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Picking a username
PTO members are free to choose any available username as long as it does not violate and PTO Policy. We strongly urge everyone NOT to use your real full name or that of your loved one. This includes using their DOC or other Inmate identification numbers. PTO is a publicly accessed site which most anyone is able to access via the Internet. If you are concerned about the Department of Corrections finding out who you are, it is your responsibility to NOT provide personal details which could enable them to do so. This not only includes picking a username but what information you share at PTO with others.

Think before you Post!
Please consider what you are about to post before you "submit" it. Everyone should keep in mind that what you are saying is public and just like you were standing up in front of a giant crowd talking into a microphone, but with one catch - what you say is available for reading into the future. We allow you to edit your post for up to 60 minutes. After that no member is able to edit their own posts. Further, PTO has a policy of NOT deleting posts unless there are extreme circumstances that put people in danger. Again, please think before you post.

Sharing Personal Information - IMPORTANT
PTO is a safe haven for inmate's loved ones. We are dedicated to support, information and assistance but we are a PUBLIC community. If we were not, it would be much harder for those that need help to find it here. As with any "PUBLIC" site, just about anyone can view what takes place in the open forums. There is no doubt that Correctional Officers visit Prison Talk Online, some of which are friendly, while others are not. (Any of them that actually register and create a problem are immediately banned) As PTO continues to grow in the State/Regional forums, it will become easier for Correctional Officials to monitor what is being said by inmate's loved ones in their states and even in specific prisons. It is your RESPONSIBILITY for what you post. Some members do not care at all if anyone in the prison system knows they are here, or who their loved one may be. Others do because there are those out there that may actually try to use what they say against them. The best thing any PTO member can do to protect themselves from being identified by a correctional official (etc) is NOT to post your real name, that of your loved ones (inmate), or other information that could be used to directly identify them. We do not make this recommendation to scare anyone. We feel that the number of Correctional Officials that visit this site to do research of any kind is extremely low but it is always a possibility. Please keep that in mind when you are selecting a username and making posts. You never know who may end up reading it when you post something on the Internet!

Yahoo Email Addresses No Longer Allowed
After a lot of thought and discussion and about a million headaches, we have made the decision at this time to disallow Yahoo email addresses on PTO. Probably 90% of registration activation and re-activation emails on PTO are never delivered by Yahoo to their users, as well as email replies from the Helpdesk and other situations. It has simply become unreliable and Yahoo addresses are being deleted or not allowed at all kinds of unrelated sites all over the WWW, thus we have made this decision for now. This decision mainly only affects NEW member registrations. If you are trying to join PTO (or are a current member changing your email address in your account) and get the "banned email" message because you are trying to register a Yahoo address, please register a different email address. If you don't already have an alternate email address, we would suggest Gmail (www.gmail.com) or Hotmail (www.hotmail.com). They are free, and Gmail is especially known for its reliability.

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