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01-12-2003, 10:10 PM
Kilby Correctional Facility

Prison Physical Address:
12201 Wares Ferry Road
Montgomery, AL 36117

Prison Mailing Address:
PO Box 150
Mt. Meigs AL 36057

Prison Main Phone Number: (334) 215-6600

Warden: John Cummins

Visitation Hours & Notes: family vs. friends and significant others – girlfriends vs. wives: Varies, depending on the prisoner’s dorm assignment and if the prisoner has been classified. This is the processing center for male prisoners on Alabama. Takes 90 days before new prisoners can even apply for a visitation list, then another week or two to process that list and be approved.

Prisoners who have been in the ADOC system a while (i.e., not new) and who wind up there again can turn in a visitation list as usual (about two weeks' approval). Visits are every Sunday in those cases. There is outdoor visiting, a nice track to walk around on, and smoking is allowed outdoors.

Visitation Rules: The same as all Alabama prison facilities.
No shorts, sweat pants, strapless, spaghetti string tops, and tank tops.
Nothing tight-fitting/form-fitting.
No short skirts or dresses with high splits.
Slips must be worn under skirts and dresses.
Underwear must be worn - and they do check.
No caps or hats.
All eyewear must be prescription; no sunglasses.
$20 in change can be taken in for use in vending machines.
Must have a photo ID - driver’s license, work ID, etc.
No jewelry (no watches, earrings, nothing) except for wedding rings.

Do not take anything in with you, besides the change for the vending machines, except photo ID and car keys.

Type of prison: State prison (has permanent prisoners there as well as being the intake center for male prisoners in Alabama)

Security level of prison: Maximum due to being intake for all ADOC prisoners

Number of prisoners: 1250

Opened in: 1969

Death row: no

The hole: unknown at this time

Hours of daily lockdown: Depends on custody level

Other housing info: As noted above, Kilby is the state intake/reception center and houses mostly new prisoners to the ADOC system, but does have a permanent party dorm on site as well as a hospital facility where many ADOC prisoners needing surgery are sent, usually temporarily.

Other info: Substance abuse treatment at Kilby includes SAP Relapse available to permanent party prisoners.

Smoking is allowed outdoors at Kilby during non-lockdown hours.

Rules for mail both inbound and outbound:
There’s no limit on pages in a letter as long as they will fit into a regular, white, legal sized envelope. No known issues with Priority Mail/etc.

Photos are OK as long as they are not Polaroids and are not sexually explicit.

Mail should be addressed as such:

PO Box 150
Mt. Meigs AL 36057

Goods that can be sent in and out through mail: prisoners can receive quarterly packages once they have gone through initial processing; list must be obtained from the prisoner and approved before packages are sent. People who send the packages must be on the prisoner’s funds list. Packages can be sent in March, June, September, and December. Possible contents of the packages vary from each quarter.

Can you send stamps to a prisoner? Yes, stamps can be sent in with letters, up to 40 (two books of stamps) at one time. Stamps can be self-adhesive in a book or those that require moisture to stick.

How to send money to a prisoner in this prison: You may send a money order to prisoners at Kilby once you are approved for their funds list; best to probably send separately rather than with any letters. These may be postal money orders or from most of the usual money order vendors (Travelers Express, Western Union, American Express, etc.) - if in doubt call the facility to see if a type of money order is on their approved list.

Fill out the prisoner’s name and AIS # in the “Pay To” section, and the sender’s complete name and address in the “From” section. The prisoner must have a funds list and if the sender is not on that list, the money order will be sent back. The funds list is different and separate from the visitation list. People on the funds list must be approved, just as people on the visitation list.

You may now also send funds to ADOC inmates via Western Union online, and funds are generally on their books within a matter of hours. How to do this:

1. Go to and set up an account.

2. Look for the "How To" section, then "Send an Inmate Payment Online".

3. When it asks you for the account number, enter the AIS number and inmate's last name like this with no spaces: 123456SMITH

4. (I would suggest putting your inmate's first & last name on the next ("optional") line to just to be safe!)

ADOC web page for Kilby:

Information last updated: minimally updated 14 March 2008

04-11-2003, 10:32 AM
Is smoking aloud at all during visits?Also a couple more questions,
Once an inmate gets to kilby,does it still take 90 days before getting any visits?Can the inmates buy cigarettes there?

04-11-2003, 06:39 PM
Kilby is the intake center for all male inmates in Alabama. I only visited my husband there once - he was there for 4 months and 4 days, and it was 90 days before he could even get a request form for visitors. It depends on the dorm, but when they are in the intake, their visits are once every two weeks, during the week (his was on Thursday) and for 1 1/2 hours.

There was no smoking during visitation - visiting was in the law library and we were watched very, very closely. In fact, of all the visits I've had, I had more problems at this one than any other and it was my first prison visit.

My husband could buy cigarettes with money on his books.

The intake process works sort of like this:
They go to initial intake where they are received and given a dorm assignment. They get a physical and see a dentist and are given tests to determine what custody level they are to be in. This takes anywhere from a week to several weeks - depending on how overcrowded Kilby is. During this time they can't have anything from the store, no money access, and no cigarettes. It's a MISERABLE time for the prisoners.

They are then moved and housed in another dorm. From that point they are either sent to whatever prison they're going to be in (based on custody level) or wait for a parole board revocation hearing.

Some prisoners are assigned permanently to Kilby and if that happens, they have weekend visitation (Sundays), not through the week like the guys during intake. Otherwise, once they reach the prison where they are assigned, visitation should begin relatively quick.

Most prisoners do NOT spend enough time at Kilby to actually get visits (90 days) but because my husband was seeing the backlogged parole board, he was there long enough.

Hope this info helps!