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12-20-2003, 06:04 PM
Here's a partial list of codes for parole conditions.. watch for updates!

01 - Contact agent no later than first business day after release
01.0 - No contact with any child 16 or younger
02 - Must not change residence
02.9 - Not use or have any controlled substances or drug items
03 - Must not leave state
04 - Not engage in any behavior that constitutes a violation
04.18 - Association
04.7 - Allow Field Agent into your residence
05 - Comply with alcohol and drug testing ordered by field agent
06 - Not associate with anyone you know to have a felony record
06.4 - Maintain employment of at least 30 hours per week
07 - Must not own, possess or use any object as a weapon
07.2 - Pay restitution as described
07.3 - Pay a Crime Victim's Assessment
07.5 - Pay Supervision Fee pursuant to PA 185 of 1993
07.7 - Court costs
08 - Make earnest efforts to find and maintain employment
08.5 - Serve # of days in jail
2.0 - Not use/possess alcohol/intoxicants or in place served
2.1 - Complete Sub Abuse Treatment Program as referred by agent
2.2 - Submit to alcohol/drug test ordered by Parole Agent
2.3 - Not own/possess paging device or cellular phone
3.0 - Take medication as prescribed by licensed physician
3.1 - Participate in Adult ED/GED as ordered by Parole Agent
3.2 - Complete psychological evaluation
3.3 - Treatment Program (mental health/other) approved by agent
3.4 - Complete Sub Abuse Treatment Program as referred by agent
3.5 - Treatment disclosure to parole agent
3.6 - Complete SAI Residential program
3.7 - Complete tether program
3.8 - Live in Corrections Center as ordered by Field Agent
4.16 - Obey all court orders
4.17 - Valid Michigan Driver License/Personal ID Card
4.3 - Must reside at (location) when paroled
4.4 - Abide by a specified curfew as directed
4.5 - No contact/or within 500' home/school/employment of (name)
4.6 - No contact
5.0 - May not drive without agent consent
5.1 - May not drive
6.0 - Not be self-employed without agent consent
6.1 - Not work as ____
6.3 - Must not work with direct control or access to money
7.0 - No checking account, charge account or credit card
7.1 - Pay cost of treatment
8.0 - Obey all court orders

12-20-2003, 06:23 PM
Mrs. D - we should like this with the parole info in the "everything you need to know...."

12-20-2003, 06:26 PM
one step ahead of you... I already posted the link :D


12-20-2003, 08:37 PM
Hey all thanks............. I am going to print this up and send it to Ben.

06-02-2009, 07:58 PM
there are number of people who have gotten parole lately. i was wondering if we could all pitch in and update this list? if stuff isn't on there does it mean it's not a condition? for example my hunny's parole papers say nothing about not going out of state. i'm sure this is just a standard one but just wondering. i will post what i have in the next thread.

now he did get a white paper which is what is posted below. he also got a blue paper. on it there are two codes not listed on the white paper. other than that everything is the same. i can't remember the codes, but after meeting with his p.o. it appears they are gps tether (4.19????) and polygraph testing (7.8???)

so if anyone knows for sure i would love to know. thanks!!!!

06-02-2009, 08:39 PM
this is from a paper called parole board notice of decision under the special conditions imposed in addition to standard rules:

1.0 you must not have any verbal, written, electronic, or physical contact with any individual age 17 or under, or attempt to do so, either directly or through another person.

1.1 you must not live in a residence where any individual age 17 or under stays or is cared for. you must not provide care for any individual age 17 or under.

1.3 you must not marry, date, or have any romantic involvement with anyone who resides with or has physical custody for any individual age 17 or under, without first getting permission from the field agent.

1.4 you must not purchase, posessess or use sexually stimulating materials of any kind, as defind by your relaspe prevention plan, therapist or counselor, and/or the field agent. you must not enter places where sexually explicit/stimulating materials are sold.

1.5 you must complete sex offender treatment or other treatment when you are referred by the field agent.

1.6 you must not reside, work, or be within 1000 feet of the property of any student safety zone (developmental kindergarten through 12th grade school) unless you meet a statutory exemption and have prior written approval of the field agent.

1.7 you must not go to or be within 500 feet of parks, municapl swimming pools, playgrounds, child care centers, pre-schools, arcades, or other places primarily used by individuals age 17 or under without prior written approval of the field agent.

1.8 you must not possess children's clothing, toys, games, or videos without first getting written permission from field agent.

1.9 you must not posses or use any photographic equipment or photographic development equipment.

1.12 you must not own, posses, or use any computer or any device capable of connecting to the internet either directly or indirectly through a third party provider or reside in any residence in which these are present, without first getting written permission.

1.13 you must not use any telephone numbers or telephone services which are sexually oriented.

1.14 you must not enter topless bars, or places where there is exotic dancing, strippingt, simulation of sexual acts, or where public nudity is a source of entertainment.

2.0 you must not use or possess alcholic beverages or other intoxicants. you must not enter bars or other places where the primary purpose is to serve alcholic beverages for drinking on site, unless the field agent has first given written permissin.

2.1 you must complete outpatient or residential substance or re-entry program when you are referred by the field agent.

3.1 you must participate in an adult education or GED program as directed by the field agent.

3.2 you must complete a psychological evaluation when you are referred by the field agen.

3.3 you must complete mental health or other treatment when you are referred by the field agent.

3.5 you must waive confidentiality and allow any treatment program that you are required to attend to diclose information to the field agent.

4.5 you must not have written, electronic, or physical contact either directly or through another perso and you must not be within 500 fee of their residence, school or place of employment of _________.

4.15 you must not hitchike or pick up hitchikers.

7.1 you must pay the cost of your treatment program according to your ability as determined by the treatment program.