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05-04-2004, 07:45 AM
Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center
PO Box 8000
Shirley, Ma. 01464

Security Level: 6
Superintendent: Thomas Dickhaut
Phone (978)514-6500

The Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center (SBCC), is the Massachusetts Department of Correction’s newest correctional facility. Construction began on Souza-Baranowski on November 19, 1996. Less than 2 years later, SBCC was completed incorporating the highest degree of technical integration of any prison in the country. Officially opening on September 30, 1998, this 500,000 square foot, high-tech, maximum-security facility consists of 1024 general population cells, 128 special management cells, and 24 health service beds. The security system is operated by 42 graphic interfaced computer terminals (GUI), which drive a keyless security system. The GUI controls 1705 doors, lights, receptacles, water, intercom/Public Address, fire alarms and vehicle gates. Incorporating one of the largest camera matrix systems in the country, 366 cameras record live 24 hours a day. The perimeter surveillance system includes taut wire and microwave detection systems.

Visiting Information

General Population

Inmates are allowed three visiting periods per week with only one period allowed per day. A maximum of two adults, with four visitors total, may visit an inmate at any one time.

*Visitors will not be allowed to gain entrance between the hours of 2:40 - 3:30 p.m. and after 8:00pm.

Visiting for SBCC is by housing. There are two visiting periods per day:
1:00 PM ~ 3:30 PM
6:00 PM ~ 8:30 PM

North Housing Visiting Days
Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

South Housing Visiting Days
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

There are no visits at SBCC on Mondays, unless a holiday falls on that day. In the case that a holiday is on a Monday, North Housing will receive visits during the 1st visiting period (1:00 -3:30) and South Housing will receive visits during the 2nd visiting period (6:00-8:30)

Non-Contact General Population Inmates


Non-contact general population visits must be made by appointment by calling the visiting room sergeant between the hours of 1:00pm-4:00pm Tuesday through Saturday. Appointments must be made twenty-four hours in advance and the visits are one hour in duration. Visits cannot be scheduled more than ten days in advance. Visits are limited to three persons, two adults and one minor child. Visitors arriving twenty minutes late for their scheduled visit will not be permitted to visit.

Special Management Unit Inmates

Inmates housed in the Special Management Unit (SMU) shall receive non-contact visits. For security reasons, due to the location of the SMU, only one adult will be allowed to visit a SMU inmate at a time. Visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and will be one hour in duration. Inmates are allowed two visits per week, just as the non-contact visits for general population are.

9:00am -10:00am

Visits can be scheduled by calling the sergeant of the North or South SMU daily after 1:00 pm. Inmates on detention status (disciplinary sanctioned inmates) can only receive attorney visits.

SBCC Visitor Dress Code

The following items are NOT ALLOWED to be worn by any visitor:
1. Bare feet
2. Bathing suits or shorts
3. Any clothing that displays a gang affiliation or is in any way attributable to gang culture
4. Any clothing similar to that issued to an inmate or uniformed personnel
5. Double layered clothing on the bottom half of their person (ex: two (2) pairs of pants, two (2) pairs of underpants, or skirt and slacks, etc.)
6. Drawstring Clothing
7. Easy access clothing
8. Excessively baggy, loose, thick, or heavy clothing
9. Farmer jeans of any type: shorts, dress, pants, overalls, jumper, etc.
10. Fatigue or camouflage clothing
11. Hair ribbons, bands, barrettes, or hair accessories of any type
12. Hooded clothing
13. Jackets, coats or vests of any type
14. Jeans of any type or color are not allowed by males
15. Jewelry
16. Leather, or clothing with excessive metal
17. Leotards, bodysuits of any type
18. Sandals, clogs, flip-flops, etc., or any shoe with an open area
19. Sheer, excessively revealing or transparent clothing
20. Dresses or skirts will not exceed 4" above the knee, no slits or opening extending 4" above the knee
21. Sleeveless clothing, tank tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, or clothing that reveals the midriff or exposes the back, tube tops of any type
22. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, wind pants or exercise clothing
23. Ties
24. Tight Clothing
25. Wrap-around skirt
26. Zippers that go the full length of the garment
27. T-shirts or shirts without a collar are not allowed

Requirements for all Visitors
1. Shoes that cover the entire foot
2. Traditional undergarments must be worn
3. All shirts or tops must be tucked into clothing prior to entering the Pedestrian Trap.

Exception to Dress Code
1. Female visitor's may wear jean pants.
2. Sweaters may be worn
3. Hair pieces may be worn but are subject to search
4. Jewelry: wedding ring and medical alert bracelet

General population visits are designated as limited contact. The inmate and visitor are allowed a very brief welcoming and departing embrace or kiss. Inmate and visitor will sit side by side with their feet on the floor and will maintain correct posture. Visitor and inmate backs should have contact against the seat backrest.

Visitors may not drop off money deposits during visiting hours. SBCC inmates can only receive funds through the mail.

The following programs are available to the inmates at SBCC :

Departmental Services:
Building Bridges to Employment
Chaplaincy Services
Library Services
Recreation Services
Reentry Services
Volunteer Services

Departmental Programs:
Family Violence Reduction Program
Release and Lower Security Preparation Program
Thinking for a Change
Violence Reduction Program
*Security Threat Group Interdiction Unit (Orientation and Assessment)

Correctional Industries:
Correctional Industries is currently opening a sewing operation at this facility. This operation employs fifteen workers.

Education and Training:
Barber School
Computer Technology
Culinary Arts
Educational Counseling
Title I

Institution Specific Programs:
Able Minds
Alternatives to Violence (AVP)
Cognitive Skills
Emotional Awareness and Healing
Family Library Program
Father's Group
HIV/AIDS Education
Introduction to Treatment
Introduction to Twelve Step Programming
Library Law Clerk Training
Native American Spiritual Circle
Parenting/Family Services
Relapse Prevention
Self/Help Twelve Step Programs

01-27-2005, 07:28 AM
Shirley Correctional Complex
Harvard Road
Shirley, MA 01464

From Boston: Take Storrow Drive West to Alewife Brook Parkway and Route 2 West past the Fresh Pond Mall and Alewife MBTA station. Go through Belmont, Lexington, Lincoln and Concord to the Routes 2/2A-rotary (MCI-Concord on left). Exit rotary at route 2 West and go through Acton and Littleton. Continue following Route 2 West to the Shirley exit (after the Fort Devens exit). Bear right off the exit ramp. Turn left at the stop sign. MCI-Shirley Complex is immediately on the right.

From the North: Take Route 495 South to exit 29B (Route 2 West). Follow Route 2 West to the Shirley exit (after the Fort Devens exit). Bear right off the exit ramp. Turn left at the stop sign. MCI-Shirley Complex is immediately on the right.

From the South: Take Route 495 North to exit 29B (Route 2 West). Follow Route 2 West to the Shirley exit (after the Fort Devens exit). Bear right off the exit ramp. Turn left at the stop sign. MCI-Shirley Complex is immediately on the right.

From the East: Take Route 2 West to the Shirley exit (after the Fort Devens exit). Bear right off the exit ramp. Turn left at the stop sign. MCI-Shirley Complex is immediately on the right. From the West: Take Route 2 East to the. Shirley exit. Bear right off the exit ramp. Go over Route 2 and MCI-Shirley Complex will be on the right.