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CousinFlora 05-11-2016 02:43 PM

Sale of NCCC in Marion to a private company ?
Does anyone have any recent information on the proposed sale of North Central Correction Complex in Marion to a private company? I know a legal challenge was cleared, via a state supreme court ruling in favor of the state. So is a sale process now moving forward?

I have a good friend in that prison and I'm concerned about the implications of an outright sale -- for the inmates specifically, but also as a matter of public policy more generally. I don't live in Ohio. If anyone has more recent info I would greatly appreciate it!

scoopster 06-19-2016 01:20 PM

haven't heard anything

CousinFlora 06-29-2016 12:46 PM

Update: FWIW, my friend inside there says what they've heard is that no companies are interested because the facility needs like $20 million in repairs/upgrades to meet DOC standards. Which if true begs the question of why DOC isn't already requiring that its standards be met.

auntie2 04-04-2020 08:21 AM

There are only 2 private facilities Lake Erie and Youngstown.

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