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08-15-2003, 08:32 PM
To those who don't know already, Federal prison time will be much more better than state time.

Anyone who begs to differ, is either in denial, or never done state time to know what 'suffering' is.

I did 7 yrs. in a state prison. In our women state prison we got 3 state issued panties, must wear scrubs, could not have anything sent into us besides money orders, and those money orders could only be sent from those on our visiting list, as for make up..we got one color foundation, one color for everything, no hair conditioner besides that watered down 'Heritage' brand...we had to live out of a black trunk which was very small, we could only posess so many photos, we got small meals in chow hall, no seconds, only got milk once a day with breakfast, no sleeping during the day, couldn't even recline on our bunk! Couldn't recline until after 6 pm. Even if you had to be to work at 5 in the morning! , If we got a 20 money order, we got 4 dollars taken out for restitution, and 5 out for pay for stay.:pissed:
Haircuts only every other month, tv's can only be the smallest avail, I think it's 5 or 9 in....We live in a small ass cell with 3-4 other women with a toilet by your head, I could go on and on...

Federal inmates can look pretty...get their hair done(we can't have others do our would be classified a 'sexual misconduct')..they have different color makeup to look good in, they can wear jeans, etc. Most can get or buy personal clothing out of a catalog, or have it sent in to them by a friend, they generally don't room with alot of women in a small cell, alot of long termers can have a single or a 2 man cell, they have classes they can take, like college (we couldn't), they have fitness facilities (we had nothing but a run down gym w/no new equipment), they have alot more activities to do than state prison..

I totally wish I would have sold drugs and got fed time rather than do 2 robberies and do state time. I would have done the same amount of time regardless..

Think on that...

08-16-2003, 01:54 AM
From what I have heard, yeah state time is easier. My only complaint with the Fed time is the manditory minimums and no possiablility of parole. But, then maybe that is a blessing. You do not have to continually get your hopes up.

08-16-2003, 07:31 PM
Hey! I said state time is HARDER, not EASIER!

At least those mandatories are done in a prison with things to make your time easier on yourself. Yes, I had a 25 year and they still reviewed me by letter every year regardless of my sentence. Towards my 5th year, it started to wear me out! At least in Federal, you got a date the minute you go least ya know when ya get out!

08-22-2003, 02:18 AM
well, it does sound crappy either way. BUT life is what you make of it. just glad your doing good now :dance:

08-29-2003, 05:46 AM
sorry, I ment to say I have heard Fed time is easier. and as difficult as it is to go before a parole board, at least there is a shot. I mean, if you had the chance of doing 10 state or 25 fed, it wouldnt be such a tough decision.