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05-30-2007, 01:38 AM
Hi All,

Well my partner has finally been moved back to a jail in Sydney!:) ...after being 4 and half hours from me he is now only 25mins so excited but called today to see if he had arrived at Silverwater ( he has ) and was told that I had to book to see him ( didnt have to do this at the last one so a bit new for me )....then i was told that I can vist for only ONE hour...after being able to visit all day for the last few years- this is a bit strange- is this normal?? they told me that jails in sydney have to have this due to amount of visitors they get on the weekends wanting to visit loved ones..but as he is now in minimum security i thought it would still be a full day...has anybody else ever visted anyone in Silverwater NSW and what info / advice can you give me about the visit...and what i can expect...i would expect he would be in "greens" again..but is this right?? as he only just moved a few days ago he hasnt been able to call me yet for me to ask and im a little impatient and need to know everything now;) !

thanks for your help !

05-30-2007, 03:31 AM
Well, Narelle, You can't wear jewlery into the jail, this includes earings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings and so on.

Legal visits during the week must be booked by fax on (02) 9748-4737 and all other bookings on (02) 9289-5657.

Visit times:

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 8:15am - 3:30pm.


No cigarettes, tobacco, lighters or matches allowed with visitors. $20 in change only.
All property must be placed in the lockers provided.
Standards of behaviour and dress apply to visitors and inmates. Rubber thongs are not permitted.
No food is permitted to be taken into the visiting area by visitors, with the exception of baby food/bottle with formula.
A children's play area is available but children must be supervised at all times.

05-30-2007, 05:57 AM
Well my partner has finally been moved back to a jail in Sydney!:) ...after being 4 and half hours from me he is now only 25mins away..... I can understand how you feel - my man was in Silverwater but I'm up the Nth Coast - about 6 1/2hrs away - he's now up at Glen Innes which is only 2 1/2 hrs. I get to see him every 2 weeks now instead of 2 months!

i was told that I can vist for only ONE hour...after being able to visit all day for the last few years- this is a bit strange- is this normal??
If he's in the "min security" section (which is a joke - there's nothing very minimum about it at all), you should get up to 2 hrs no probs, but if it's really packed out they might kick you out after an hour. Unless it's all changed within the past month...?

You have up to a week to book visits - for a Saturday visit you ring on the previous Sat etc - especially if you want a reasonable time of visit, as they get booked out.

has anybody else ever visted anyone in Silverwater NSW and what info / advice can you give me about the visit...and what i can expect...i would expect he would be in "greens" again..but is this right?? Yep he'll be in greens.
When you go into the complex, park your car if you have one, then walk past the guys at the front gate & down the road in. Then you'll get to a big tall building on the right, and a smaller one on the left - the remand centre is the big one on the right, the Silverwater Correctional Centre (Minimum) is the smaller one on the left. Make sure you're there before the time that you've booked your visit for. Wait outside that building (there's seats), and at about 15 minute intervals a CO comes out with a list of inmates names who have visits booked. When yours is read out, you step inside the gate & wait till the next door is opened. You go into the locker room which also has the green forms for you to fill out - lockers are a $2 coin that you get back when you open the door again. Only take your ID, your green form, your change for the vending machines & your locker key with you from here, then you go down a little hall to the desk - best to go to the toilet first as you won't be able to go while you're visiting without ending the visit.

So you hand the form in to the crew at the desk, wait till they've processed you then you go through a metal detector - I wore a bit of jewellry & got thru ok (couple of rings, earrings, belly ring, pendant), but a girl in front of me one time had a heap of metal bangles on & she had to take them off & put them in the basket before the machine let her thru without going off. She was allowed to put them on again at the other side... So then you are handed your green form back & shown through a door, you hand your green form to the guys sitting up at the watch desk inside, find a spot to sit, and wait till your man comes. If you're waiting more than about 10/15 minutes, ask the guys at the watch desk if he's been called - they should chase him up. Sometimes they miss calling 1 or 2 here & there, they'll swear they called him.... your visit time supposedly starts from when he arrives.

As for behaviour while you're in there, check out this thread: from post 12 onwards.

Hopefully he won't be in there for too much longer anyway - any more news on his parole yet?

05-30-2007, 09:20 PM
Hi Narelle my hubby is also still at sewerwater but JD'S girl has pretty much said it all, but i will add that they are getting very strict on what i call snuggling(kissing, cuddling, lying with heads on each other's shoulders, etc), every week i seem to get in trouble for wanting to be affectionate,mind you there are days when its ok, it seems to be who's on for the day and what they personally allow.
I have never had any less than the 2 hours and have even been forgotten and had a 3 1/2 hour visit but that was once and once only. When you book be prepared to be on hold especially on the saturdays, i have been on hold for up to half an hour to book for the following saturday.
I spose we put up with the cranky CO's the squad coming through and the sniffer dogs because we want to see them, i dont think any jail is fun to visist and i guess it's that precious face to face time that makes all the waiting, forms and indifference worthwhile. I am always there on saturdays at 10.30 so if you see a tall blonde looking impatient thats probably
Hope all goes well with your visits

05-31-2007, 03:31 AM
The only reason why I could think of him only being allowed one hour visit would be if he is in MRRC as they couldn't find a place in the normal Silverwater section yet..

05-31-2007, 11:57 PM
thanks for so much all your advice and im a little more prepared for when i visit with him on sunday !!...he called me yesterday and is in "old " silverwater and visits are definately 2 hours ( i double checked that ) im excited about seeing him again ( its only been 2 weeks but feels like forever !) more news on his parole as yet - his hearing is on June 22 and hopefully he will be coming home on July 15. I think it will look better too when he goes again in a few weeks that he has been moved to a minimum centre ( he was in medium even though he has been a C2 for ages- they had no room to move him - or so they say, until last week ).

Katy- if i visit on a saturday around 1030am i will be sure to say hello !

Pam H
08-26-2010, 09:21 PM
I have just found this website and am feeling a little better. Thanks for the info on silverwater as i think my husband is being sent there. Apparently there is a lack of beds!? The whole visit thing sounds scary and one hour is not much. Hope I can cope:confused:

08-27-2010, 01:14 AM
Hi Pam! :) I can certainly relate to how you feel, but you don't need to be scared of visits. The first time it all feels strange, but you'll probably feel better about visiting after that, once you know the routine. Ask the staff at the visits reception centre any questions - they are usually happy to fill you in. I believe Siverwater is minimum security (??), so it will be a little more relaxed. Are you sure visits are only for one hour there? When you ring to book a visit, tell them it will be your first visit and ask them to let you know the rules for visitors. Regarding worrying about coping, take it all a step at a time and, as things become more familiar, you will likely feel a bit more relaxed. All the best. (And ask as many questions as you wish on this site. There are lots of people who will help!)

08-27-2010, 08:40 PM
welcome Pam,
silverwater has many parts to it ....................
good luck with the visits and learning the culture
my hubby is down there too so if you need any info let me
and please let us all know how you get on

11-26-2010, 07:41 PM
I think it depends on the guards. I travelled 8 hours to silverwater and had faxed a letter to the manager of security to request permission for the sat and sun at MRRC to see my son. I had a fax confirmation stating it had been sent and I tried to confirm over the phone if I had been approved for the sun as I had a confirmed booking for the sat at 12.30, was told just to provide proof of how far I had travelled and it would be sorted on the day. When I got there for my sat booking they told me I wasn't booked in for the sat only the sun. I tried to explain all the calls I made and the fax letter and that I had proof of how far I had travelled. It didn't matter the boss man said that I could see him on the sat then since I was there but I couldn't come back on the Sunday. He did say I could have longer but in fact for reasons unknown I had less than all the other visitors. It needs to suit them has nothing to do with compassion rights or procedures and it certainly does not follow the information provided from agencies where they try to encourage family visits and contact. Oh and you could go all that way And they could also be moved, but no one will tell you that until you get there.

11-28-2010, 03:43 AM
i was given this number so that i could track my daughter, they will tell you where your loved one is but if they are in transit they wont tell you eta ect but its a handy number to have ...02 83461310