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09-01-2004, 02:57 PM
Madison Correctional Institution

Warden Alan Lazaroff
Deputy of Operations Michael Sheets

1851 State Route 56
London, Ohio 43140-0740

P. O. Box 740
London, Ohio 43140

(740) 852-9777
Fax (740) 852-3666

The Madison Correctional Institution seeks to provide offenders of felony convictions within the State of Ohio a safe, efficient, humane and appropriately secure correctional institution, while maintaining dedication to the protection of citizens of the State of Ohio and the local community. Mindful of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's initiatives of re-entry, community service and victim reparation, we seek to instill in offenders an improved sense of responsibility and the capacity to become law-abiding members of society.

Security Level: 1 - 3
Total Acreage: 125
Date Opened: 1987
Population as of 8/04: 2017

Inmate Programs

Adult Basic Education
Columbus State Community College


Modular furniture assembly shop
Metal paint shop

Community Service

London and Mt. Sterling School
Central Ohio Vision Center
Madison Extension Office
Columbus AIDS Task Force
A Friend's House
City of London
Building maintenance
Administrative Officer Technologies
Turf Maintenance

Unique Programs

PATHWAYS (Prisoners Attempting to Help Wayward Area Youth): This program is designed to educate at risk juvenile males about the importance of making positive life choices. In this reality based program, juveniles and their parents participate in group and individual discussions with selected inmate volunteers.
The HOPE Program is a behavior based program designed to address the needs of youthful offenders between the ages of 14 to 17. The program concepts are based on honor, opportunity, pride and education. Incentives for the offenders are given based on improved levels of behavior and efforts toward completing educational and social programs.
ADAPT (Adjustment During Actual Prison Time) is a mental health program targeted at inmates who are experiencing problems adjusting to prison life. This group is co-facilitated by a mental health clinician that teaches two of the four sessions on the more technical issues of depression, brain chemistry, anxiety, panic attacks and sleep hygiene. Cadre inmates assist with the other two sessions related to the daily experience of prison life.

Visiting Hours

Thursday through Monday; 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
No holidays.
Visiting hours are subject to change without notice. Please call the institution to verify visiting hours before planning a visit.