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04-01-2008, 09:59 AM
A friend of mine whos brother is about to get out this June was telling me that an co officer told her brother about this program. Has anyone ever heard of this? Oops. It should say Benefits For Former Inmates. Sorry

For: Ex offenders

Contact(s): Social Security Office
Welfare Department
State Rehabilitation Office

What do I do? Where do I go? Who do I talk to?

Go immediately upon release to the nearest Social Security Office and ask to speak to a counselor so that you can apply for social security inurance emergency supplement benefits of $1500.00. Explain that you are emotionally and mentally unprepared to hold a job, show then your parole or mandatory release papers, in order to prove you are just out of prison. (NOTE you should receive a check within 72 hours) While at the office, fill out the necessary forms for the $310.00 monthly disability benefits for every month you were incarcerated.
Now, go to the nearest WELFARE DEPARTMENT OFFICE and apply for the GENERAL RELIEF. Again show them your parole or mandatory release papers as proof that you are just out of prison. Tell them you need financial assistance immediately! A check should be issued to you within 2 hours. It should be for approximately $150.00. Also, apply for FOOD STAMPS while you are there you should recieve about $110.00 worth while you are there be sure to obtain your medical card for health protection benefits. (NOTE this card can be used at any doctor's office)

a. $1500.00-one time payment
b. $300.00-3 months payment
c. $228.00-per month payment
d. $168.00-per month payment

a. $1900.00-for auto expense
b. $300.00-for work clothes
c. $400.00-for casual clothes
d. $$$$$-for work tools

1. About two months prior to release send a letter to the regional director of the social security department asking for an application for $980.00 under SSI. Tell him you have seen and been approved for parole or your release date and city you will be living in. You can't receive benefits while in prison, but your letter serves as an application. Under RCW 74.29.205, RCW 72.02.040 and Public Law 93.365.92.603 as an ex-convict you are classified as a disadvantaged minority. (IF YOU HAVE A JOB WAITING YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS BENEFIT)
2. Under the same citations as quoted in #1, you can write the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES in your city or county, to get a list for LOW INCOME HOUSING.
3. Upon your release if you have no job waiting you can go to the Dept. of Social Services and apply for food stamps. Approximately $180.00 is available if you qualify.
4. Even if you rent a room if your income is below a certain level you are eligible in many states for a one time a year fuel assistance payment through your social services.
5. To help you get a job in the trade in which you are qualified and the job requires tools and/or special clothing, go to the DEPARTMENT OF VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION.
6. If you wish to start your own business, the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONS can help. You must present a business plan to at least three banks and be turned down by them before approaching the SBA. The SBA can loan you up to $24,000.00 which the SBA guarantees to the bank. Under the retired businessman plan a sucessful small business owner, (who is retired) will help you formulate your business plan at no charge. They will also loan you up to $1000.00 more if a work vehicle is needed of course you must present a business plan which shows a chance for success.
7. Under the dept. of labor insurance plan, the government will ensure your bonding if needed for a job.
8. Targeted JOB TAX CREDITS is a benefit for the employers willing to hire ex-convicts. The employer will receive a $3000.00 "TAX WRITE OFF" the first year and a $1500.00 one the next. If the employer is training you in a skill the government will pay half of your wages for the first year, in addition to the tax-cut the employer receives.
9. As an ex-convict you are classified as a disadvantaged minority, thus you are eligible for vocational training schooling, as well as the benefits mentioned above. (YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF THE FACT THAT MANY STATE AND FEDERALLY OPERATED PROGRAMS DON'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH EX-CONVICTS, IN SUCH CASES ALWAYS BRING THE PROPER LAWS AND DOCUMENTS STATING YOU ARE ENTITLED TO RECEIVE THESE BENEFITS.)

Go to the STATE REHABILITATION CENTER where you can apply for various federally funded loans and grants.
If you want to start a small business make a list of the approx. cost of all equipment you will need. (i.e. tools, work clothes, etc.) and an estimate for how much operating cash you will need to start up the business. Until it starts to make a living for you. They may loan you up to $50,000.00
If you need to be bonded for employment by a private employer you can obtain the bond from and US district Court. Go to the probation and parole department it should take less than an hour to have the validated forms in your hand. You are qualified because you are on SSI. The WELFARE DEPT. will automatically send you $228.00 per month for financial assistance and utility. SSI is the same in every state!
A. Go to the DEPT. OF VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION because you are on SSI
B. A convicted felon is a depressed minority. You also qualify for a certain benefit package. The amount of this package is $1900.00 to be used for a down payment on a vehicle. The car must be used to go back and forth to work.
C. You will also receive $300.00 for clothing on the job and another $400.00 for tools. These are grants and DO NOT have to be paid back.

04-01-2008, 10:00 AM
Oops. It should say Benefits For Former Inmates.

04-01-2008, 10:10 AM
Oh my goodness! Thank you so much. My husband got food stamps when he was paroled but we had no idea about these things. Wonder if you can still get this if you're married? It's worth a try. Thanks dimples!!!!
:D :D :D

*Edit, printed and ready to mail to my hubby. Thanks again hun!

04-01-2008, 07:20 PM
Honestly, I stopped reading after the second paragraph. My ex looked into stuff and and couldnt get anything but vocational rehab (called state rehab above) and it is NOT money! It is free services where they can help you find a job and improve your job skills to aid in finding and becoming qualified to get a job. He could not get food stamps or medicaid. Also social security does not work that way. He a person that is released feels that they are incapable of working due to them being in prison or whatever, they have to apply for SS disability and SSI adn be approved. This is a lengthy process. They will have to have proof from doctors, pshychiatrists, etc. SS will go back like 10 yrs for docs and everything, any meds you are taking for the disorder, etc. It is not a 3 day process and heres your check! This is the government everyone, when have they ever been so quick to help ANYONE? If any of this true I am highly disappointed in our system. I understand that inmates need money and help too but that much! That is insane. What about the people who are out here, working for their money and dont make much and still cant get jack. Also forgot to mention, the voc rehab can help set a person up with counselors, guide them towards getting a better education, etc. They are here to HELP the person establish and improve theirselves in the community, not cater to them.

04-02-2008, 09:35 AM
I figured it was probably not true but i was just checking to see if anyone knew.


04-02-2008, 11:18 AM
Well, I know the Food Stamps one is true. :) I'll work on researching the others.

04-02-2008, 05:54 PM
I called a couple of people today and was talking to them about the benefits and all. About the food stamps there are state guidelines BUT each county does paperwork a different way. SO I guess it really matters what county you are in. My sis in law 8 months preg lost her FS in Rockingham county because she was cleaning a house once a week for $50. SHe also got SSI but they didnt count that, anyway she came to Randolph and got FS and pregnancy Medicaid within 7 days, no questions asked. Also, Nick couldnt get FS because he has a felony drug conviction, hence why he was in prison.

04-03-2008, 10:28 AM
Sorry, but this is just one of those urban legends that goes around the prisons every so often. First time I saw it was in 1983.

04-04-2008, 07:51 AM
DANG! :( Oh well, it was nice for a second tho! :D

04-21-2009, 01:25 PM
This post that spells out all this asistance was originally written in 2007, I believe. To update you all, I was released from prison and never heard of such. I went to social services and absolutely nothing was available to me other than food stamps. If you have a drug conviction, you may not even be able to get food stamps (Thank ole Clinton for that). Vocational Rehab. is an excellent support system, they will buy uniforms (work clothes), tools, anything needed to do a particular trade. They will also assist with employment, here in my town (Jacksonville,NC) VR has various jobs....recyclying center, janitorial at base hospital, stocking at commissary, and groundskeppers at the base, to name a few. The pay is around $8.00/hr. They do provide transportation if it is needed. Most cities have jobs for VR clients...ASK! Then too, they also pay for a trade school/community college. I know several people who went to cosmotology, everything was provided for them. VR also pays for medication, will assist with medical visits (needs approval-emergent), they even bought me a refrigerator for the house I had rented ($250.00). VR use to be within the prison system, but due to budget cuts (CLINTON) they were removed. Now you have to get out and have a referral. Most times this comes from a mental health center, you have to have a diagnosis of substance abuse, depression, etc. to be approved. It takes time, you have to be patient, but in the long run if you want to better your situation they will help you do it. Make an appointment within your city and go in for a visit, you will be told you have to have a referral, so plan on making an appointment with mental health also, tell MH you need to be evaluated for a VR referral. I seriously doubt any money of the mentioned magnitude is available. Their are small buisiness loans designed for those who have been convicted of a felony to start a small buisiness. I know this for a fact, I don't have much information about it, but it exists.For anyone who is just getting out and has no family support I reccomend a halfway house, my friend did this and it made such a difference in his overall outlook on life. Most are spiritually based. They provide a great deal of supportive services. Shelters are also available, but dismal. If it's all you have though you have to survive, do it! Temporary agencies are a good way to make quick money as many pay daily. Show up early, most are first come first serve, do not be picky, money makes life better. Food Banks are available in every city. Wilmington, NC has some really nice ones. Salvation Army generally distributes emergency food if you tell them you were just released from prison. Also if applying for food stamps, ask the case worker for food vouchers. You will be given vouchers to go to a foodbank and get food /hygiene items. Other than this one has to have a positive attitude and keep the ole chin up and make life better for self. STRIVE TO SURVIVE, it all works out in the end, promise. I made it!

09-26-2011, 06:10 PM
I have been in the system since 1976 and incarcerated over 15 years of that time. Today I am a prison volunteer speaking at different prisons. I talk mostly about the barriers and myths men and women face when getting out. One of the main myths that I encounter is that EX-OFFENDERS can get unemployment(EUI) and Social Security.
With regards to Unemployment: Unless a person was incarcerated less that 12 months and had worked for a year or more and had UEI taken out of their check then they CAN NOT collect UEI.
Now on SOCIAL SECURITY. EX-OFFENDERS CANNOT collect unemployment just becasue they were incarcerated. FOLKS people are lying to you. Unless you are physically or mentally disabled (verified by a physician or psychiatrist and diagnosed with such) YOU WILL NOT get SSI.
OTHER PROGRAMS. Their are no federal programs that give money directly to an EX-OFFENDER. Through the President's Second Chance ACt, States and faith based organizations can get grants to help ex-offenders. This varies from State to State and from organization to organization.
Recently, the President made deep cuts in that program so what ever monies were out there most likely are not there now.
CAUTION: Just because some cat in the Law Library has found some BILL that allows for monies and programs for ex-offenders doesn't mean that bill got passed. In fact it was probably cut in the first reading of the bill.
BEWARE. If you are looking for free money, it ain't gonna happen. You have to work for a living out here.

09-26-2011, 09:57 PM
Well said!

To say it again - in The Family and Friends Handbook
Pages 63 and 64

01-29-2012, 10:03 PM
i got 7 months ago can i still app;y for social securit:)