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11-22-2002, 04:46 PM
Re: Arizona DOC
Does anybody have any experience figuring out the earned credit release date? I called the time computation people today and they told me that it was a very complicated formula! I thought it should be as simple as it sounds -- for every 6 days of being good, you get the 7th day towards early release. Simple. Just take the total sentence and divide it up taking into account any times that they weren't in class 1, like at the reception center. The way I calculate it out, I can get him home about 20 days earlier than the way they are doing it. The DOC still hasn't processed his new date to include his jail time. Is it suppose to be a secret formula? How can they possibly have made it so complicated?

01-15-2003, 10:36 PM

Hi i'm lizbeth. My husband is in DOC in AZ. And there is what what I thought was the 85% rule. (Where you serve 85%of your sentance and your released on Parole) Which is in fact the case. But there is also TR (Temporary Release) which lets the inmate out up to 90 days earlier than the ERCD. (As long as your PI score is low enough.)

BUT.....About 4 or so months ago they credited county jail time to the inmates. I only know about it because my husband got a letter that said he'll get a whole 11 days off his 8 year sentance. (although he was in Maricopa County Jail for at least 2 months.)

This will possibly help with this "complex formula". Which probably dosen't exist. My husbands "TR" date on the Arizona DOC website does in fact reflect the change.

Good luck.

01-16-2003, 12:32 AM

Well, I am still waiting for his new computation date. It's that county time served computation that hasn't been calculated right yet. They changed it on one screen on the website to reflect his county time, but they didn't change his dates. In other words, they recognized the county time served but didn't do anything else.

I called the time comp department today and she finally looked at his records. She finally agreed with me that it didn't look like it was changed. Finally she heard me!
Kevin will only get about 2-3 weeks off his time (when she finally recalculates it). Oh, she told me again that it was soooo very complicated to figure out the release dates. 4 pages of formula. She told me that they get trained for 4 months and hardly anyone passes the class! Don't you think they just have a computer that they put all the dates and parole classes in and it will just do it all by itself?? I guess she feels like she has job security because she knows the secret formula.

What facility is your husband at? Kevin is in Lewis. Thankfully he's got less than a year to go...for early release.

Do you know if it is just a matter of policy that they get released 3 months early for community supervision or do the guys have to show proof to the parole board they are ready?


03-18-2003, 12:23 AM
Have you tried the DOC site? You can look up the inmate and see stuff there. Go to then go to
inmate datasearch and you can put in name or his doc number. If he has a 5 number doc number you must add a zero to the beginning of his number. There are many things on that site. It has a lot of information on all things in there.:fb:

04-12-2003, 01:07 AM

Hello a little late but as a matter-of-fact Junior was at Lewis on Steiner yard but has been moved now to Douglas which (as i''m sure you know) is on the border of Mexico.

But as far as the 90 day thing, from what I understand your PI score has to be less than a 3.0 not including a 3.0. Meaning baisically that you have to be on a minimum yard.

The site that arisonasucks reffers to is the best place to get AZ inmate info. But If something looks fishy, call central office like you've been doing.

Good luck.