoked probation for a third DWI. How does it work. Does his time here in el paso count double like I've heard? Does he have to do all six years or will he be doing less? I don't how it works. Can you help me in figuring out how much time he probably has? Also, what is "good time".
Thanks in advance

03-16-2005, 09:10 AM
HI! My husband was there for three this number and ask about visitation and if he is approved for contact or not. They can tell you everything.....325-548-9075. As for is very easy to get to....leaving from just need to get on 20 West and follow it for a good three hours. The facility can give you exact directions from 20....ask them when you call. I dont remember the exits.... to tell you, but it really is easy to find and everyone there is very nice. PM me if you have any questions!!!

03-16-2005, 09:21 AM
Hey Rose first of all welcome to PTO you will find alot of unconditional love and support in here.

Second of all Middleton is a transfer facility. he will go there and be processed and most like transfred out in a few months. His time in elpaso won't double but it will be added to what he received (part of sentence time). It will depend on if he has to do his whole six years. he will come up for parole and be voted on.

Good time is time that they earn and between that and the time they all ready have is added for parole. when he goes into Middleton that is when his officially prison time starts for example goes in 3-11 then in 6 mos from that date he will be seen as to his line class. If he has a RSM date then he can be voted out at that time. I hope this helps

My ChRiStOpHeR!
11-23-2005, 04:07 PM
My name is shelli my husband just got transfered to Middleton and says its not to bad. I have herd great things from him about the guards and he prob has not written becuase he has no money on his books here is the number you can call or go to a western union 1800-634-3422 what you'll need to know:
pay to-TDCJ inmate trust fund
city code TDCJ
State TX
offender-book in #
account-last name
attention- first and last name
you can also call the jail to find out any other info 325-548-9075. the address for mailing him is:
John Doe # 12345678
Middleton Unit
13055 F.M. 3522
Abilene TX 79601
on visits you can only go sat and sun 8-5 and it takes about 10-14 days before you can see him and on contact vists 90 days if you are married or his family the good thing is you get about 3-4 hours is what I was told. I hope this is helpful to you

03-07-2006, 02:02 PM
Hi. My boyfriend is in Middleton unit. He just got transfer from el paso annex jail feb 24. His name is raul saucedo if anyone nows anything about him please let me know. Or if someone reads this message let him know that miss him and to take care. prettygirl-az