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Report to Moderator Old 03-21-2009 12:55 PM
URL: http://www.freeraygray.com/
Contact Email: barbegray2@yahoo.com
In 1973, Raymond Gray was arrested for a crime he did not commit. He knew the people involved, including the victims and the perpetrators. He had just turned 21; he was young and naive, all things considered. First of all, he believed that since he was innocent, he wouldn't be convicted, especially since he knew there could be no evidence against him! We all know now that is not how the system works. Evidence is really unnecessary. Innocence is irrelevant. If you won't take a plea, and are convicted anyway, you are going to do the maximum time, even if that means a natural life sentence.
Ray refused to take a plea bargain. He was advised, by his white attorney, to forgo a jury trial in favor of a bench trial. The shade of his attorney's skin shouldn't be relevant, but when you were young and Black and the judge, police, prosecutors are all white, it makes a difference, believe me! So, Ray agreed. During the trial, one witness said Ray did the crime, one said the gunman was like him only "rougher" and then, under urging by the judge, changed her testimony mid-trial to it was him, and she even said she had never mistaken one person for another in her whole life!*1 The third witness said it was not Raymond Gray.
The judge at his sentencing said he believed Ray was guilty, but that he thought the proper sentence should be 10 to 20 years.*2 He then proceeded to sentence Ray to natural life under the "Felony Murder Doctrine" which was changed and clarified in 1980 under the "Aaron decision"*3 to mean that it only applied if an intent to murder was proven. However, that change was not made retroactive and it came too late for Raymond Gray.

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