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09-27-2003, 02:42 PM
Hello to everyone:
I am new to PTO and am trying to get around and become familiar with all of the rules, policies, etc. I hope I am posting to the proper thread.

I have a question regarding visitation that I was hoping someone in the PTO community with a loved one seving time at the Clinton Correctional Facility (Main), Dannemora, New York, could answer for me. I have a loved one serving time there and I will be going to visit him for the first time this fall. I would like to know what I can expect on this first visit in terms of processing, rules, etc. I would appreciate any information you can provide.


09-27-2003, 03:40 PM
Hi China57,

Since you had some specific visitation questions for Clinton CF, I have moved this thread to the New York forum on PTO so your post will have the opportunity to get more specific responses and the best answers to your questions, and wont get lost in the busy Visitation forum... Ive found they often get more and better answers there, AND the information will be here to help others in the future, too. :)

You also might want to thumb thru the New York forum to see if some of your questions have already been answered in the past... the direct link to the forum is here:

Hope you find the info you're looking for and good luck! :)


09-27-2003, 03:58 PM
Hello, Lysbeth:
I thought the post would more than likely be moved after I navigated the web site and realized that there was a New York forum. Thanks! I'm look forward to as many replies as possible. I'm new at this and want to make sure I get in for our first visit.


roc city girl
09-27-2003, 04:00 PM
China i dont visit Clinton but i can check out thier visiting procedures for you from another group that I belong too and get back to you on that. And also, are you going to be staying overnight???


09-27-2003, 04:14 PM
Hi, Maria:
Thanks for your help. I've been reading posts on visitation that were denied and I'm scared to death that I'll be denied visitation because of something I didn't know I couldn't do. I've asked my friend about the rules, but he hasn't mentioned half of the stuff I've been reading about on PTO. I just want to make sure that I know the rules so that I won't break them. Yes, I'll be staying overnight. I'll be flying from Louisiana to Burlington, VT, where I'll rent a car and drive into Plattsburgh. I've already made arrangements for lodging since I plan to be there four days. I've been planning this trip for eight months and have done a lot of research on the Internet with regards to the area, hotels and so on. I haven't been able to access CF rules, though. I was thrilled to find PTO and a support system that could help me to understand what my loved one is facing and sort through what I'm feeling and facing. Already so many of the questions I had regarding other issues have been answered. I'm really glad I found you guys.

Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate any help that you can give me.


roc city girl
09-27-2003, 04:17 PM
This is for Clinton Main: Clinton Main

Clinton Main is a "T-V" prison which means that the men at Clinton gave up the right to get packages each month so they could have t-v's in their cell. They are allowed to have 2 20 pound food packages a year from their families (these can be brought by the family to the prison or sent by mail). You can also send a 35 pound food package each month but this needs to be sent by a vender. If you choose to bring or send a package, the vender can also send a package of 15 pounds for that month. A total of of 35 pounds of food.

Clothing: It is very important to have warm clothing at Clinton. So make sure that he has a warm hoody to wear under his coat, a pair of warm gloves and thermo type socks. Most of the men like to wear long underwear or sweats under their ask him which he likes. And he needs a hat. During the winter months the temperature can be -37% and the wind howls........... All clothing needs to be sent in by a vender.


Clinton has a FRP program. The cycle is usually every 7-8 weeks apart. This visit is hard to get and keep. People who get tickets do not get into the program. At Clinton the FRP's days are: Sat/Sun/Mon Tues/Wed/Thur Thur/Fri/Sat.
You need to be in the FRP house between 7:30-8:30. All processing is done at the FRP house. The regular CO's are Mr Beck (the senior CO), Mr Douglas and Mr Rock. Mr Bushey is the director of the FRP's

Do not even try to sneak in anything that is not allowed..........It is not worth it. If you are not clear about certain products bring them and ASK. Anything that is not allowed, can be kept at the FRP house and put into a locker or the extra fridge.

The FRP housing: You will be assigned a unit which is 1/2 of a modular house. Since the wall between each section is not well insulated you need to think about the family next door. You also need to think about hot water..........the two units share a hot water heater. Usually this is not a problem but it could be.

Each unit has all of the things that you need to cook and clean with. They also supply paper towels. The problem at Clinton are the sheets and blankets. The sheets are very thin,,,,,,,and the blankets are not warm . I suggest that you bring your own. Do not bring comforters or quilts.

Visiting: On weekends there are four visiting rooms Non contact, Protective Custody, General Population and Honor. On week days there is one.

Clinton has visits 7 days a week.On Saturdays and Sundays the procedure is to go to the Visitors Center get a number and wait for that number to
be called. On weekdays the procedure is to go to the Main Entrance door.

Pictures: pictures are taken only on weekends. You need to buy the pictures.

Hours for visits: 8:30 to 3:00. Bring quarters the "money' machine does not work.

Your dress: No sleeveless or tank tops. or short shorts or skirts. If it is winter wear warm clothes. (their winter starts in October 1st and ends May 1st). Layer your clothes The heat in the visiting room is very uneven. Parts are cold.......and parts are very warm. You never know.........

09-27-2003, 04:33 PM
Thanks for the information. The first day I'm there will be a Thursday so I guess we'll visit in the general population room. I guess on Saturday I'll have to be there early to get a number. Do you know how early I have to be there to ensure I get a number? Also, what is the policy there with underwire bras (that's all I wear)? And what about perfumes, lotions, medications, etc? I don't want to set off any alarm. I've set off the alarm at the airport with my underwire bras and they scanned me with the wand and let me through. Do they scan with a wand there? I know, so many questions, but I rather be forewarned and prepared then have to return to Louisiana without so much as a glimpse of my loved one.

Thanks again,

roc city girl
09-27-2003, 05:19 PM
Well i am not sure how thier process with bras and stuff is but where my man Tito is, you have to take your underwire off and then put it n a bag and then go thur the detector. it really does suck. I only wear under wires too and i hate going thur all that crap. I have bought 3 bras that are specifically for Gowanda. Here is more info that i found on the Clinton Annex, ( i'm not sure but i think its 2 seperate bulidings or something:

Clinton Annex is located next to Clinton Main in Dannemora. It is classified as a max B.
The buses come early, so either you should be ther before 4AM to sign in or scome about 8 or after.
I found that the CO's are professional. They do their job and do not go out of there way to give anyone grief.
The Annex can have 35 pounds of food package a month. They can have fresh meat but it must be fully cooked and hermatically sealed. The clothing has to be according to DOC guidelines as to style and colors.
Processing of visitors is relatively quick. Please not bobby pins in your hair as this will set off the metal detectors.
The Vending machines are still the pits, but hopefully with enough input that will change.
There are kiddy areas both in the downstairs (Merle Cooper) room and in the fron upstairs room. I have been there twice where it has been exceptionally crowded and the guards do everything they can to accomedate.
Plattsburgh is a 12 minute drive away with lots of hotels and shopping center. There is also quite a few very very reasonable hotels in the Peru/Keeseville area about 25 minutes away. However there are not many places to eat or shop in that area.
If you are staying over there are ferries fro both Plattsburgh and Keeseville to Vermont, which on a nice summer day is a very pleasant thing after a long hot visit.

MORE INFO:On the weekends you must go to the right hand side of the building and climb the stairs for processing. Parking is close to the building. Processing was different for me especially seeing 2 co's count and verify the various clothing or food that I brought up. On the desk is a scale that they weigh the food packages with. You must sign an inventory package sheet of all the items you bring to the facility for your loved on.
There are 3 visiting rooms, one downstairs and 2 upstairs. In the rear visiting room - there is another room that is used for photographs. The rooms are not very large and tables are very close to one another. Inmates could sit at any chair at the table they desired which was a change from Midstate-Oneida, and Mohawk! Vending machines are in the hall on the first floor. From what I heard from some of the visitors they aren't that good. Although I found the prices to be pretty reasonable- that is, when you could get something out of the machines!
The CO's make an announcement that it is time for bus visitors to depart. Once those individuals have left the visiting rooms -they will put all visitors from both rooms into one visiting room. Inmates do not stand up against the wall once their visits are over to return to their dorms- they must sit in their assigned tables.
Clothing was a shocker! I wore very loose fitting clothing and what I saw there ran the gamut from tube dresses with jackets over it to extremely short pants. This group of CO's just didn't care!

Ok that'a about all the info i could find for you. I hope that u have a safe trip and a great visit!!!


09-28-2003, 05:10 PM
Hi, Maria:
You rock, girl! You are truly a gem. Thanks for all of the valuable information. I have one more question for you. My friend told me about the 35 pound food a month allowance. I searched the internet to see if I could find a vendor who had hermetically sealed food items and I couldn't find anyone. I see that you have a list of vendors and I'm going to try to get some things ordered for him through them. It's just a matter of him telling me what he likes/dislikes, etc. What types of foods do you send your loved one. Any tips you can give me reference shipping food will be much appreciated.


roc city girl
09-28-2003, 09:05 PM
Thanks but no need to thank me, i just try to help out where i can. Plus that info was provided from some one else, I 'm just passing on the info ;) bueno, i send TIto a little bit of everything. I see that u are a hispanic like we are so I do take him tostones and the ingredients to make sofrito, I take him pulpo in cans, bacalo, and sardines which he uses to make with rice and beans. I over do myself with sending him snacks (lots and lots of snacks) u know, like cookies, cakes, popcorn, pop tarts, potatoes chips, crunch and munch, etc. I use to take him shrimp but they stopped taking food that required to be frozen. :( oh well that was kinda good because el shrimp esta caro. (expensive) but here's a food list that u can go by for reference. As far as using a prison mail order for food, i wouldn't. Personally i think they are robbing people, the majority of the food they send out is generic and they charge name brand prices. Maybe when u go visit him you can take the food with you. well here is the list:

NO glass container.

Except for fresh fruit and vegetables, food products must be received commercially packaged in airtight hermetically sealed containers impervious to external influences (e.g. sealed cans, heat sealed plastic jars, glue sealed paper or cardboard boxes, etc.

No health food unless approved by the Superintendent and received directly from a health food manufacturer.

No home, bakery, restaurant, or delicatessen prepared foods, unless authorized under section 11-D. No alcoholic content or ingredients.

Beverages including dried beverage mix (no plastic containers)
Bread-in sealed packages no twist ties).
Canned foods no larger than 16 oz each- that do not require cooking.
Candy- no alcohol filled must be hermetically sealed
Cheese (sliced or chunk only)
Cold Cuts (hermetically sealed only)
Dried coffee Creamer
Fruit (no coconuts)
Meats (cooked only, hermetically sealed only)
NUTS (without shells)
Raisins not to exceed 2oz package per food package.
Seafood- COOKED ONLY including smoked, no salted must be hermetically sealed.
Snacks- potatoe chips, pretzels, cheese twists, crackers, cookies and other similar items
Tea- NO loose tea (herbal) and flavored tea allowed).
Vegetables-fresh that DO NOT REQUIRE COOKING (except in facilities that permit cooking).

Bowls, plates, cups and saucers, drinking containers (NO larger than 16 oz)
Food storage containers-2 quart maximum, spoons, forks -pliable only.

Tobacco products must be in the original commercially sealed containers and MUST BEAR NEW YORK STATE TAX STAMP (NO EXCEPTIONS). Cigarettes- 5 cartons max. per month, Cigarette roller- limit 1. Cigarette papers. Cigars- MAX 200 per month. Pipes and pipe cleaners. Tobacco chewing and smoking. Tobacco pouch and snuff.

Toilet articles including cosmetics/toiletries that do not contain alcohol, received in commercially sealed non-pressurized cans or commercially sealed plastic container or if received directly from an approved store or manufacturer.
Soap- standard size.
Soap dish-plastic only.
Stick cologne-non alcohol.
Toenail clipper-3 1/2 "maximum.
Toothbrush- non-electric, non-battery,

Blue, black, gray or orange clothing is not permitted with the exception of the following items which are permitted in the color black: socks, winter knit watch cap, belts, gloves/mitten, bowties and earmuffs. Any shades of colors such as melon, peach, aqua, teal, ect that are not readily distinguishable from orange, blue, (ect) are not permitted. Quilted clothing is not permitted. Snorkel type hoods are not permitted. No clothing item may exceed $50.00 in value. Allowable items must not be second hand.
Athletic supporters-no metal or plastic cup.
Bathroom-solid color only.
Belts (non-elastic)- maximum 1 -2" wide with buckle (1 1/2X 1 ).
Boots- 6"maximum exclusive of 2" maximum heel, NO hollow or platform heels or soles. No pumps any color. 2" width heel, no pointed toe, no spikes. No metal shanks/support or toes.
Bow ties.
Gloves and mittens wrist length-bag gloves without metal inserts.
Handkerchiefs (WHITE ONLY).
Hats- winter knit watch cap solid color only, clear transparent plastic rain hat. Jacket (outer garment intended for use during inclement weather) Fabric, length, must be solid green in color (including lining NO HOODS). Jacket military style-solid green (including lining) field jacket without hood. No military patches, insignia or decals are permitted. (Shortwaisted "IKE JACKETS are NOT PERMITTED). Neck ties-cloth, solid colors only. Pajamas-solid colors only. Rain Jacket-clear colorless, transparent plastic, hoods permitted, maximum value $20.00. Rubber galoshes and over-shoes. Sandals. Scarves-solid colors only. Shirts- solid colors except manufacturers logo (fox, alligator, turtle, etc.). No writing permitted. Includes turtleneck, mock turtleneck, and polo shirt.
Shoes-2"heel maximum. No hollow or platform heels or soles. Any color except Blue, No metal/stone or clip on decorations. No metal supports.
Shorts-gym, Bermuda- NO LOGO.
Shower shoes.
Sneakers- NO BLUE. No removable inner soles. NO pockets. NO pumps. NO hollow shoes. NO metal supports.
Socks-NO pockets, solid colors only.
Sweaters- solid colors only except the manufacturers logo (fox, alligator, turtle, etc.) NO WRITING.
Sweat shirts and sweat pants cloth only, hoods permitted. These may have multiple or solid vertical stripes(s) not to exceed two inches in width. No logos or writing T-shirts-solid colors only.
Underwear-jockey, boxer, thermal.

Baseball caps- NO blue, black, gray, or orange (NO LOGOS).
Baseball shoes with rubber cleats.
Checkerboards and checkers.
Chess sets.
Gloves-baseball, handball.
Handballs in original sealed container.
Playing cards-original pack unopened.
Tennis balls-original sealed container only.

Books, magazines and periodicals received from other than the publisher or an approved distributed maybe delayed through the package room up to six (6) days while being subject to close security inspection. All material is subject to Media Review guidelines. Newspapers may be only received from the publisher or an approved distributor, subject to Media Review guidelines.
Carbon paper.
Cassette type automatic demagnetizer.
Clip boards-commercial 9"X15" maximum) non-metal.
Composition books- NO metal spiral binding.
Drawing paper.
Headphones-received directly from manufacturer or established dealer only, 8-35 ohm type (maximum value $50.00). Local permit only. (See directive #4920 for additional stipulations).
Masking tape -1" maximum width.
Mini-calculator- Maximum value $30.00.
Musical Instruments-with case (maximum value $200.00) one local permit only. Notebook covers.
Pens-ball point or felt tip only (NO fluorescent type).
Pen holders (clip type).
Pencil sharpener/manual)
Radio NO LARGER THAN 8"X14" -received directly from the manufacturer or established dealer only. No microphone or talk switch-recording device (see Directive #4920).
Rulers-12" maximum, non-metal.
Tape player- NO larger than 8"X14" received directly from manufacturer or established dealer only.
Tapes- (cassette) commercially sealed in cellophane or similar material, received directly from a distributor, retailer, or manufacturer only. Subject to Media Review. Religious tapes may be received from a bonafide religious organization. These tapes must be in a clear packaging and be reviewed by the Chaplains Office or the Media Review Committee.
Transparent tape-1" maximum width.
Typewriter-portable, mechanical, batter operated, eelectric, electric adaptor or converter.
Memory typewriter -memory must be 7,000 bytes or less (not including built in dictionary). No discs or any other method of transferring information from one unit to another. No external memory adapter or other addition to increase memory. Typewriter with case-maximum value $200.00. Typewriters must be received though purchase from the commissary or established dealer, or brought with the inmate from another facility.
Typewriter ribbons-maximum of 6.
Typewriter correction paper.
Typewriter print wheel-only one or an exchange basis.

Bedding- no blue, black, orange, gray or white permitted. Solid colors only. Calendar-NO larger than 18"X14" when opened.
Can open-manual only with short handle.
Coat hangers-plastic only.
Coffee pot-non-electric, 9-cup maximum, local permit only.
Extension chord 9' maximum, UL approved, one only, local permit.
Greeting cards-with envelopes. (NO electronically operated greeting cards) maximum of 50.
Hot pot-local permit only.
Hair dryer/blow dryer-local permit only.
Key ring.
Lamp-20" maximum, UL approved, non-intensity, maximum value $20.00 local permit only.
Lampshade, non-flammable.
Magnifying glass-plastic 2"X3" diameter maximum.
Matches- book only.
Needle and thread.
Pillow cases- NO BLUE, black, gray, white or orange, (solid color only)
Posters-18"X14" maximum (subject to Media Review).
Review guidelines.
Rug-solid color only, 3'X5' maximum, not braided (one only).
Not including prayer rug.
Saddle soap.
Shoe laces.
Sunglasses-standard size. NO REFLECTOR TYPE, total maximum value $25.00 (2 pairs only).
Thermos bottle- 2-quart maximum, plastic.
Tissues-eyeglasses and facial.
Towels-solid colors only, NO BLACK, gray, orange, green or white.
Washcloths-solid color only, NO BLACK, gray, orange, green or white. Watch/watchband-alarm watch permitted, maximum combined value $50.00. NO STONES. (ONE ONLY).
Watch battery-subject to one for one basis.
Wedding band-maximum value $150.00, NO STONES, NO protrusions.
Writing paper-no envelopes.
A list of articles approved by an employee designated by the Superintendent must be submitted to the package room before they may be received by an inmate. NOTE: REFERENCE GENERAL ORDER #AEI-96

Purchase, receipt or use of religious articles is subject to the provisions of directive #4204, "Religious Programs and Practices." NO COLOR RESTRICTIONS APPLY UNLESS SPECIFIED. Clothing items must not exceed $50.00 in value. Bible, Koran and other scriptural and devotional books- see directive #4202. Subject to the restrictions for other printed material covered in section IV-G of Directive #4911.
Guthra- (prayer shawl)-1 yard square.
Islamic oils six (6) vials per months must be approved by Superintendent and come from an approved source.
Kufi- a hemispheric head cap that can be cloth, knitted or crocheted, multicolored or single colored. No color prohibitions. The Kufi may have a peak on top I t must fit close to the head. No protrusions (visor, tassels, etc).
Prayer beads- see directive #4202.
Prayer rug- (one only) may be possessed in addition to rug permitted in section IV H-a, NO BLUE, black gray or orange.
Religious medal and chain $50.00 maximum value, NO STONES, maximum 2"diameter.
Robes-solid black, blue, gray, or orange not permitted.
Talit (prayer shawl), 1 yard square,
Talit Katan-fringed underwear.
Yarmulke a close fitted skullcap that can be made of cloth, knitted or crocheted, multicolored or single color. There are no color prohibitions

09-29-2003, 03:00 PM
Gracias again for the information. I didn't realize that they could receive so many different items. I will more than likely put together a package of items from the list you sent me and I'll take it with me on the visit. Wish that I could take more, but I'm not too clear on who is visiting him now and whether or not they are taking packages to him on their visits. I will check in with him and take it from there.

Your help is appreciated,

roc city girl
09-29-2003, 05:18 PM
China, its best that u find out if he is recieving pkgs from some one else because i would hate for you to take a food package and have it all returned to you.

09-30-2003, 04:03 PM
Si, I plan to do that next time I speak with him or write. My visit is in four weeks and I'm running out of time to get everything in place and so on. I'm really nervous about this first visit, but your information has helped me to at least know what to expect. Thanks for all the feedback!