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03-14-2008, 05:16 AM
Ventress Correctional Facility

Prison Physical Address:
Hwy 239 N
Clayton, AL 36016

Prison Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 767
Clayton, AL 36016-0767

Prison Main Phone Number: (334) 775-3331

Warden: JC Giles

Visitation Hours:

See current 2008 Visitation schedule here:

On Saturday and Sunday, visitors will be allowed access to the parking area at 7:30 A.M. Visitor in-processing will begin at 8:00 AM or as soon thereafter as circumstances will permit. Cut-off time is 11:00 AM-No one will be allowed to enter after this time. Those visitors who are not allowed to visit wil not be allowed to stay in the parking log. They must leave state property.

Visitation Rules:

1. The visitor's name must appear on the inmate's visiting list. The visitor must be 19 years of age to be listed and be able to visit, unless they are immediate family of the inmate (brother, sister, children) in which they must be 19 to be on the visiting list.
2. Visitors who are not admitted can not remain in the lobby but must return to their vehicle and leave State property.
3. All visitors 16 years of age or older must have a valid pictrue I.D. or valid drivers license or a non-driver ID issued by the Department of Public Safety.
4. Visitors are required to sign in. When singing in, visitor's must know the inmate's AIS# and the visitor's CAR TAG NUMBER.
5. Special visit are normally approved for immediate family members who live out of state who are not able to visit on a regular basis.
6. The names of children under the age of 19 re required to appear on the inmate's visiting list, and they must be accompanied by an adult who is approved.
7. Only four adults and four children may visit with an inmate at one time.
8. No solid white clothing or anything that appears to be white will be permitted, (esample NO BEIGE, CREAM, OR LIGHT TAN) (i.e. blouses, shirts, pants, skirts.
9. No jewelry will be permitted.
10. No mini-skirts, shorts, Capri pants, flood pants, spandex pants, halter tops, low-cut tops, sundresses, sleeveless tops, see-through clothing, jogging/sweat suits, or wind suits are allowed. No dresses or skirts that button or zip down the front. No short tail shirts, no skin-tight clothing or clothing that exposes the midriff is allowed. Clothing which may be appropriate in many public places may not be appropriate for visitation at this facility.
11. All female visitors must wear a bra and panties. A slip must be worn with dresses and skirts. Dresses and skirts must be below the knee, with no slit up the leg (front, back or side).
12. No wigs or hair pieces unless pre-approved by the warden.
13. There will be no smoking on the visiting yard. This includes the restrooms. The visitors will not be allowed to stand outside the visiting room and smoke.
14. Inmates are not allowed to handle any money during their visit.


1. Anyone found to be in possession of any non-permitted item in the visiting area will be asked to leave
2. All unused change must be brought out by the visitor. Inmates are not allowed to handle or keep money.
3. Visitors who bring children will be responsible for those childre on the visiting yard. If the visitor can not control their children, they will be asked to leave.
4. Any visitor who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave.
5. Any visitor who creates a disturbance, whether physical or verbal, will be asked to leave.
6. Adults will not be permitted to sit on each other's lap; no sitting or standing in an obscene manner, no vulgar language.
7. Inmates may kiss their visitor at the beginning and at the end of their visit, ONLY (time limit less than 5 seconds). NO other physical contact permitted.
8. Visitors may visit only one inmate. Visiting other inmates will not be permitted, with the exception of a parent having two children incarcerated here.
9. Visitors and inmates will exit the visiting yard at 1:00 PM.

Type of prison: State prison

Security level of prison: Medium & Below

Number of prisoners: 1246

Opened in: 1990

Death row: no

The hole: Unknown at this time, coming soon

Hours of daily lockdown: Unknown, coming soon

Other housing info: Ventress Correctional Facility was opened in August of 1990 with a primary mission to provide alcohol and drug treatment to the Department’s growing inmate population. Located in Clayton, the campus-designed Ventress maintains medium or below custody inmates in:

- One of the six on-going eight-week treatment classes.
- One of the two 15-week programs for inmates with dual disorders.
- An 18-month (minimum) Therapeutic Community.
- A six-month program, which was funded by a crime bill.
- One of two structured aftercare dormitories.

Other info: Ventress offers academic and vocation educational programs, which are provided by the nearby Sparks Technical College. In addition, Ventress provides community services to localized city, county and state agencies.

Rules for mail both inbound and outbound: Coming soon, but until verified mail should be addressed as such:

P.O. Box 767
CLAYTON, AL 36016-0767

Can you send stamps to a prisoner? Yes, stamps can be sent in with letters, up to 40 (two books of stamps) at one time. Stamps can be self-adhesive in a book or those that require moisture to stick.

How to send money to a prisoner in this prison: You may send a money order to prisoners at Ventress; best to probably send separately rather than with any letters. These may be postal money orders or from most of the usual money order vendors (Travelers Express, Western Union, American Express, etc.) - if in doubt call the facility to see if a type of money order is on their approved list.

Fill out the prisoner’s name and AIS # in the “Pay To” section, and the sender’s complete name and address in the “From” section. The prisoner must have a funds list and if the sender is not on that list, the money order will be sent back. The funds list is different and separate from the visitation list. People on the funds list must be approved, just as people on the visitation list.

You may now also send funds to ADOC inmates via Western Union online, and funds are generally on their books within a matter of hours. How to do this:

1. Go to and set up an account.

2. Look for the "How To" section, then "Send an Inmate Payment Online".

3. When it asks you for the account number, enter the AIS number and inmate's last name like this with no spaces: 123456SMITH

4. (I would suggest putting your inmate's first & last name on the next ("optional") line to just to be safe!)

ADOC web page for Ventress:

Information last updated: 14 March 2008

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If you are under the age of 19 and going to see a prisoner does the adult your with have to be your parent ?

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How long does it usually take to be approved for visitation?