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MCV 06-07-2020 11:03 PM

Can I send letters & photos to Georgia Diagnostic and Classification?
My LO has been in GDCP over 2 weeks. Can he get letters & photos (yes appropriate ones lol) ? Is there a limit on pictures? I also would like to know before sending them that it doesn’t cause any issues. Like is it normal to send pics (& letters) or not. All experienced direction & advice is welcomed! Thanks!

GingerM 06-09-2020 07:43 AM

Others here know the rules better than I do, however, I don't know of any D&C type places in the US where letters are not allowed.

Worst case, you send a letter and it gets returned to you. Just make sure you follow ALL the mail rules - if it says you have to have both a first and last name on the return address, make sure you do it; if it says 'white envelopes only', make sure you do it.

Remember that anything you send him becomes his personal property so if sending pictures and he has no way of keeping them all together (i.e., they're all just loose and floating around), he will have to carry them with him when they send him to his home institution.

GaReform 06-09-2020 01:29 PM

If your loved one is still in the diagnostic process at Jackson then they should be allowed mail. If they get transferred to a new facility, any mail not yet delivered will eventually be forwarded to the new location. I didn't send many pictures to my son but they can receive them. I would suggest waiting til you talk with him to see about sending pictures. All mail is screened so pictures need to be very bland ones. No suggestive photos or wearing clothing that has messaging that DOC could object to. I would send maybe 1 in a letter to test him getting it. Some places limit the pictures so you could even copy them onto printer paper & have several on 1 sheet.

MCV 06-10-2020 05:54 PM

I def used basic things. Regular loose leaf & pencil. No color. Also, I sent only 5 pics (I called GDC & thats all they allow per envelope; you can send as many as you want but 5 per envelope) I personally don’t plan to send anymore pics. Just something he can hold onto. Yes pictures were appropriate as I didn’t want them to get rejected. He can rip & throw them away when he leave GDC. I’ll send em again to perm camp. Thank you for reaching out! Side note: this am his JPay was FINALLY active & I was able to put money on his books. He sent me a letter! Finally on 20th day I heard from him! LONGEST 20 days! But getting it was such a relief! I know we all miss & love our LO’s! Hang in there! It’s gonna be okay! On our evening calls when he was in county awaiting this transfer, we both say to each other, “one more day down” & you know what. ONE MORE DAY DOWN!

MCV 06-14-2020 08:18 PM

Just a quick follow up! If your LO is at GDCP; He said they don’t give them time on the kiosk. He asked to get regular mail bc he needs it! Broke my heart! IDK if COVID has switched things around but he said they stay in pretty much lockdown so SEND THEM LETTERS! To anyone feeling the struggle today I understand your pain & sending hugs across the way! I miss my LO SO MUCH! One more day down!
Inmate Name & GDC#
PO BOX 3877
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