View Full Version : Otero County Prison,Chaparral,New Mexico

03-14-2009, 01:16 PM
Otero county prison Facility in Chaparral,NM has about 3 different
addresses listed on the internet,but it's in Chaparral,NM @ 10
McGregor Range Road,zip code,88081,but it's out in the middle of
no NOWHERE! Some list this facility as being in Anthony,& Some
say elsewhere.Chaparral,NM is the main town listed & when I called
they said they are in Chaparral,but they are near to El Paso,Texas
close to the border of Texas & Las Cruces,New Mexico.
The internet doesn't even show the prison facility itself,some of
the few articles listed about the incredible problems they are having
with immigrants & deportation might show the processing room but
a small part of the out side of the building but it's out in the remote
desert! The internet doesn't show a pic of the prison & there isn't
much information about it on the internet like most prisons & when
you call them,no one wants to answer your questions at all.
They are very secretive to say the least. More information about
this prison definately needs to be out so people can know whats
going on with their loved ones & family,friends,ect.....
It's also a prison that houses both males & females on seperate
floors they say. They have been reported in some internet articles
as having very crude & unkind behaviors towards the inmates &
those who are mexican & especially the illegal aliens!!!