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01-03-2003, 08:07 PM
Prison Name: Crossroads Correctional Center

Prison Address: 1115 East Pence Road, Cameron Missouri, 64429

Prison Main Phone Number: 816-632-2727

Prison Fax Number: Unknown

Prison Email Address: Unknown

Key contact names: Unavailable

Visitation hours:
Thursday 9am to 4pm
Friday 3pm to 9pm
Saturday 9am to 8pm
Sunday 9am to 8pm

Visitation rules:

Visitor must apply for visitation – is not required to know the Prisoner prior to incarceration. Prisoner must supply rules for visiting to the Visitor.
Friends of Prisoner can visit on Thursday and Friday.
Immediate family members and significant other can visit Thursday through Sunday.
Prisoner can designate one “significant other” and this can be any person that is not immediate family.
No ‘paper’ money can be taken in but up to $50.00 in coin in a clear plastic bag will be admitted.
Outer waiting room has machine to change bills to $1.00 coins.
ID check, ionic scan for drug and bomb reside, and metal detector are standard checks prior to entry.
Prisoner will always get visit even if in the hole but could be non-contact if in seg or with violation.
Hug and kiss (brief) on entry and exit is permitted.
Arm around back while sitting or walking and hand holding permitted.
Several vending machines including soda, juice, food – sandwiches, wings, burgers, candy and chips, coffee are available.
Cigarettes can be purchased at $5.00 per package for the Prisoner to take back to his cell – up to 8 or 10 packages can be purchased.
Pictures are available anytime at $1.50 per picture.
Games are available including cards, chess, checkers, puzzles and toys for children.
Play area (inside) for children including a TV with video movies available.
Children must be supervised at all times.
Outside area is present but NEVER used.
No smoking during visit.
If you leave the visiting room for any reason you cannot return the same day.
Very closely monitored room (video and Guards walking around) but Guards are friendly and fair. Warnings are generally given before any action is taken.
No talking to other visitors or Prisoners unless you are authorized to visit.
Prisoner can invite one other Prisoner to join visit pending approval.
Food visits – Visitor can bring approved food in approved containers – happen approximately four times a year. Each housing unit has two specific days – one Thursday and one Friday in the month of the food visit. Food visits are not held on Saturday or Sunday.
Washrooms are separate and locked and Guard must allow entry.
ID must be carried inside visiting room and shown to leave the visiting room.
Maximum 4 approved visitors at a time including children.

Accommodations: Lots of motels in the town of Cameron. Econo Lodge, Days Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Super 8 and others. All within 5 minutes as the town is small. Average price per night is around $50.00. Can get rates as low as $40.00 per night. Not aware at this time of low cost housing alternatives but looking. Some of the hotels offer discounts for family visiting prisons.

Type of prison: State Prison

Security level of prison: Level 5 Max Security

Number of prisoners: Approximately 1500

Death row: No

The hole: Double and single occupancy cells. Privileges are given back based on good behaviour. One ten minute phone call per month. Shower every two or three days. No smoking. Mail is sent and delivered as usual.

Hours of daily lockdown: Approximately 22 hours a day. 3 half hour ‘outs’ for meals. One half hour ‘out’ in the evening. Recreation twice a week for 2 hours a time. Work shifts are 6 hours 5 days a week.

Rules for mail both inbound and outbound: Letters can be of any length. Non-letter material is limited to 5 pages only. They don’t seem to have a problem with URL addresses from the Internet. Pictures can be sent in but not Polaroid. You cannot send pictures of another Prisoner.

Goods that can be sent in and out through mail: Nothing! You cannot send anything other than paper based letters and greeting cards. The Prisoner cannot send anything out other than paper based letters and greeting cards – either home made or purchased in the commissary.

Can you send stamps to a Prisoner: NO – this used to be allowed but as of June 2002 it was disallowed.

How to send money to a Prisoner in this prison: Money can be sent to a Prisoner with a deposit slip by mail or through Western Union. Money is sent to Jefferson City DOC and put on account for the Prisoner.

Web site or doc address:

Information last updated date: January 3, 2003

11-11-2003, 01:43 AM
Teb, thought I'd update this just in case someone new comes along.

"Arm around back while sitting or walking" no longer allowed. Actually they have a sign posted stating that even while having pictures taken there is to be no contact or a violation will be issued. Guess that means no hug during pictures. Sounds more like a line up to me.

You can leave the visiting room only to take medicine. Let a guard know that you need to take medication and they will walk you out to the locker and watch you take it. Now if you take a drink out with you to take the meds then you can't bring it back in. The other alternative is to go into the waiting room and take it with the water fountain. A guard will have to walk in there with you and watch you take the medicine. But you will be allowed to go back in the visiting room.

Food visits are now only allowed twice a year at this facility. This superintendent doesn't seem to be very family friendly as he could allow at least 4 but choses not to give the inmates that option.

If an inmate wishes to send something out then he will need to leave a package for you to pick up at the front desk that you will need to sign for. My boyfriend has had things made for me special for my birthday and such and that is how I can pick it up. Also he periodically sends home books or magazines since they are only allowed a certain amount of them so he can get more. They cannot mail these things out but they can have you pick it up on a visit. Just let the guards know you have a package to pick up. Best to do this at the beginning of a visit if possible so they can get it out for you to pick up on your way out.

Key Contact names for the Missouri DOC in this area

Director Gary Kempker

Division Director George Lombardi

Assistant Division Director for Zone Tom Clements

Key contact names at Crossroads Correctional Center;

Superintendent Mike Kemna

Assistant Superintendent Terri Page

Safety Manager John Hayes

03-27-2010, 03:33 PM
do you know anything about the picture policy at Crossroads?

11-10-2010, 03:04 PM
I have a brother who is in Crossroads Correctional Center. His name is William. I don't know what he's in for or how long he's going to be in there for. I'm new too all of this. I need help with all of this. I want to write him but don't know how to address the letter. I have a number for him but I don't know if it's the correct one. When he first went in he tried to call me but i can't get those kind of calls on my prepaid cell. I don't know what to do please help.

11-10-2010, 10:31 PM
Go to Click on Missouri Click on Offenders Type in your brother's name. See if the ID number you have for him matches the number on vinelink.
You can write a 5 page letter to him. No more than 5 pages. Do not include anything in the envelope other than the letter. Don't use stickers. Keep it very simple. Send the letter to him at:
William ????? # ?????
Crossroads Correctional Center
1115 East Pence Road, Cameron Missouri, 64429
The workers at Crossroads might be able to help you too.