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Ohio Reformatory for Women

Warden Pat Andrews Deputy of Operations Jenny Hildebrand

1479 Collins Avenue
Marysville, Ohio 43040

(937) 642-1065
Fax (937) 642-7678

The Ohio Reformatory for women is a diverse, multi-security correctional facility dedicated to creating a rehabilitative environment. Professional staff and offenders are provided an improved quality of life through innovative programming, enhanced security, employee enrichment and fiscal responsibility. Building collaborative partnerships and employing the principles of the re-entry philosophy will facilitate the population's successful transition into the community.

Security Level: 1 - 4
Total Acreage: 257.8
Date Opened: 1916
Population as of 8/04: 2008

Inmate Programs


Literacy Unit
Adult Basic Education
Columbus State Community College

Optical shop
Sewing shop making Ohio and American flags and socks
Data entry
Image Duplication
Community Service

Sign/poster making for various activities
Quilts for Columbus Urban League
Trash pickup for Ohio Department of Transportation
General maintenance for Windsor Manor, American Legion Hall, Village of Mechanicsburg

Building Trades
Landscaping and horticulture
General office systems
Boiler Operator Apprenticeship
Steam Engineer Apprenticeship
Unique Programs

The H.O.T. Program (Helping Others Together): Initiated in 1996, the H.O.T. Program allows inmates to assist fellow inmates who are often incapable of performing daily living. To participate in the program, the inmates are screened and selected as a H.O.T. partner by the unit staff. They occupy the top bunks of cells with these medically fragile inmates, and provide not only the physical support, but the emotional support as well.

The Therapeutic Community (TC) are long-term (6-12 months) residential Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment programs. The TC approach views AOD abuse as a reflection of chronic deficits in social, vocational, familial, economic, and personality development. The aim of the Therapeutic Community is to promote pro-social behavior, attitudes, and values as a method to attain abstinence from alcohol and other drugs and eliminate antisocial behaviors. The TCs at ORW and Pickaway are collaborative efforts between the Ohio DR&C and the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.

Merit Family Day: In 1996 ORW was experiencing a great deal of difficulty with the maximum/close security inmates and the constant disruption they presented. Surveys were passed out to staff and inmates, and the most common insight presented by the inmates was that far too much attention was paid to the disruptive inmates, but there were no incentives for those who maintained appropriate behavior. As a result, Merit Housing was re-instituted at ORW. The number one privilege of being in this program is a yearly Family Day. A well-organized day of activities is planned by the inmate participants, and the inmates must pay for their families to participate. Although the number of visits an inmate receives often decreases the longer she is incarcerated, 83% of the merit inmates received a family visit for the 1999 family day. Activities, which cannot be accommodated on regular visits, are allowed on this day such as a mother playing a game of volleyball with her children or inmates entertaining their families with music or skits. The inmates benefit because there are now clear incentives for maintaining good behavior so that they may participate in the program as well.

Achieving Baby Care Success: Child development experts have determined that infants must bond with their mother in the first few months of life or their emotional and intellectual functioning is impaired. In June 2001, ORW opened Ohio's only nursery program within an institution. The Achieving Baby Care Success (ABC'S) Program allows incarcerated pregnant inmates to maintain custody of their infants after they are born. Each participant has an individualized treatment plan so that the problems that resulted in her incarceration are thoroughly addressed. Hands-on parenting instruction is available for every mother in the program. Eligible mothers for the program are screened and must be serving a short-term sentence for a non-violent crime. The criteria for the program ensures that the mothers and infants leave the institution together. There are currently 8 babies in the nursery.
Visiting Hours

8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Last check-in time at 1:30 p.m.)
Seven days per week for general population inmates
Monday thru Friday for reception inmates
All visits are by reservation only. Please call 937-642-1065, ext. 2059
Toll Free Visiting Registration Number: 1-866-286-0033

Visiting hours are subject to change. Please call the institution to verify visiting hours before planning a visit.

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