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12-19-2004, 03:06 AM
Lawton Correctional Facility / Oklahoma Private Prisons

Lawton Correctional Facility
8607 SE Flower Mound Road
Lawton, Oklahoma 73501 Map

Phone: (581) 351-2778
Fax: (580) 351-2641

Warden: David C. Miller

All Correspondence:
Lawton Correctional Facility or LCF
Inmate Name/DOC Number
8607 SE Flower Mound Road
Lawton, Oklahoma 73501

Money orders:
Lawton Correctional Facility or LCF
P.O. Box 805
Lawton, Oklahoma 73502

*Note* Send only money orders. Address the money order to Inmate Trust Fund. Note on the front of the money order the inmates name and DOC number. Do not send money orders to the correspondence address or they will be returned to you.

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Lawton Correctional Facility Rules For Inmate Visitation

General Rules

a. You will not be allowed to be dropped off at the facility. All visitors must have transportation.

b. Inmates are allowed one four hour visit per weekend. All visits will be four hours in length unless otherwise approved by the Duty Warden.

c. Any authorizations for special visits should be made by calling the warden's office Monday thru Friday, 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. prior to a visit.

d. Only two adults will be allowed to visit. Any children under the age of sixteen will not be counted as an adult for visitation purposes.

e. The number of small children allowed to visit will be four unless otherwise specified by the Duty Warden of designee.

f. All visitors must be on the inmates approved visitors list.

g. You must have a valid Picture ID, your car tag number, and inmate DOC number to check in.

1. Dress Requirements

a. Shirt and shoes are mandatory. No semi-opened or open toed shoes of any type.

b. Halter-tops, sleeveless garments, tank tops, fish net shirts or see through fabrics are not allowed. Shirts and blouses with an open midriff or low cut are not allowed. Note from me: When I was going there, you were not allowed to wear white or dark blue shirts.

c. Shorts and / or cutoffs are not allowed.

d. Men must wear long pants.

e. Women and girls may wear dresses, skirts or long pants. (If the dress appears too short, the duty officer will be contacted for a decision.)

f. Children under the age of 16 may wear shorts, but the shirt rules for adults still apply. (If the shorts appear too short, the duty officer will be contacted for a decision.)

g. Shirts or other articles of clothing with pictures or language which may be considered profane or offensive by current public standards will not be allowed.

2. Items Permitted for Visitors

a. Small clear wallet or clear change purse

b. Visitors may have up to twenty dollars in change in their possession.

c. Visitors with infants or small children may bring no more than three (3) diapers and two (2) baby bottles or two (2) spill proof cups into the facility.

d. Visitors shall be permitted to purchase soft drinks and food items during the visit, but these items must be consumed during the visit.

e. Inmate visitors may not bring food items to Visitation.

f. No tobacco products will be allowed to be brought onto the facility by visitors

g. You will be allowed to bring in one (1) car key.

3. Items Not Permitted for Visitors

Visitors shall not be permitted to bring packages, mail, magazines, purses, diaper bags, briefcases, cameras, baby strollers, baby carriers, dolls, toys, photographs, or photograph albums or other similar items into the facility. No items may be brought to an inmate without the permission of the duty officer or designee. Lockers are available for small items, but they do not have locks.

4. Removal of Items from the Facility

No visitors shall take any article whatsoever from the grounds of the unit, except those items authorized by the Warden or designee

5. Visitor Conduct

Visitors are prohibited from engaging in the following activities:

a. Loitering around the facility

b. Walking around the perimeter road

c. Photographing buildings, fences, etc.

d. Loud playing of radios

e. Yelling at inmates, Visitors must keep children as orderly as possible

f. The visitors will be allowed to embrace and kiss at the beginning and the end of the visit only.

g. Any physical contact whether it be conceived as sexual conduct or not during a visit other than what is specified in letter g may result in the termination of the visit and/or suspension of visitation privileges.

*NOTE: Any violation of the above rules and regulations may result in the termination and/or suspension of visitation privileges.

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Basic Literacy

ABE (Adult Basic Education)

Pre - GED

High School Equivalency (GED)

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Cognitive-Behavioral Classes

Life Skills

Thinking for a Change

Vocational Programs

Culinary Art


Business and Basic Computers

College Courses

Other Programs and Services Available Through the Programs Department

Craft Shop Supervisor
Leisure Libraries
Inter-Library Loan Program
Recreational Activities and Team Sports
Laubach Tutoring Program
ESL Services

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