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10-26-2004, 05:46 PM
Bare Hill Correctional Facility
Caller Box #20, 181 Brand Road
Malone, New York 12953

(518) 483-8411

(Franklin County)

Medium Male

(thanks MelsBelle 12/27/2010)

For visits on both days of the weekend for out of atate people: You or he will need to write to the superintendent AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to the visit and they will grant you a 2 day pass to visit both Sat and Sunday. That is what we used to do before I moved to NY. I lived in NC. Generally the rule is at least 2 states away and they will consider the 2 day pass as long as you don't abuse it.. (by that I mean attempt to get one every month.) For hotels the least expensive would be either the 4 Seasons or the Econo Lodge on Main Street.. (appx 2 miles from the facility.. :-D )

My husband just left Bare abohillut 3 months ago but when I was visiting they started calling visitors to be processed around 7:30am so my suggestion to you would be when/if you write to the superintendent to request the Sat and Sun visit also request that should the visiting floor get crowded that you be allowed to stay (otherwise they can/will make you leave in the order that you arrived if they get crowded). That way you should plan to arrive as close to 6AM as possible to be one of the first 5 visitors (before the buses start to arrive) that way by 7:45/8am you are on the floor awaiting your man!!! :-D (Also if it is you plan to be one of the first 5 (they call the visitors in groups of 5) you will want to arrive to the facility and line up on the side of the road with the rest of the cars by about 5:45ish.. You can NOT go onto the prison property prior to 6am)

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful.. if you have other questions that I may be able to answer just PM me... Enjoy your visit..

No FRP at Barehill.. also when you arrive on the visit floor you go to the bubble (co desk) to give them your pass and wait for seat assignment.. they will tell you row.. table.. (the rows are marked by numbers on the floor) the inmate must sit facing the bubble and you can sit at any of the other 3 chairs at the table (it looks like a wooden square card table) and the visit room looks like a big multi-purpose room. You will want to check out the vending machines early as they are emptied out QUICKLY.. If you want to purchase pictures there are picture blocks in the machine $2 each pic. The inmate is not allowed to walk around unless he is leaving or going to the bathroom. He can not handle money and he can not cross visit with other inmates. Both yours and his hands must be visible above the table at all times. Yours nor his leg/s can straddle the table leg and while you are permitted to hug and exchange brief kisses during the visit depending on what CO is on duty that definition can vary . No chewing gum is permitted on the visit floor... hmmm... what else....... You can either take in playing cards or you can purchase them in the vending machine (or at least you could). The change machine would change 1,5,10 and 20's however it used to run out of change quite often... Typically a sandwich or 6 pack of wings would cost between 2.50-3.00 each (just to give you an idea of what to expect) not sure what the pricing is now though...

Thanks to Tylersgirl for all this up to date information 5/14/2012

I went to visit bare hill for the first time Saturday and overall it was a good experience. I don't remember exactly what time I got there; around 7-7:30ish. I was told by an employee when I called the day prior to first sign in in the yellow building; this is the tannish/yellow building you see when you first pull into the facility. I was driven there by family so they dropped me off and then went to park. I didn't realize until after I signed in that this is where you will have your package processed so I had to call my mom and have her walk that over to me. I was #12 and I'd say I ended up waiting in that building to be called for an hour give or take. The guards call you up by number to look through your package, make sure you take everything out of the box and put in on the table for them. I don't know if it's always like this, but the day I was there the officers there weren't pleasant at all. They wouldn't give me a locker because I was dropped off my car, so I had to leave my cell phone with my family which made me nervous because they left the facility while I was visiting. Anyway, they call groups of 5 to go to the other building to go through the metal detector etc. 1-5 must've been called already before I even go there. I wasn't sure where to go once 11-15 were called so I just waited until the others in my group started walking there and followed them; it's kiddy corner to the hospitality lounge not a far walk at all. In the 2nd building they call you in the order of your pass, not the order you arrive there. When you get called show the guard your Id(s)....still not sure if you need one or two but I gave him 2 just in case. Then you take off your shoes and any sweater/ jacket you're wearing and walk through the metal detector. My bra set off detector (I thought it was a plastic underwire...I guess not lol) so I had to go in a bathroom, take it off, walk back through the detector, then put it back on. It takes just about as long as you make it so I didn't see it as a big deal. If you don't wanna bother with that...avoid underwire bras. Then once I passed the metal detector an officer told me I was randomly chosen to get an ion screen. He walked me down a hallway, sat me in a room with 4 other officers and then explained the test was non intrusive, my visit was contingent on passing the test yada yada yada. It's nothing to worry about unless you happen to have drugs on your hands because that's what it's testing for. Once I passed 2 officers walked me back down the hall, one being a very young female officer who asked me "what the hell I was doing here on my birthday" lol. I told her I love my boyfriend and there's no place i'd rather be! Then I walked through, put my stamped hand under this little light thing, showed my pass through a window (just do what the people ahead of you do) and proceeded to the visiting area. You take your pass up to the officers sitting in the front of the room and they tell you where to sit. My boyfriend was there within 10 minutes, it was a little before 9. Purchase picture blocks in the vending machine that has the chips in it, they're $2 a picture. I had 2 taken, which both came out terrible, but I figured I'd regret it if I didn't have any taken. There is an area for children, which I couldn't see well from where we were sitting but I know there was a tv playing sponge bob. I stayed right until the end (3:00). From 2:30-3 you can't leave so keep that in mind. They opened up the yard around 1 and there are 8 tables you can sit at, or you can walk around, in a little circle around the tables, but you have to keep walking you can't stop. We walked around for a short while but that got boring quick so we went back inside. If you can go outside I do recommend it because just hearing him explain to me what this and that was made me feel a little bit like I know where he is...idk made me feel a little closer to the situation and now I have a visual or where he is sometimes. I didn't eat anything the whole time I was there, but I bought him a couple cheeseburgers ($3) an ice cream sandwich (.75 I believe) and doughnuts (.75). One of the 2 microwaves broke in the middle of the visit so there was a bit of a wait on using that. I ended up with a horrible headache and throwing up on the way home but it was still 10000% worth it and I can't wait to go back. Just make the best of the situation, don't let the waiting around or the officers upset you because I did at first and it's not worth it. Enjoy the time w your loved one and don't cry the whole time like me! Any questions please feel free to ask me!


Visitation Hours: Weekend only visits and get there early before the buses.

Visiting Rules: ?

Visiting Room: Seems to be a bit quieter than most places.


Holiday Inn Express (
MALONE, NY, 12953
(518) 483-1210

Econolodge (
227 W. Main St.
Malone, NY 12953
(518) 483-0500

Super 8 Motel (
42 Finney Blvd. Jons Plaza
Corner Route 11 / 30 / 37
Malone, NY 12953-1708
$67-$109 per night

Malone Gateway Motel (
14413 State Route 30
Malone NY 12953
518-483-4200 ; 1-800-551-0611 (Reservations only)
$60 per night ($10 per additional person)

Four Seasons Motel (
236 W. Main Street
Malone, NY 12953
Call 518-483-3490 or toll-free at 1-877-299-3448

Sunset Motel
3899 State Route 11, Malone, NY 12953-3725
(518) 483-3367

FRP available: NO

Number of prisoners:

General Information:

Marriages are scheduled according to the availability of the Assistant Deputy Town Clerk, Justice of Peace, and the visiting schedule of the facility.
Weddings are potentially planned for the months of February, April, June, October and December.
The facility chooses the actual date. No date is established UNTIL it is confirmed with the Correction Counselor.
Weddings are held on Saturdays in the Visiting Room with a Justice of Peace officiating.
Marriage licenses are issued on the Friday before the wedding date.
The inmate and his intended spouse must meet with the Assistant Deputy Town Clerk on Friday with two forms of ID: ORIGINAL Birth Certificate and a supporting picture ID.
The Correction Counselor will also meet with the couple on Friday to review the inmate's release dates, facilitate discussion regarding the inmate's incarceration, and discuss any concerns surrounding the marriage.
The inmate and his intended spouse must have two witnesses present at the ceremony.
The witnesses can be any combination of friends, relatives or other BHCF inmates.
The names and addresses of the witnesses must be received by the facility ten days prior to the marriage by mailing them to the attention of Mrs. Nelson, Guidance Department.
Your witnesses must be 18 years of age and able to legally visit.
The inmate may use his State ID as one form of ID, but BOTH PARTIES MUST SHOW THEIR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES. **The names on the birth certificates and the picture ID's must be an identical match.**
If either the inmate or the intended spouse has been previously married, you must also provide original proof of the termination of the prior marriage. If any of these documents are in a language other than English, a certified notarized translation must be provided. Certified translators must be from a NYS university of embassy.
Marriage license = $40
Gratuity for Justice of the Peace = $75
Ring (for him) = $150 MAX, no stones
If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Nelson, the marriage counselor at (518) 483-8411 or Bare Hill Correctional Facility, Caller Box 20, 181 Brand Rd., Malone NY 12953.

If you have any additional information, please post your information in the NYS UPDATE ( thread