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04-07-2004, 08:33 PM
By Elissa Hunt
April 8, 2004

THE love of the husband she plotted to kill has earned a woman a reduced jail term.

Canadian woman Dorothy Marie Skura, 38, tried to hire a hitman to murder her businessman husband, Gerry, for $25,000 in March last year.

Skura was miserable in Melbourne and wanted to go back to Canada, taking her husband's wealth with her.

Despite her husband's forgiveness and wish for them to start over, she was jailed last July for seven years with a minimum term of 4 1/2 years.

But yesterday the Court of Appeal cut 18 months from her minimum sentence after finding the sentencing judge did not give enough weight to Mr Skura's support for his wife.

Skura came to Australia with her daughter when her husband was promoted in April 2002, but had no friends or work and was unhappy.

She paid a man she met $10,000 to kill Mr Skura, but he took off with the money.

She asked another man to give her heroin to lace her husband's food.

There were unexplained events such as a fire at the Skura house, which prosecutors claimed were failed attempts on Mr Skura's life.

In March last year Skura made a deal with an undercover policeman posing as a hitman to have her husband killed so she could cash in on insurance and pensions before returning overseas.

But when she pleaded guilty to the crime Mr Skura gave her his full backing and told the court in a victim statement he wanted to offer her "love, support and the change of lifestyle to enable (her) to re-enter society and (her) family as a better person".

Skura will serve at least three years of a maximum six-year sentence.

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04-08-2004, 01:28 AM
Exactly the same thing happened to a prisoner that I know, I met while visiting in corrections, and he got 14 years. :(
Just goes to show what mood the judge is in on the day.