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patchouli 03-15-2020 09:49 PM

Maine Covid -19 (Corona Virus) news & information
Please use this thread to share information concerning Covid -19 in Maine, including institutions affected and lock downs. Please do not discuss individuals who have the virus.

I cannot find anything about suspended visits or Covid -19 (Corona Virus) on Maine's DOC website :hmm:

If anyone knows what's going on with Maine DOC and/or visits there, please post :hmm:

shs76 01-13-2021 08:16 PM

Maine DOC daily Covid updates
All in-person visits at all MDOC facilities will be suspended during the month of January 2021.
Facilities will continue to offer 20 free text messages per week through the month of January.
All residents will continue to have access to at least 1 video visit per month.
All timeframes and schedules will be based upon facility availability and scheduling.

Use this link for Mon-Fri updates and news releases.

All times are GMT -6. The time now is 06:53 AM.

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