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David 05-16-2003 06:06 PM

Which Indiana prison is your loved one at?
Please use this thread to post which prison your loved one is currently located at. Please do not use this thread for general discussion. It is meant to be a resource to help PTO members locate other members that have loved ones in the same prison, or close by. If you wish to discuss a particular Unit, please start a new thread in the forum.


LIZAC 05-23-2003 08:08 AM

My boyfriend is at the Federal Prison Camp in Terre Haute Indiana. He has been there since February 2003.

olsontx 05-26-2003 09:18 AM

my boyfriend is also in terre haute, unfortunatly not at the camp. he has also been there since febuary. this is just about the worst prison he has been in

melissa1977 05-26-2003 10:06 PM

my fiancee is at Putnamville Correctional Facility in Greencastle In. He has only been there for 2 months but has been incarracted for 12 months

myhoney 06-01-2003 01:38 PM

my husband is at terre haute prison camp. he has been there for 5 years now.

badboyluver 06-23-2003 10:23 PM

my husband is at the Putnamville Correctional Facility In Putnamville, Indiana just outside of Greencastle has been in there for 2 months and has anywhere from 17 months left to 3 yrs.

Manna 07-01-2003 07:47 PM

My sons uncle is in terre hautes prison camp also. we havent been able to see him in about a year but hes coming home new years eve 2004!!

Linzee101604 07-26-2003 07:44 PM

My fiancee is in Putnamville Correctional Facility in Greencastle, Indiana. He has been there since February, and he will be out by Valentine's Day next year! :)

terilynn 07-26-2003 09:50 PM

My infant sons father was just sentenced 2 weeks ago in Indiana. He had previously done 3 years at Pendleton and has now been sentenced to 20.He also goes for another sentencing on a habitual offender charge this coming Monday. I am numb and cannot comprehend any of this.What in the world do I tell my son? What could his father be going through...20+ years of his life are now gone forever.It is too much for me to understand at this point I guess.

KMARTIN96 07-28-2003 09:20 PM

:) Hi There-
Seems like such a small world husband also is at the Camp in Terre Haute, since March, 2003. Hopes to be going to half-way house by the end of December. How are all of you doing/coping?

SishaW 08-02-2003 05:16 PM

My husband just went to the camp in Terre Haute. And he's asking me to look on this website about a bill that they are getting ready to pass about Federal going "day by day" good time like state? Does anyone know about this? THanks!!

LIZAC 08-04-2003 01:23 PM

Joe, my boyfriend, has been talking about a bill that has just passed in the Senate (supposedly), but I can't find any information relating to it. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

teresac 08-20-2003 04:09 AM

my fiance is in R.D.C. right now. Were not sure where he's going just yet.

Soon2BeMrs.M 09-08-2003 11:41 AM

My fiance is in Putnamville Correctional Facility and finally going to see him tomorrow!!!! My dude might know some of your boyfriends/husbands. His name is James. Let me know!

~ S

cindy47535 09-14-2003 10:03 AM

My fiance is at the Terre Haute prison camp also. He has been there since Jan. 2003. Liza, maybe your boyfriend, Joe, knows him. They call him Jackson. Does anyone in here Know what to do if an inmate files for a divorce but his wife won't sign the papers. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

kayjoe 09-14-2003 02:34 PM

My guy is in Branchville Correctional Facility in Tell City.

ma' 09-14-2003 08:47 PM

My guy is at Miami Correctional Facility in Bunker Hill, IN

Glensgirl 09-19-2003 07:24 PM

My boyfriend is at Plainfield Correctional Facility...:(

robin_n_jim 09-26-2003 03:39 PM

My husband is in Pendleton for the past year and was in Michigan City for the 7 years prior to that... only 2 years to go .....wooo hooo

Kellyjan 09-27-2003 04:55 PM

My boyfriend Mike was just transferred to Putnamville from the RDC. He has been there about a week and if anyone has any information regarding this particular facility I certainly would appreciate any feedback.

robin_n_jim 09-27-2003 06:06 PM

hey there kelly... i use to go visit a friend in Putnamville about 10 years ago so i am sure things have changed a bit. i do know i checked out the site for it and it said that visiting was from 8-3 everyday for 2 hrs during the week and 1 on the weekends. their phone number is 765-653-8441 i am going to try to put up the url hope it works if not send me a private message and i will try to get you to the site...good luck you may need to copy and paste the url

dkr55 10-03-2003 10:14 AM

my guy is at branchville correctional facility in tell city,ind.

o_ms_jane_doe 10-07-2003 02:09 PM

Hi My name is Heather. I am a pre-law student and I have a friend that is at the Branchville Correctional Facility. I am doing research for a term paper on the state prison system.

Thompson's Girl 10-09-2003 02:54 PM

My boyfriend and father of my newborn is in Westville...does anyone have any info on it? What is the visitation like there?

Raccee 10-18-2003 01:59 AM

My boyfriend is at Pendleton. He will be released 12/2005

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