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12-20-2007, 01:26 PM
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12-20-2007, 01:28 PM
General Information

Gib Lewis Unit has a maximum capacity of 2190 male inmates of custody levels G1 through G4 and Ad Seg. Gib Lewis Unit is located one mile east of Woodville in Tyler County, Texas off of Texas 190 on FM 3497.

Manufacturing and logistics include a woodworking shop and agricultural operations include a pine tree farm, security dogs and horses as well as the unit garden.

Educational programs include Literacy, CHANGES/Pre-Release, Cognitive Intervention and Project RIO. Career and Technology Programs include Electrical Trades, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration and Mill & Cabinetmaking

For general information about TDCJ, here are links to the General Information Guide for the Families of Offenders ( and the Offender Orientation Handbook ( Each contains a wealth of information.

12-20-2007, 01:29 PM
TDCJ Contact Information for Gib Lewis Unit

Unit Address
PO Box 9000,
Woodville, Texas 75990

777 F.M 3497
Woodville, Texas 75979

Phone: 409-283-8181

Senior Warden
Greg Dawson

TDCJ Correctional Institutions Division, Regional Director
Robert Treon, Region I (
Region I Directors Office
1225 Avenue G
Huntsville, Texas 77340
Phone: 936-437-1770
Fax: 936-437-1988

12-20-2007, 01:30 PM
Parole Contact Information for Gib Lewis Unit

Decisions about parole for most offenders (non-capital) are made by the local board office to which the unit has been assigned. Workup of offender files and parole review interviews are done by one or more of the Institutional Parole Offices (IPO’s) by an IPO, Institutional Parole Officer. (confuses me too) Contact information for the local board office and the IPO Regional headquarters are given below along with the contact information for the central Parole Division office in Austin.

TDCJ Parole Division Central Office - Austin (
Parole Division
8610 Shoal Creek Blvd.
P.O. Box 13401, Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711

Gib Lewis Unit falls under the Huntsville Board Office ( of the Parole Division.

Huntsville Board Office
1300 11th Street, Suite 520
P.O Box 599
Phone: 936-291-2161
Fax: 936-291-8367

Gib Lewis Unit falls under [/URL]the [URL=""]Central IPO Region ( of the Parole Division.

Central IPO Region
Regional Supervisor Philip Doughty
Huntsville IPO
1650 7th Street
Huntsville, Texas 77320
Phone: 936-291-4104
Fax: 936-291-8371

12-20-2007, 01:32 PM
Mail Information for Gib Lewis Unit

You are allowed to send correspondence in the form of letters and cards to offenders. Books as well as subscriptions to magazines and newspapers are also allowed but all publications must be approved before an inmate may receive them. All publications must be sent from the publisher or approved vendor (e.g. Amazon or Barnes and Noble). They cannot be mailed in from an individual. Plain writing paper or tablets with a gummed binding (not stapled) as well as envelopes may be sent from a vendor as well. You may not send any personal items, clothing, pens or pencils, stamps or stamped envelopes. You may not send altered photos. It is always a good idea to call the unit and speak with the mail room if you have any question about what may be allowed to be sent via mail. You may also call the Mail Systems Coordinator Panel (MSCP) for clarification of TDCJ mail policy. It makes for painful reading but here is a link to TDCJ’s Uniform Offender Correspondence Rules (

Gib Lewis Unit Visiting Information

Visitation is Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Most visits are for 2 hours and may be contact or non-contact depending on the offenders’ status and your relationship.
If you must travel more than 300 miles you might qualify for a Special Visit. To arrange a special visit call the Wardens Office. Be sure and get the name of who you talk to (usually warden's secretary). They will arrange the visit if it is possible and ask you to call back for confirmation. Inmates are allowed ONLY one visit per weekend. Some wardens allow a visit on both Saturday and Sunday for a special visit but this can only be confirmed with the wardens’ office. It is always a good idea to call ahead before any visit to be sure that your friend or family member is still at that unit and is allowed visits
Dress Code For Visitors
No revealing clothing is allowed, no shorts for men or women, Capri pants must come WELL below the knee. No sleeveless or low cut shirts or blouses are allowed. Clothing that is too tight or inappropriate in any way can prevent you from visiting. Some units do not allow children to wear shorts. If this is an issue for you please call ahead and ask about the dress code for children. Sandals are allowed at this time but many units are starting to disallow them so tennis shoes or the like are safest. Please be aware that if you violate the dress code your visit may not be allowed.

Rules For Visitation

Your car may be searched as you enter and leave the unit but this policy may vary. Cigarettes and lighter may be kept in your car. Firearms and alcohol are not allowed. Toolboxes or other containers must be opened as well as glove box and console. If you arrive in a truck the bed should be clear of items. All loose items should be locked inside the vehicle or toolbox. You will be wand searched at most units as you enter the visitation building or pass through the gate. Children are wand searched also. Do not carry a cell phone or your visits may be terminated permanently. If in doubt about anything call the unit for more information. Be aware that the address that the offender gives for you MUST match the address on your driver’s license. Visitors may be turned away if the addresses do not match.

Phone Calls

Offenders are allowed one phone every 90 days if their status allows. Calls are carried out on a speaker phone so the guards can listen in and may only last about five minutes.

12-20-2007, 01:33 PM
Hotels/Motels near Gib Lewis Unit

Pickens are slim if you need to stay in Woodville overnight. Three motels are located along US Highway 69 passing north/south through town along with one listing for a bed and breakfast in town.

Woodville Inn
201 North Magnolia Street
Woodville, Tx 75979

Willis Motel
423 North Magnolia Street
Woodville, Tx 75979

Stagecoach Inn
902 South Magnolia Street
Woodville, Tx 75979

Antique Rose Bed & Breakfast
612 North Nellius Street
Woodvile, Tx 75979

12-20-2007, 01:33 PM
Restaurant/Fast food Places near Gib Lewis Unit

Fast food outlets are fairly well represented with a Sonic, Jack In the Box, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Subway. There is also the single Mexican food restaurant called La Enchilada. All of these are on US-69 (Magnolia Street) that runs through the middle of town. La Enchilada as well as some others are listed below. By the way, Tyler County is dry.

La Enchilada
1127 South Magnolia Street
Woodville, Tx 75979

Lone Star Roadhouse
2133 US 69 S
Woodville, Tx 75979

Pickett House-Heritage Museum
PR 6000 (off US 190 West)
Woodville, Tx 75979

Dogwood Cafe
419 South Magnolia Street
Woodville, Tx 75979

The Tree Restaurant
7503 US 69 S
Woodville, Tx 75979

12-20-2007, 01:34 PM
Driving Directions to Gib Lewis Unit

Woodville is about 106 miles northeast of downtown Houston at the intersection of Highways US-190 (east/west) and US-69 (north/south). It is about 30 miles directly east along US-190 from Livingston which sits on US-59 coming north from Houston.

To Woodville from Houston
Houston area is large but unless you live on the east side far enough to make driving back west impractical you will drive up US-59 to Livingston. There you exit and take US 59 business around the east side of Livingston and take a right heading eastbound on US-190. It is then about 33 miles straight to Woodville. Being on the east side of Houston myself, I have driven to (through) Woodville several different routes to get me northbound on US-69 to Woodville. Most direct is I-10 east to Beaumont and pick up US-69 there. Usually, however, I drive Texas 146 through Dayton and Liberty to Moss Hill where I pick up Texas 105 eastbound and then take Texas 770 towards Saratoga. That takes me straight to Kountze which sits on US 69. An option to that is to take FM 834 east off of Texas 146 on the way to Moss Hill which also takes me directly to FM 770 just north of Hull.

To Woodville from Dallas/Fort Worth
From Dallas, take I-45 south about 170 miles to Huntsville. I don’t know what traffic is like through Fort Worth heading east but you live west of I-45 then you could head south on I-35 and cut across back east to I-45 on Texas 22 when you get to Hillsboro. Either way, as you enter Huntsville you exit at US-190/Texas highways 30 and 75 (it is all three for a little while) where you take a left and drive east about 77 miles to Woodville, passing through Livingston along the way. As an option, you could take the scenic route where you take exit 164 at Centerville and drive east on Texas 7 about 33 miles to Crockett. There, take loop 304 south around town and pick up US-287 southbound 75 miles to Woodville through Pennington, Groveton, Corrigan and Chester. If you are in no hurry it saves about 14 miles.

To Woodville from San Antonio
Take I-10 east to Houston (181 miles) then take exit 756 north bound onto West Sam Houston Tollway (26 miles). At US- 59, exit north bound and drive about 58 miles to Livingston There you exit and take US 59 business around the east side of Livingston and take a right heading eastbound on US-190. It is then about 33 miles straight to Woodville. An option to the Sam Houston Tollway is to stay on I-10 towards Houston (approx 14 miles) and exit north bound on US-59 70 miles to Livingston and east on US-190.

To Woodville from Austin
Option 1) Proceed east out of Austin on US-290, around Brenham, and 142 miles into Houston. You then take the North Sam Houston Tollway 20 miles east to US-59 where you exit and proceed north to Livingston (58 miles). There you exit and take US 59 business around the east side of Livingston and take a right heading eastbound on US 190. It is then about 33 miles straight to Woodville.

Option 2) Here is an alternate with no Houston traffic. Except for a short run following Texas 105 south along Texas 6 in Navasota, this route is a straight shot from Brenham to Cleveland on US 59.
Leave Austin heading east on US-290 to Brenham (85 miles) but take business 290 into Brenham which will be Alamo Street through town. This is also Texas 105. Texas 105 is the road you are looking for and it will make a left turn at Chappell Hill Street. Follow Texas 105 out of town and continue on passing through Navasota (25 miles), Montgomery (26 miles) and Conroe (16 miles) on your way to Cleveland (23 miles). There you head north on US-59 about 30 miles to Livingston There you exit and take US-59 business around the east side of Livingston and take a right heading eastbound on US-190. It is then about 33 miles straight to Woodville.

To the unit:
Gib Lewis Unit is located on FM 3497 about a mile and a half east of Woodville. From Woodville, head east on US-190 about a mile and a half and turn left onto FM 3497. Gib Lewis unit is about three quarters of a mile dead ahead on FM 3497.

12-20-2007, 01:37 PM
Things To Do near Gib Lewis Unit

Gib Lewis Unit is located in Woodville, Texas ( with largely nothing but east Texas backwoods in the vicinity. Population in 2000 was estimated at 2,415 and reduced 5% to 2,296 in 2006. So, you get the picture. Martin Dies Jr. State park is about 16 miles east down US 190 towards Jasper on the eastern bank of B.A. Steinhagen Reservoir. For golfers there is the Dogwood Hills Country Club is just a few miles west of Woodville, also on US 190.

Dogwood Hills Country Club (
150 US Hwy 190 West
Woodville, Tx 75979

Martin Dies, Jr. State Park (
RR 4 Box 274
Jasper, Tx 75951

12-20-2007, 01:44 PM
Transportation to Gib Lewis Unit

Greyhound Bus Lines ( have a route that passes through Woodville on the way to Lufkin and beyond but have no scheduled stop there. If you fly into Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) ( you can rent a car there and make the drive in about two hours but there is no other transportation to Woodville.

PTO has a Texas Share A Ride Thread – Region I ( in the Texas Prison Visitation sub-forum for those that can car pool.