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Magjek 10-13-2016 03:04 PM

Need visitation info for St. Clair Correctional Facility
Just got approved for visitation... and if anyone could walk me through what to expect i would appreciate it! I have looked up the rules, and know about not wearing white, anything revealing, and other dress code things. I more or less need advice on how early to get there? how are you suppose to carry in a bunch of change for vending machines if you're not allowed a purse or other bag?
Is the "checking in" process long? Do you park in the parking lot and walk in or is there some kind of car line like i have heard other facilities do? ( i guess to search the vehicles, I dunno). How much contact/hugging is allowed? I wasn't expecting to get on the list for a while so i havent discussed these things with my friend, and well... cant exactly just call him soooo...

Basically Im still really stupidily excited, and anxious so any information that will help ease some of the unknowns for me would be most helpful!

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